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A night to remember

Jenn and Tammy had been good friends for about two years. They played softball together and hung out a lot. Both of the girls had boyfriend off and on and did all the things that best friends do. One night Tammy was staying the night over at Jenn’s house. Jenn had a huge house and a spectacular bedroom. (That’s one of the reasons why Tammy loved staying the night) The girls had decided to have a “girls night in” and rented movies and just relaxed. When the last movie had ended, and they were about to go to bed, Jenn turned to Tammy.
“Tam, do you really want to go to bed? It’s only 1:00”
“Well I guess not, but what else is there to do?”
“I dunno, lets call the boys and see if they want to come over for some, “one on one”
Tammy giggled and Jenn called Brad and Jake.
“No answer” said Jenn depressed
“What’s the matter Jenn, were you looking forward to it that much?”
“Yeah, kinda, it’s just one of those nights, maybe we should just go to bed.”
The girls got undressed and into their PJ’s. Jenn was wearing a pair of skimpy cheerleading shorts with a tight white tank top and Tammy was wearing her blue bikini underwear and a gray tank top. Jenn and Tammy crawled into Jenn’s Queen size bed. since Jenn’s family was well off, Jenn had satin silk sheets and an awesome canopy with candle holders at each post that held 5 candles. Jenn and Tammy talked for a while and they decided to light some of the candles. Tammy offers to light them and as she stood on her tip toes to reach, Jenn noticed her friends tight ass. Jenn became excited at the thought of her friend and she could feel her juices begin to flow.
“Tam, have you ever..well you know, thought about a that?” Tammy giggled
“Well maybe once or twice, why?”
Jenn saw her nipples harden under her thin tank top
“Tammy, right now…I want to see what its like.” Tammy thought for a moment, and without hesitation reached for Jenn’s breast.
“Oh Tam..” Sighed Jenn. Jenn returned the groping, but she let her had slide under Tammy’s tank top. She pinched her swollen nipple and began to take off Jenn’s shirt. Tammy had the most amazing breasts, a perky 36c. Jenn took a nipple into her mouth and began to suck. Tammy began to remove Jenn’s top and when both girls were topless they embraced in a deep kiss. They explored one another’s mouth with their eager tongues.
“Jenn…I want you to lick me” Tammy pleaded. Jenn quickly shoved her hand in to Tammy’s panties and found her swollen clit. She began to rub it faster and faster until Tammy orgasemed all over Jenn’s hand. Jenn pulled her hand out.
“Lick it off mamma’s fingers baby” Tammy did just as she was told. She licked and sucked every bit of her hot cum off Jenn’s fingers.
“Now stand up” Jenn instructed. Tammy obediently stood allowing Jenn to remove her panties.
“What a lovely pussy. Do you want mamma to lick it baby?”
“Oh yeesss. Please”
“Well, since you said please…” Jenn moved her mouth to Tammy’s pussy. She ran her tongue up and down Tammy’s wet crack. Then she spread her lips with her fingers and explored Tammy’s wet cunt. Tammy was on the verge of explosion once more and Jenn was eating it up like it was her last meal. Jenn shoved her tongue as far into Tammy’s dripping cunt as she could and Tammy grabbed her hair and began to scream with ecstasy. Her hot cum poured all over Jenn’s face and into her eager mouth. Tammy collapsed onto the bed.
“Well, looks like the little bitch knows what she is doing.” Said Tammy in a voice so off from her own is excited Jenn.
“Lay down” Tammy instructed. Jenn did as she was told.
“Now its baby’s turn to make mamma cum”
“Oh baby…give it to me” Jenn replied. Tammy started to suck Jenn’s nipples. As she did she moved her hand down Jenn’s body to her wet slit. She let her index finger slide in and began to finger Jenn. Right before Jenn could cum, Tammy pulled out and began to lick and suck at her swollen cunt.
“Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me!” Jenn screamed. “Make me cum you little whore!!!” Tammy did just that and soon Jenn’s juices were soaking her silk sheets. Both girls, exhausted lay down and began to finger each other to sleep.

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