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me and louise

me and louise met when we first started high school. i noticed her the first time we were introduced as a lesbian. she had bouncy tits, very large and spherical. she had long blond hair, blue eyes and a good figure. i was a b runetter, green eyes and a slim figure. i was straight, but i fancied her the minuite i met her. we used to hang about a lot, mostly with our boyfriends, and we used to act out little pretendy lesbian romps, to make our boyfriends jelous, but we never actually kissed, we just rolld around, screaming eachothers names. but i liked it.
then one day after out boyfriends had left louises house, she turned to me and said ‘do ya wanna go romp? ‘, jokingly, i said yes , and we went upstairs. louise shut the door, and pushed me onto the bed. she kissed me then and there, her tounge inside my mouth, mine in hers. she slid her hands down onto my breasts and whispered ‘ you naughty bitch. now im going to make you come and come’ i laughed and udid her dress. it slid off, revaling everything as she wasnt wearing underwear. she then dlipped off my skirt and knickers, then i undid my top, and we were both naked. we got into louises bed, our hairless virgin twats rubbing together.
then louise got out some moisturiser, and rubbed it all over me and herself, making me wet watching her fondle her untouched breasts, then mine. she then laid on top of me, mooving around, slipping on the moisturising cream erotically.
she kissed me again, then my neck, my breasts, sucking my nipples, and then she went down to my pussy. ‘youve got a big pussy you horny bitch. its all wet and im going to uck it dry. i raised my hips to her mouth and she put her lips over my pussy, sucking gently. i let out a moan as she fucked me with her tounge, making me cum all over her face again and again. she then kissed me, making me taste myself. it tasted good. ‘ i want to sit on your face’ she said huskily, and did so, her pussy coverong my mouth, as i flicked my tounger over her clit, tasting her sweet sweet twat. i sucked and teased, licked and tounge fucked untill her dripping twat was grinding all over my face , soacking me. we then started kissing, as we slipped into the 69 position, enjoying eachother for a while. she then got off me, walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out a huge pink dildo. she strapped it to herself and jumped ontop of me. she rammed it up my tight litte pussy and i screamed with the pain. it was huge, my pussy was virginal and had only had louises writhing tounge inside of it. she fucked me for a while, we were making a hell of a noise. i came 5 times before she released and strapped it on me, licking my pussy juices off it, then she slid it into herself, rocking violently on me.

we then sucked eachothers twats untill morning……

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