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Twins have sex

One stormy winter Jessica and Stephanie waited until their parents left. There mom said “Dont forget to fix yourselves something to eat. If you have an emergancy here are a list of phone numbers you can call.” “OK” Said the twins. There dad came in and said “One more thing, don’t kill yourselves while were away either, cause im not coming to my house and seeing that my daughters were slaughtered to death by each other you understand?” “Yes” said the twins with a smile on there faces. “Another thing.” said their dad “Dont envite boys over for a party. And dont look through our stuff!!.” They left and Jessica asked “When do we start?” Stephanie replied. ” Rght now.” They began to kiss and undress eachother and carresed each other’s firm breasts. Jessica lied down and wrapped her legs around Stephanie. Stephanie licked Jessica’s pussy, Jessica moaned and cummed. Stephanie rubbed Jessica’s cum all over her face. Jessica said ” You’re turn Steph.” with a grin on her face. Stephanie lied down. Jessica sucked on Stephanie’s breasts and massaging her pussy. Stephanie let out a loud moan and began to lick Stephanie’s shaved wet pussy. Jessica went to get there sex toys from her hidden stash. She gave a dildo to Stephanie. Stephanie uses the dildo on Jessica. Jessca moaned loudly and held her tits firmly. Stephanie said “You’re turn to do it on me Jess.” Jessica smiled and used her dildo on Stephanie. Then they both used it on each other. They moaned together and cummed all over the dildo.

They put away the dildo’s and kiss eachother again. They fell asleep on each other in there bed. Their parents get home and find Jessica and Stephanie liyng in bed together. Their parents smiled and went to their room.

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