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Wild Night

As I walk into the bar, my long redhair flowing down my back, my pink tube top bearly covering my chest, and my skin tight leather pants, I prepared myself for a night of just say NO! I sit down at the bar, and I ask the bartender for a rum and coke, I light up a cig. and think… the bartenders returns and give me my drink, I can tell he is checking out my tits, a perfect DD rack I think to myself, making guys horny is my goal in life….

I reach in my purse to give him like 2.25 for the drink and he says that the couple in the back paid for it, so just to be nice, I walk in the back where a guy in his mid 20s, and girl about 18 or so, sat on a bench just talking amongst themselves. I aproch them shyly and I say hi. They invite me to sit down and we talk, the girl had short blonde hair, and was wearing a white tank top with some very short shorts, he big breast looked as if they were about to fall out of her shirt, and she giggles and says how are ya? The guy looked very good, I could tell just by looking at his skin tight muscle shirt he had a 6 maybe even 8 pack, sandy blond hair, baby blue eyes, the typical American model look.

He places his hand on my lap and contineud, “My name is Steve and this is Stacy, she is my sister, I know you by the way you look, are not into this type of thing but would you like to join me at my plade, for a get together?” I know he was waiting for me to walk away, but me always having a fantasy about having a girl slurp up my hot wet cunt just made me go over the edge. I agreed and before I knew it we were in his car heading to his place, me and Stacy were in that backseat and he of course was driving…

Stacy had her hand on my inner thigh, and slowly she kept moving it toward my naked wet cunt, I get so impatient I move her hand on my slit, she moves her finger in my cunt – slowly getting my pussy juices on her finger as she removes her finger and licks it. Mmmmm, how I moaned for more……

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