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One Foggy Night

HAVE you ever wondered if: just because two people have sex, does that somehow create a bond between them? Let me tell you my story.
I, like almost everybody else, had cousins when growing up. And either you loved them or hated them, or you hardly even knew them. I had some cousins that were that way. Also, when we did get together the girls did what ever it was that girls do, and the boys hung out together and did what boys do.
Anyway, I had one uncle that lived quite ways away so I only got to see him and his kids about once a year or so, usually at Christmas time. I hardly even knew his kids. His oldest child was a girl named Jenny. The only thing that I knew about Jenny was that she was a girl like any other girl and she was my cousin. And she joined herself to the other girls, and did whatever it is that girls do, so I really never got to know her very well.
When I was seventeen, I had not seen my uncle for a couple years. We were going to their house to celebrate Easter. First we were to go to church together and then have a traditional Easter ham dinner afterwards. I was, reluctantly, dressed in a new suit that Mom insisted that I wear. When we arrived at my uncles house I didn’t go in because they all came out to meet us. Then I saw her, Jenny came out of the house. At first I did not recognize her because she had blossomed out since I last saw her. She filled out a pretty frilly new dress that she was wearing—all the right places and she, to me, was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was very attracted to her. I didn’t let on to anybody, but I had erotic thoughts about her. So I caught a glimpse of her every time I could without staring.
Soon after that my uncle moved his family into the small town where we were living. I learned later that Dad had been influential in getting him a job in our town. Jenny and I were going to be going to the same high school. Even though she was an under classman I saw Jenny quite a bit and we became good friends. But I don’t think that Jenny ever knew that I had erotic feelings about her every time I was near her.
After I graduated from High school I got a job and attended a local college, nonetheless, I remained loyal to my alma mater. On one occasion the high school football team was playing at another school about fifty miles away. To be supportive I went. It just so happened that I drove alone because the buddy that I was suppose to go with could not make it at the last moment. Jenny went on the school buss and I don’t think that she knew that I was going, but by chance we met at the game. Gosh, but did she look sexy with her long shapely legs in her cheerleading uniform. A little of her butt cheek was showing just below the panties that she was wearing with her short pleated skirt. She showed a little bit of cleavage of her well-developed breasts in the sleeveless top that was a part of her uniform. She, like so many other times, really turned me on. I think I could have screwed her right there. She, for some reason that I don’t remember, wanted me to take her home after the game and I willingly agreed.
Before the game was over a fog came in, it was so thick that it was even difficult to see what was happening on the football field, I don’t even know how the officials were able to do their job. Anyway, after the game Jenny and I met at an agreed meeting place. She had changed into jeans and a sweatshirt, but somehow no matter what she wore she still looked just as sexy to me.
We went to my car and started home. We had not gone too far out of town when I realized that, because of the thick fog, it was going to be a long slow drive home. We drove along silently because I was concentrating so much on where I was driving. I strained my eyes just to see where was I going. After a short while I broke the silence and said, “Jenny it’s going to be a long time before we get home tonight, or should I say early in the morning, I think that we had better call home and tell them what is happening.” She agreed so we found a phone and called. I called first and got Dad on the line. I told him what was happening and he told me not to take any chances but to find a motel if necessary and come home in the morning. I didn’t tell Jenny what Dad had said to me, but let her call her folks next. She got her mom on the phone. They talked a while and then her mom asked to talk to me. I confirmed what Jenny had told her. Then her dad got on the line, “Jim,” he said, “Don’t take any chances with my daughter in the car with you, if you think it is necessary to stop for the night—do it!” He then asked me if I had the money to pay for a room. I assured him that I did. Then he wanted to talk to Jenny. When Jenny hung up she told me that her dad had said that if I decided to stop for the night to try to get a ‘Motel 6’, if not, get something respectable and we could get the motel manager to call him and he would put Jenny’s charges on his credit card over the phone. As we were leaving Jenny asked me a most unexpected question. “Jim.” She said, “Have you ever had made love to a girl?” .
I was flabbergasted, “Jenny.” I blurted out, “That is a very personal question, but tell you what, if you’ll answer me a question I’ll answer your question.” I paused a moment while Jenny looked at me with anticipation and said, “Well that all depends; what do you want to know?” That’s the effect that I wanted and then I asked without knowing for sure how she would answer, “Have you ever had sex?”
Without slightest moment of giving it a thought she answered, “Sure I have. With a lot of the jocks, but Mom and Dad don’t know about it. They would kill me if they knew.” It was then that she hesitated a moment, and with a worried tone in her voice as she realized the secret that she had just divulged to me and said. “You’re not going to tell them are you?”
For some reason, I suppose because of her leading question. I had expected this reply and because of my feelings towards her. I gave her a resounding, “No!”
“Good.” She sighed with relief, “Now…,” she continued, “…have you ever made love to a girl?”
“Like you,” I said, “yes, a lot of times.” And then I continued, “Why are you asking anyway?”
She snuggled up a bit closer to me, slipped her arm through mine and looking downward, as though she was shy or embarrassed, she said, “Would you make love to me?”
Surprised and more astonished than before I stammered, “W-what? Make love to you—you mean have sex with you?” I couldn’t even believe myself. After all the times that I had wanted to bang her adorable little ass, and now I was responding in this way. But maybe that was good, because she looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and without any hesitation said, “Yes.” Then she went on to say, “Jim, I’ve had the hots for you a long time, I want you to make love to me.” Although I was excited about the prospects of having sex with my gorgeous sexy cousin I tried to hide it. I must have been doing a pretty good job at it too, because Jenny held me tighter and continued on and begged, “Please! Don’t you see Jim it’d perfect, we’re all alone with each other and nobody will know. Look, you’ve got money for a room, and Dad will pay for mine, I’ll get a room for both of us and why you can save that money and we could have some fun. What do you say—com’on will you do it?”
I paused a long moment as if I were thinking and then confessed, “Jenny, did you know that I have the hots for you too?”
“You’re kidding me? No—you don’t!” She was genuinely surprised, I answered her and told her that I had, had erotic thoughts about her for a long time. “But you’re my cousin,” she said, “and I know you’ve always taken care of me and we’ve been good friends, but how could I have known that you have had the hots for me? Com’on will you make love to me? It’ll be ok, we’ll have fun, you’ll see.”
That did it! I fell for the temptation and I decided we could get a room together. We started to look for a motel and soon found one that displayed a vacancy sign. It wasn’t a ‘6’ but it looked respectable. I turned in and parked in front of the office. We sat there for a moment and I began to wonder if she was having second thoughts. Jenny looked at me with a question in her eye as tough she was expecting me to do something, so I said, “Look, you’re going to have to do this—I can’t, it’s your dad that’s paying for the room.” All of a sudden she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Wish me luck, I’ll try to get a room.” She got out of the car and disappeared into the motel office. Jenny was gone quite a long time. I wondered if she was having trouble and all the time I was getting more thrilled with the fantasy of having sex with my beautiful sexy cousin.
When she came out of the office she was all smiles and waving the room key in the air. She got in the car kissed me quick on the cheek again, snuggled up to me and whispered to me, like she thought that someone was going to hear, “I did it! I got us a room, but guy in there thinks it’s just me alone.” Pointing the far end of the motel, she handed me the key and said, “It’s right over there, number 26. Com’on let’s go.”
I started the car and moved over to the front of room number 26 and parked. I unlocked the room door and let Jenny in. I followed. For a moment I felt really strange about the situation. I excused myself and said that I had to use the bathroom. I did too because my stiff cock was pushing so hard against my jeans so that it was aching and I needed to relive it some way. As I was going Jenny called after me, “Get undressed while you are in there too!” In the bathroom I striped off my shirt and pants, shoes and socks. However, I left my boxer shorts on, I guess there was still some modesty in me or something, maybe I was I was still a little shy. I don’t know.
When I came out Jenny was completely nude except for her panties and she was bending over and taking them off. She was turned away from me and her nice firm little round ass was pointed in my direction. I studied it very briefly and walked toward her. She straightened up and turned and looked at me. Goodness but was she a beautiful sight. She had a perfect figure. A slender waist and she had breasts that were not too big, nor too small. She was a picture right out of ‘Play Boy’ A look of amusement came over her face then she began to giggle. Pointing at me she said, “Look at you, that’s so funny.” I had no idea what she was talking about and I find it a little difficult to look at one’s self without a mirror. “Look—look!” She insisted, and she began to laugh out loud. I looked down and then I saw it, my pecker was sticking out the fly of my shorts. It did look rather funny and I started to laugh too.
Then Jenny said, “It looks like a big stiff, ‘fat ole worm sticking it’s head out of a hole.”
I laughed and said, “…better to find a tight ‘lil hole to stick it in my dear.” We laughed but it didn’t last too long because she came over to me and putting her arms around my neck stared kiss me very passionately. Suddenly she jammed her tongue right into my mouth and began gyrating it all over the place. After a while I forced her tongue out of my mouth and forced mine into her’s. Our kissing was reaching a high fever pitch. I had began to caress her all over. My hands followed the curves of her lovely body with my hands slowly moving down to her slender waist then onto her ass where I grabbed a handful of her buns in each hand and squeezed them and pulled her luscious body closer into me. She was following suit as one her hands went down my back and then she took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. Gezzee—but did that feel good. After a while she unsnapped my shorts and slid them down until they fell by themselves to the floor. Then she broke the kiss and stood back while holding my hands. “Jim,” she said, “how many different positions do you know?”
I shrugged my shoulders and replied, I don’t know, not to many I guess.”
With that she flipped my hands up and then down, breaking our hand hold and laughingly with glee she spun around while saying, ” Then let’s learn some!” Playfully I grabbed for her waist, she fell forward and bent over but I had caught her. It was almost and accident that my cock just sort’a slid right into her slippery dripping wet slit. I began to pump her really hard when suddenly she twisted and got a way. “Not so fast Big Fell’a. Let’s have some fun first.”
It was then that I all of a sudden had a frightening thought. “Jenny,” I said very soberly, “I just thought of something that you are not going to like and neither am I.”
“Yeah, what’s that?”
“We’re about to have sex without any protection, and I don’t care what you think, I’m not going to be responsible for getting you pregnant or anybody else for that matter.
Without a word she turned and picked something up off a table, then holding up it up high so I could see it she said, with a little condescension in her voice, “Do you know what this is, Smarty Pants”
“Where did you get that?” I said, involuntarily revealing my astonishment as she held up a condom in her hand.
“Surprise! I’m not going to let you get by with that one. I came prepared just in case I needed it. Jenny just kept it dangling there up in the air and continued, “Do you know what this is for?” She said in a rather sneering way.
I wasn’t about to let her put me down so I shot back at her, “Well, Little Hot Shot, do you know how to put it on me?”
With a look of bewilderment, which told me that she didn’t, she said, “What do you mean—put it on you?” She paused a moment and continued with some indignity in her voice, “You want me to put this on you?”
I knew that I had taken her by surprise, “Sure, don’t you know how to do that?” Jenny just shook her head in the negative, and I began to explain, “You see, you put that thing in your mouth and when you go down on the guy to give him a blow job you use you tongue and teeth to place it on his cock and then while he thinks that you are sucking his dick you are really rolling it down on his cock and he doesn’t even feel it.” I studied Jenny’s face to see what kind of reaction I was getting. I wasn’t getting any kind of expression on her face that told me anything, so I said, “Think you can do it?”
All of a sudden she laughed and squealed, “Sure I can!” She gave me a big hard push backwards onto the bed. She threw herself on me and began kissing and caressing me all over causing me to get all worked up again. My cock was dripping all over the place getting harder and it began to ache. Jenny worked her way down to my cock and began to stroke it and lick it all over and after a while she started to suck me. I was so excited, I thought I was about to blow my wad when she quit and rolled over on the bed and announced, “There I did it, now it’s your turn. Eat me!”
I rolled over on her, but I didn’t begin to go down on her right away, instead I kissed and caressed her all over and cupped her scrumptious breasts in my hands and then I started to lick and kiss her nipples that were standing out big hard. She began to moan with delight. I took a mouthful of her breasts and began to bite down on the tits. Jenny moaned with delight and I bit just a little harder. She wiggled and twisted and I thought that I might be hurting her and backed off but to my surprise she begged for me to bite and nibble her tits some more and harder. I did and she seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Her twisting and moaning was really exciting me. All of a sudden her moans were mingled with a plea for me to eat her.
I moved into a kneeling position above her and quickly placed my hands under her firm little ass and pulled it up. Her legs were spread apart and I could see her clit standing out begging for attention. But I didn’t give it what is was begging for right away, instead I drove my tongue deep into her hot pussy that was flowing with juices and worked on her ‘G’ spot to get her ready for more intense stuff. Finely I commenced sucking and licking on her clit. Jenny moaned and squirmed with pleasure. All of a sudden she let out big groaning sighs of relief and I knew she had climaxed. I was about to withdraw and she almost screamed as she begged me, ” Go—go! Go—go! Please! Don’t stop now! Keep going! ” I kept going until she climaxed a few more times
When I thought that she was just about ready for me to fuck her she pushed out from under me forced me away, and instructed me to lie on my back, which I did. Jenny then quickly mounted me with her back to me. We were both breaking out in a sweat and the moisture highlighted every delightful curve on her provocative body. She grabbed my, ever so tight, cock and guided into her sizzling wet pussy and began to bounce up and own on it while gleefully slapping the side of my ass and laughingly called out “Get-up pony! Let’s go!” It was all I could do to hang onto her slender waist as she bounced away. I was beginning to think that she must have been much more experienced than I would have thought, because she seemed to know just when I was about to blow my wad and she didn’t want that to happen, at least not yet. She got up and leaned over a table and challenged, “Com’on get me this way.” This I was more than willing to do and jammed my fiery hot cock that seemed to be ready to burst right into her well-exposed cunt. As before, I began to pump her as hard as I could. Jenny thrust and gyrated her ass in a way that felt really stimulating. I was about to cum.
Again she slipped out of my clutch, flung herself on the bed and invited me to get her in that position. I pounced on her again, and with out any extra prolific amenities I rammed my cock right into her slit with an overbearing aggression to give me my fiery member the relief that it was seeking. I was so primed by that time that even I was surprised how quickly I blew my wad. Gezze— what an elating experience! There was nothing to compare with it. It was an experience that was almost simultaneously followed by the feeling of great relief of extreme exertion. My body went limp on top of Jenny’s. I was in heaven.
We lay there for several moments before Jenny forced me aside, pulled out the bed cover from under me and lay herself down beside me.
The next thing that I was aware that someone was fiddling with my hard dick, it felt very pleasing so I just lay there and enjoyed it. It took a moment but then I remembered where and who I was with. After a while I knew that Jenny knew that I was awake. So I rolled over. Then it all of a sudden it struck me! It was morning and we were together in a motel room some forty miles from home! Then I realized that the Sun was shinning and flooding the room with light, I had to get Jenny home. I jumped up, excited and concerned, and asked, “What time is it? We’ve got get going!”
Nonchalantly, Jenny firmly but gently pushed me down, “It’s okay, it’s still early. Don’t get worried; we’ve plenty of time. It’s only eight o’clock.”
That relived me a bit, but I knew that we needed to get going soon. In all my excitement I lost my hard-on and Jenny seemed to lose interest. She gently kissed me on the fore head and got up. I lay there a moment before she said, “Well, are you going to get up or are you going to lay there all day?”
“Okay, okay!” I was a little annoyed, gee; did she have to get pushy now? “I’m getting up.”
Jenny flatly stated, “I’m going to take a shower.” Still naked from the night before, she headed toward the bathroom. A thought suddenly occurred to me, I’d always wanted to take a shower with a girl, man—this was my chance. She was just closing the shower door when I came in. I took hold of the door and stepped inside. Jenny sounded indignant, “What are you doing? She asked.
“Just taking a shower with you.” I said in a matter of fact sort of way. “I’ve always wanted to take a shower with a girl, is that okay with you?”
Jenny laughed and said, “Okay, but there isn’t much room in here, certainly not for any hanky panky, and I need a shower.” Jenny was definitely not in the mood for any more play, she was right, the little two by two shower was not big enough for two people. I excused myself and told her I would wait.
The ride home was a quiet one, not uncomfortable, just quite. She was in her reverie, and I was in mine. I had just had the most exhilarating experience in my life.
That was some fifty years ago. But, so far as I know, the subject of that night’s escapade never was mentioned again. Things just continued as they had always been, Jenny and I remained close friends. Jenny got married and I got married. She had two kids and I had three. They’re grown now and have their own families.
I loved my wife very dearly, but she died a few years ago and left me lonely. I don’t regret it we had a good life together.
The other day I received a phone call from Jenny. Goodness I had not heard from her for several years. It was good to hear her sweet voice. She said that she was in town and wondered if I would have lunch with her. I agreed to meet her in a fashionable restaurant down town. We were having a very pleasant time. We talked about the things we had done, places we had gone and our kids. After a while the conversation grew slow. Then Jenny said, “Jim, remember that night when we came home from the football game and it was so foggy that you couldn’t drive in it?”
My eyes lit up, “Sure do, man how could I ever forget that?”
Looking me straight in the eye Jenny said, “Jim I love my husband very much, and he loves me. We have a very good marriage. And Jim my husband is on a business trip to Europe and will be gone for a couple weeks.”
“So?” I said.
“Jim, I have room right over there in that hotel, will you make love to me?”
Like so many years ago I stammered, “W-what? Have sex with you?”
“I fell in love with you that night Jim, but of course, it was in vain. No Jim. Don’t just have sex with me, make love to me.”
Quietly and slowly I rose, reached out for Jenny’s hand and led her to her hotel room.
This time it wasn’t wild but it was very passionate, because all those years I had loved Jenny too.

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