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Prison Bound

Debbie, a 36 year old grocery store clerk, was no stranger to the law. She had been in trouble many times for prostitution, drugs, etc. This time, the judge decided to give her 2 years in the state prison. As the bus pulled up to the gates, Debbie (who had only done county jail time) had no idea what waited for her behind those prison walls.
She was strip searched by two guards (one male and one female). She felt violated and dirty even though she had to endure being sprayed off with a hose. She was given her “uniform” and put in her cell for the first 12 hours.
At midnight, two male guards and one female guard approched her cell and unlocked it and handcuffed her. She asked, “where are you taking me?” Neither guard spoke. She was lead down a long hallway and into a cell with padded floors and an examinging table that looked like one you would see in a gynocologist’s office. Again she was strip searched. This time, it was a little different. The female guard reached down and put her fingers inside of Debbie’s pussy. Instead of just a quick search, the guard moved her fingers around for a few minutes as the male guards stood and watched. Debbie was starting to get the idea of what was going on and begged to be taken back to her cell. She was lead to the table and strapped down with her feet in the stirups and pussy slid all the way down to the edge just as though they were going to give her a pap test. She was then handcuffed to the table, at her ankles and wrists. The entire time Debbie begged to go back to her cell.
The female guard then walked over to her exposed pussy and began fingering her. Debbie started crying and begged for them to stop. One of the male guards walked over to her and began caressing her breasts. The other male guard pulled his pants down and walked over to the side of her head and put his cock in her mouth. The female guard then started licking Debbie’s pussy. Licking all around her clit, still with two fingers inside her pussy. Debbie could actually feel her excitement building. She began sucking faster on the male guards cock. The other male guard began sucking on her nipples. She was brought to orgasm in a matter of minutes. Then, the male guard pulled his cock out of her mouth, the female guard climbed on the table and straddled Debbie’s face. Debbie was eager to lick her pussy and make her cum too. One of the male guards put his huge 10 inch cock deep in Debbie’s pussy. She loved cock deep in her pussy. She licked fiercely at the pussy in her face. The female guard began to cum and the male guard pumped harder and faster. The female guard climbed down and the other male guard stuck his cock deep in her throat. He was close to cumming just from watching everything. She suck hard and fast, anxious to have him shoot his load deep in her throat. Just as the guard was cumming deep in her pussy, the one in her mouth shot his cum deep in her throat to be sure she would swallow it. Knowing these two were cumming, made her climax again.
Before she knew what was going on, the female guard took her baton and pushed it in Debbie’s ass. Waves of pain shot through her body. One of the male guards took his baton and stuck it deep in her pussy. After a few strokes, he pulled it out and made her lick her own pussy juices off of it. Then he rammed it deep in her pussy again. The other male guard took his cock and started rubbing it on her face and lips. The female guard rubbed her own pussy as she plunged the baton deeper in Debbie’s ass. She then pulled it out and one of the male guards stuck his cock deep in her ass. He pumped hard and fast, wanting to cum deep in her asshole. The female guard leaned down and lick Debbie’s clit while the other guard still fucked her tight ass. Debbie cum and cum and cum. The male guard cam deep in her ass and the other male guard shot his load deep in her throat. They were all exhausted and just kind of stood there for a few minutes.
They unlocked the cuffs and got Debbie off the table and told her to get dressed. She was lead back to her cell without a word spoken. Her cell mate knew where she had been. She knew the new prisoner had been initiated. There was many more walks to that unknown cell to come though.

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