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Devil Spawn

Devil Spawn

The Son of the Devil comes to me. Satan’s spawn in all his sensual glory. He makes demands of me, not often with words, but with his body. His touch directs me, although I am powerless to resist his wants, his needs.

I don’t know why he chose me. He started coming four months ago. He has told me he comes only to me, and I must believe him.

He arrives at Midnight, always. But I never know when to expect him. He only comes when I am sleeping. He enjoys wakening me, his hands and mouth and breath on my naked skin. I am soon awake and eager to do his bidding. He is my God, and I make my sacrifices to please him.

His body, which as first appears human, is at closer introduction far different. His lips are fuller and more sinful than any woman’s’. His shoulders are broad and so is his back. His skin is smooth like satin and slicked with sweat as he covers my body with his own. His eyes are blacker than Midnight. He is never rough, but he pushes the limits of my body and I am left with a sweet ache in the morning.
He is given free roam of my body. He whispers to me as he touches me, his voice low and as caressing as his fingers. Seduction is the art and he is the master artist. He parts my legs and touches me there, inviting and engulfing my cries of helpless pleasure.
“My sweet, my Angel,” he whispers, licking my collarbone. Soon, neither of us can bare the torment of our own making any longer, and he comes inside me in a rush of hot pleasure. My gasps fill the dark air of the room as he moves within me. He caresses my body as he loves me, drawing moans of ecstasy from me.
He soon gets harder, more urgent, reaching for his own climax. I cry out in my wicked pleasure and embrace the Son of the Devil. Then he lowers his mouth to the tender flesh at my throat, and bites. My whole body arches beneath his, and I whimper in pain and helpless delight. The final temptation is taken as he spills his seed into my womb and fills his mouth with my blood. Then he withdraws and slips away. My sweetly used body throbs and I wonder when he will return.

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