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The Tree

“Come down now and no charges will be brought against you!” the police chief shouted over the megaphone.

“Eat shit pig!” Alicia shouted back down from her makeshift tree house. There was no way she was going to voluntarily leave the giant tree. Developers wanted to tear it down, along with many others like it, for a new housing development. Trees that had been here for hundreds of years were just going to be removed in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t right.

“Alicia,” a feeble female voice now called to her, “please dear stop making so much trouble and come down.”

“I can’t mom,” Alicia yelled back, “I’m sorry, but I have to do this.”

Her parents would never understand her motivations. They were the type who didn’t get involved in things like this. They were happy to sit on the sidelines and watch the world pass them by. Not her. These defenseless trees needed an advocate; a protector, and she was going to be it. Would they eventually get her down? Probably, but her point had to be made.

From her lofty perch Alicia saw two white vans with large numbers written on the side. Perfect, the local news was here. She would have preferred the national news like CNN or MSNBC, but for now this would suffice. She messed up her hair a little hoping her ragged appearance would dramatize the effect, as the cameras trained in on her.

As the sun set, things on the ground began to settle down. The gawkers and news vans had departed and soon only one police car was left. A chilly gust of wind blew by Alicia causing her to shiver so she decided to crawl into her small tent for the night. The night was the worst part of her protest. It wasn’t the cold or the height that bothered her, but the loneliness.

She laid her head down on her pillow and crawled into her sleeping bag. It was hard to get comfortable on the hard plywood that composed the base of her platform, but eventually her eyelids got heavy and she drifted off to sleep.

Just as her eyes closed, she felt something brush against her leg. She lifted her head and looked down. The flap to her tent was unzipped and waving lazily in the breeze. She could have sworn she had closed it. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She then saw what had touched her. A tree branch had somehow gotten through the opening and was resting on her calf. The strange part was she couldn’t remember it being there before.

The branch was only about as thick as her arm and covered sparsely with leaves. Alicia climbed out of her sleeping bag and studied the branch wondering how it had gotten in her tent. She took hold of the branch and gently tried to bend it back outside but the limb was far stiffer than it appeared and resisted. Frustrated and tired she decided to live with it. She zipped the tent closed around the branch and laid down on top of the sleeping bag.

Again, just as she was about to drift off to sleep she felt something else brush her shoulder. When she opened her eyes another tree branch had appeared. This one was similar to the other but extended further into the tent. As she looked around she noticed a third and fourth branch had also found their way in. She rubbed her eyes confused as to what was going on. Then the original branch brushed against the side of her leg.

Thank you.

It was a voice inside her head, but it was not her own. It felt different and foreign. Frightened, she recoiled immediately to the back of her tent. In doing so she brushed against one of the longer branches.

Do not be afraid.

She heard the same voice again and then another branch made contact with her arm.

Thank you for protecting me.

“Who are you?” Alicia said aloud in a shaky voice, “what do you want?”

I am very old and I desire only you.

At that moment two green vines studded with leaves entered the tent. They slithered along the ground very slowly toward Alicia. She began to panic but then a soothing sensation overcame her.

I am your friend.

A calm settled over her and she instantly felt safe. Green shoots sprang from one of the branches and wrapped around her wrists. The strong limbs of the tree held her arms apart at about shoulder height. The slower moving vines had now made their way to her feet. Without slowing, they began to wind their way up Alicia’s legs. The vines were surprisingly warm against her legs and the small leaves tickled as they brushed against her.

They continued moving upward and slipped inside her kaki shorts. Alicia gasped as one vines got dangerously close to her nether region. At the same moment, however both dipped below her panty line, one from the front and the other from the rear. Her knees got weak as the soft tip of the vine grazed her sensitive pussy. It did not attempt to enter her however but continued to slide by. Likewise, the vine behind her did the same with the crack of her ass. She could feel that vine wedge itself between her cheeks. As the vines slithered along, she could feel as each soft leaf massaged her clit and rectum respectively.

The tips of the two vines then poked up out of her shorts and began to make their way under her shirt. Unlike with her shorts however, the vines seemed to grab her shirt lifting it upward. They wrapped about her torso until they reached her chest. One vine went under her bra, between her breasts, while the other unsnapped it from the back. It also seemed to somehow cut the straps because the bra fell lifelessly to the floor, leaving her exposed. Her nipples got instantly erect from the cool breeze.

Each vine then wound loosely around each of her breasts. They wrapped each tit twice around then tightened. The squeezing engorged her already hard nipples. As the pulsating constriction continued, the tips of the vines massaged her sensitive nipples. They also excreted an aloe like substance both lubing and softening her tender areolas.

Alicia’s breathing got deeper as the pleasurable sensations continued. The vines against her pussy and ass continued to slowly wriggle and grind against her causing her to let out a soft moan. Another vine then appeared out of the corner of her eye. The tip brushed against her face as it wrapped itself around her neck. It did not tighten but poised its tip directly in front of her face. It paused there a minute before rubbing its soft, delicate tip against her lips. It too excreted the slippery aloe smelling substance and she stuck her tongue out for a taste. It was sweet like syrup but thin in consistency and she found it very pleasing. The vine entered her mouth and she began to suck the juice from it. It flowed as fast as she sucked and she swallowed it down greedily.

As she enjoyed the warm, sweet fluid, more vines entered her tent. These were thicker and more fibrous giving them a muscular look. One of them wrapped itself around her waist and the other around her chest, just under her arms. They tightened gently and then in tandem, all the vines lifted her a few inches off the ground. Suspended in the air, she was now at their complete mercy.

The vines then moved her to sitting like position so that she was facing the entrance to her tent. The ones around her legs shifted and spread her knees apart slightly. When she looked down between her legs, she saw a thin vine covered with thorns moving toward her. Its tip was hooked and appeared razor sharp. She became nervous as the bristling vine approached her crotch. She struggled slightly but the vines held her fast. With precision of a surgeon, it hooked her kaki shorts and tore them in half. Using its thorns it also snagged her white panties and shredded them, leaving the delicate skin underneath untouched.

Her sex was now completely vulnerable and the cool night air caused her clit to tingle. The vines on her legs continued to move her legs apart until she was completely spread eagle facing the tent flap. They bent her legs and pushed her knees up to her chest and her heels brushed against her ass. All the while the vines around her tits continued to squeeze and prod, and the one in her mouth played with her tongue.

The thorny vine withdrew from the tent, but as it did a larger branch entered. It did not slither like a vine, but was rigid and hung in midair. It was brown and covered with a rougher bark. It was also much wider, about three inches in diameter, and sturdier looking than the others she had encountered so far. At the same time the vine, which rubbed against her pussy, lifted itself off to the side. Alicia’s eyes widened as she put two and two together.

The branch approached her pussy slowly. As it approached the wide tip began to sprout, and a smaller green shaft protruded. This newly budded appendage glistened and extended about ten inches but was only about a half an inch across. It was not completely smooth but instead dotted with bumps and wrinkles of various sizes. It too secreted a liquid as evidenced by a single milky drop which hung from its tip.

It rubbed itself along Alicia’s slit, lubricating her lips with its fluid. As it stroked her it continued to push itself forward each time, until her lips were sufficiently wet and parted. She could feel it put light pressure against the entrance to her hole, until at last it comfortably slipped inside. She squeezed against it as the various bumps and ridges stimulated her nerve endings. It wiggled back in forth inside her, meticulously massaging one vaginal wall after the next, until there wasn’t a single inch of her that remained untouched.

Alicia was wet with arousal, and the added lubrication allowed the branch to dive deeper until it gently poked at her cervix. She let out a muffled moan as the tip drew wide circles inside her. She could also feel a light touch on her clit as a small group of buds had sprouted at the base of the branch. These buds crowded around her button and brushed up against her as the branch shifted inside.

Soon Alicia began to feel tightness in her pussy. The long thin bud, buried inside her, had begun to swell. She could feel her pussy stretching around the shaft as it grew. It had no more room to writhe around, but she could still feel it pulsing and straining and against her vaginal walls. The ridges and wrinkles had also inflated to become thick and veiny and the small bumps had grown wider and more pronounced.

When Alicia felt so full that she didn’t think she could take much more, the swelling stopped and the branch began to withdraw. She looked down between her legs and saw the green rod emerge, bright, glistening, and huge. She could feel her vaginal muscles expand each time a particularly bulbous nub emerged. It retracted from her until only an inch was left and then it reversed course and began to plunge back in. It moved slowly as to stretch her without causing any harm. As every new vein and nub slid inside her Alicia gasped in ecstasy. When she finally felt the tip push against her cervix and the buds at the base rub against her clit, she knew it was completely inside her once again. She felt it touch every part of her vagina simultaneously.

As the branch at her pussy continued its long, slow strokes, another, branch entered the tent from behind her. It had torn a small hole in the nylon fabric and stealthily moved toward her ass. The branch looked much like one in front, and it budded a long green rod as well. The rod was thinner than the other however and it was covered only with a series of small bumps that ran only along its underside.

Alicia’s eyes, closed at the slow, methodical pleasures in her pussy, but snapped open when she felt the branch behind her brush up against her rectum. Although thin, it was still a decent size for her small asshole. It rubbed its own secretions on her sphincter both to lube and relax her. Calming waves washed through her anew as the tree reassured her and she unclenched as best she could.

It was enough. The green rod was able to work its way inside her ass. At the same moment the one in her vagina began to push into her again. The double penetration was too much for her and she groaned as a sudden orgasm rippled through her body. Her pussy and ass spasmed around their respective branches but the pace of their intrusions remained unchanged.

When her orgasm had subsided she discovered that the branch in her ass had buried itself a full six inches inside her rectum. It was a bit uncomfortable but there was no pain. Then, like the first branch, this one began to expand has well. The smooth green rod gained girth, but the bumps on it grew greater still. She felt them swell into large knots and press against her rectal walls. The flesh that separated her ass from her pussy seemed to grow thinner by the second, as they rubbed against each other. The sensation was unlike anything she had felt before.

Soon the branch in her ass stopped expanding and began to withdraw. She felt the first knot put pressure on her sphincter. Alicia wondered if she could pass it and tried her best to relax. The pressure continued build in her bottom as the branch increased it force until finally, the knot sprang free. A mix of pleasure and relief flooded her brain as her over stretched sphincter relaxed, hugging the green rod of the branch that remained inside her.

The moment faded fast however, as she soon felt the next oversized knot trying to escape. One by one, each oversized knot popped from her ass sending waves of pleasure over her. She would let out a groan each time one broke free. Finally she could feel the last one trying to emerge. Although her rectum had become much looser than before, this knot was by far the largest. It pushed and pulled against her tight sphincter until Alicia clenched her teeth against the mix of pleasure and pain. She thought that it would pull the bowels right out of her. Finally with an audible pop, it broke free, sending Alicia over the edge.

Another orgasm shook her body and her sphincter muscles clamped down at the last bit of the branch that remained. It slid easily out leaving her gaping asshole to spasm at the against nothing but the night. As she came, she screamed and bit down on the vine in her mouth. To her surprise it was as tough as leather and did not flinch away.

Alicia was now breathing heavily and became hampered by the vine in her mouth. She tried to move her head away but it followed her, unwilling to remove itself. The part wrapped around her neck then started to constrict and release slowly. For a moment she thought it was going to strangle her, but quickly realized that it was instead, massaging her throat.

At the same time the vine moved deeper in her mouth. It moved passed her tongue and slightly tickled her uvula. Her gag reflex kicked in but was quickly soothed by the throat massage. It dove deeper still until it filled her entirely and cut off her air supply. The vine plunged deeper into her throat until it was poking her tonsils. She gagged so much that her eyes watered and she thought she might pass out.

Suddenly, she could breath again. She took a deep breath and felt the air coming from the vine itself. After a few seconds she found herself rejuvenated and full of new energy. The vine was feeding her oxygen-enriched air. The tree, which utilized photosynthesis, had an abundance of oxygen to give her. She became more aware and more over, her senses and nerves had become more acute.

At that same moment she felt her pussy and ass being stretch anew as both branches began to fill her holes once again. As her rectum continued to slowly struggle with the large knots, the branch in her pussy gained in speed. Her orgasms had wetted the branch allowing it slide easier than before. Her pussy was also becoming more elastic as the repeated overstretching continued with each penetration.

Soon the branch in her ass was again completely inside her and for a time it remained still. The one in her pussy however continued to speed up. Faster and faster it moved. It thrust itself as deep as it could go, and then back out again till just the tip remained. It had even started twisting on its axis letting every part of her vagina feel its ridges and nubs. As it slid into her, Alicia could feel it bounce against each heavy knot in her ass, sending pleasing vibrations throughout her rectum. It also stretched taught the thin veil of skin that separated her two canals.

Another knock against her cervix unleashed a powerful orgasm. At the same moment the branch in her ass quickly forced out one of its knots. This sent her orgasm even higher and all the muscles in her body tensed up. With the vine in her throat she could not scream out as her pussy flooded with her juices.

She came down from her orgasm only to find another beginning. The branch had not paused in its assault. It continued to plunge in and out of her overly sensitive pussy. It now fucked her with such speed and force that Alicia felt like each thrust would tear in two. As the second consecutive orgasm hit her, another knot plopped out of her ass, sending her to even further heights of euphoria.

Her orgasms were now steadily back-to-back. Every time she came another knot was pulled free, spurning on the next one. Her orgasms blended together and she could no longer differentiate them. Each one built on the other and the intensity began to overwhelm her.

Then, the last angry knot forced its way out of her. She let out a throaty muffled scream as a final orgasm rippled through her. At the same moment the branch in her pussy and the vine in her throat instantly retracted. With no branches inside her, she squirted her precious fluids across the floor. Three times she gushed pure streams of pleasure soaking her tent. Her thoroughly stretched pussy and ass gapped and spasmed in the air while her whole body shivered.

When the longest orgasm finally subsided her body simply went limp. She was physically exhausted. The vines, which supported her body and her limbs, lowered her down gently to the floor. In a flash they unwound themselves from her and retreated back out the tent flap. Alicia, breathing heavily and lying in a pool of sweat and sex, passed out.

The next morning she awoke to the sound of birds chirping and sun in her eyes. She moved slowly as she attempted to get her bearings. Suddenly she heard a loud screech as a megaphone kicked on.

“Alicia,” said a voice full of static, “are you still there?”

The terrible noise snapped her senses awake and she sat up and looked around the tent. Everything was perfectly clean. Images of the gnarled, knotted branches violating her dripping cunt, filled her head. She wondered if it had all been a dream, but the experience had been so intense. A breeze blew through the tent causing her to shiver. She then realized she was naked. She also spied her torn clothes lying just behind her.

“Alicia,” the voice started up again, “are you alright?”

She knew she would have to respond so she stood up. A dull pain shot through her pussy causing her to slow. Both it and her asshole seemed to be contently throbbing. She cupped her pussy with one hand and allowed her mind to drift.

Her concentration was soon broken by the sound of large tractor engines starting up. She hobbled over to the tent flap.

“I’m still here,” she yelled sticking only head out of the tent, “and I’m not going anywhere!”

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