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Women who love to have total power over men

When it comes to sexual fantasies, most people keep it in their bedroom or atleast the act of sex is involved. But are there any women out htere who have a fantasy which not involves sex, but just having total power and control over a man? Not really sexually in the conventional sense, but as a fictional story which involves a woman who has the power to shrink any man she wants literally to the size of a Ken doll. What? Are you serious, who would want to do that and why? For all you women who love to play the role of a dominatrix, has the idea of being a real life giantess ever crossed your mind? But why? Have you any ex-boyfriend who abused you in the past or any guy in general who you resent and would like to abuse, or possibly molest? My ex-girlfriend introduced this fantasy to me about a year ago and I haven’t erased it from my mind yet. One night as we were about to fall asleep together she reminded me of the time when I cheated on her with another woman and how mad it made her. After hearing several apologies from me, she said she still would love revenge. I asked her “What would you like to do to me?” Incidently, during this conversation she was holding one of her old Ken dolls from her childhood and said, “I wish you were a real life Ken Doll, no taller than 8 inches, or maybe even smaller.”
As she was saying this, I could sense a certain passion in her voice. “But what would you do to me then”, I said.
She looked right at me and with a wicked smile said she would captivate me in her old empty aquarium. And that she would molest me on a daily basis. “But how do you plan to do that if I’m that small. The next thing she said sprang a boner in me like I never had before, and it went something like this.
“I wouldn’t allow you to speak unless I speak to you,and you would always call me mistress and not ask for anything. I would keep you naked and lick your whole body from head to toe, putting your head in my mouth and suck on it. Then I would get naked and stand above you, terrifying you with my enormity. Iwould tease you by tickling your body and face with my toes, then stepping on you without squashing you, just enough to make it hurt. Then I would squat down on our bed, stroking you against my titanic tits, making you lick my nipples, which to you would be the size of manhole covers. After awhile, I would place your little body right between my legs in front of my pussy, letting you view its enormous hairy presence, smelling the musk of my womanhood. Then I would slowly try to stuff you in there so you can see what it looks like inside of me. In and out, in and out, allowing you such little time to breathe but enough to survive. I wanna make sure by the time I’m done, you’ll be all wet and slippery from my juices. Then I would repeat this process using you on my asshole. I would continue abusing you in this manner for as long as I could get away with it. Just thinking about it gives me a delicious stirring sensation in my cunt. Using a little man for my own pleasure, totally controlling him, humiliating him, and torturing him with my womanhood, while him being so helpless and cute. And you know what, as long as you’re still alive by not suffocating to death, I would repeat it over and over again and not feel guilty.”
I never had a woman speak to me like that before, but she got me so hot that we went at it afterwards for about seven hours. I never discussed or wrote anything about this to anyone before. I was just curious that if there are any women out htere who might contemplate such a fantasy. If so, feel free to E-mail me at

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