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A Bad Student and the Teacher Who was Bad With Him

A story about a bad student and the teacher who was bad with him …

It was a Friday afternoon in mid May, and the students in Miss
Newbury’s class were restless with the thought of the coming weekend
and the ever-approaching graduation. They were all seniors, and with
only one more week till graduation, most had given up taking classes
Three students in the back were playing guitars, and another group of
four boys was huddled around a magazine of naked women. Miss Newbury
surveyed the class with growing anger. They still had to pass their
finals, and some of the students graduations were riding on them. If
they didn’t graduate, they would blame it on her. Yet here they were,
fooling around in class. And there was nothing she could do. “Class!”
she yelled above the commotion. “Class!”
But even if anyone heard her, they didn’t respond. Miss Newbury was not
an imposing figure body-wise; she stood only 5’5″, although in the
black heels she wore she brought her stance up two inches. Although her
body was well toned, she was far from strong, and many of the
highschoolers could have passed for older than she could. It was no
wonder that the students chose to ignore her. In one final attempt to
get there attention, she reached into her white button-down collared
shirt and began to unhook her bra. A few students turned and pointed at
her, and as she continued to wriggle out of her bra, more and more
students turned their attention to her. As she pulled out her bra, a
red satin 34B, many of the students whistled. “Ok!” she yelled, above
the clapping, “OK, now I have your attention, let’s begin our review of
‘Taming of the Shrew.'” A few boos echoed around the room, but she
silenced them with her next words: “Hey, if you guys all settle down
and continue with the review, maybe I’ll take off my thong too.” A loud
roar of “Yeah!s” filled the room. “OK then, let’s continue … Jason,
why don’t you start with question 1 on the review sheet?” the students
reluctantly sat down and Miss Newbury began her review. Most of the
students, though excited by her display, got down to work in the hopes
that they would see more. They had only ever seen Miss Newbury in her
usual teacherly outfits, blouses, cardigans, dress pants or skirts
(knee length or below), but all the guys thought she was one sexy
lady–she always wore her hair up in a tight bun, and this outlined her
well-lined face. Her eyes were a blend of blue and green, flecked with
golden-brown, and her lips were full but defined. Her body was curvy,
with ample ass and breasts to match, but her thighs, stomach and arms
were firm from her daily kick-boxing workouts. There wasn’t a guy in
the class who did not secretly, or openly, want to have her. But while
most of the students were discussing Shakespeare, one guy in the back
corner was still flipping through the magazine. After about ten
minutes, Miss Newbury noticed him and called his name. “James,” she
said. The boy didn’t hear her, mesmerized by the magazine he still
continued to stare at the photos. “James!” she called again, louder.
The boy looked up. “Come here,” she said, motioning him to her desk. He
reluctantly rose and came towards her. “Bring the magazine too,” she
ordered, and he turned and picked up the magazine, then brought it to
her. Some of the class snickered. “Get back to work!” Miss Newbury
barked. The students hastily lowered their eyes and continued with
their work. Miss Newbury took the magazine from James’s hand. “Thank
you,” she said. “Please stay after class; I want to talk with you.”
“But Miss Newbury, I have soccer practice after class,” chimed James.
“We have to get ready for the big game tomorrow.”
“I don’t care James, you are doing poorly in my class and continue to
misbehave, and I need to talk to you about it. Do you want me to fail
you so you can’t graduate? There is only one more week left of school,
you should remember that.”
James didn’t respond, but turned and trudged back to his seat, where he
got out his book and pretended to be working. The time passed slowly,
but finally the bell rang for the end of class. The students hurried
out, all but James who slowly got his things together and then
approached Miss Newbury’s desk. Miss Newbury got up from her chair and
came around to sit on the front of her desk. She crossed her legs to
hide what was up her skirt, but James got a good view of her firm,
ample thighs. He looked down.
“Now James, this hasn’t been the first time you have refused to do work
in my class–you are often disruptive as well. This is the last straw
for me. I’m going to give you detention.”
“NO, Miss Newbury! If I get one more detention I won’t graduate!”
“Seems like you should have thought about that before …” Miss Newbury
said as she looked James up and down.
Now, most students think it’s hard to concentrate when they have ONE
sexy teacher they have every day for class. But they never think about
it from the TEACHER’S perspective–she has four or five classes A DAY,
most with at least two or three hot, in-their-prime guys. Miss Newbury
definitely had as hard a time concentrating on her lessons with pairs
of hot-guy eyes staring at her as her students had when staring at her.
And among all her students, James was the most attractive to her. He
had curly, dark brown hair that was of medium length, neither too long
nor too short. His eyes were a light brown, almost gray, and his body,
although not that of a muscleman, was well built and toned. He stood
one or two inches above her, probably 5’8″ she guessed, but while some
women preferred tall, muscular men, Miss Newbury preferred men that she
could reach easily. “It just works out better, if you know what I
mean,” she would sometime say, with a wink.
“Miss Newbury, please,” implored James, “I can’t get another detention.
Can’t I do some extra-credit thing or something to make it up?”
“James, why would I want to give myself more work? Extra-credit is out
of the question.” She looked at James slyly. “There is only one thing I
can think of that could take the place of your detention.”
“What is it, Miss Newbury? I’ll do anything!” cried James.
“OK then, go close the door, and don’t forget to lock it,” she said.
James looked confused.
“What am I going to do? What’s going to happen?”
“Well, if you don’t want to go to detention, I’m just going to have to
punish you myself,” said Miss Newbury. James eyed her, a little
fearfully, but then he remembered that he wouldn’t graduate unless he
passed this course and got no detentions, so he went to the classroom
door and closed and locked it. Then he returned to Miss Newbury’s desk
and stood awkwardly in front of it. Miss Newbury stood up from her seat
and began to walk behind her desk.
“OK James, this is what is going to happen. Remember what they did back
in Dickens’s time when a student misbehaved?”
“Um,” thought James wildly, “um … no, I don’t remember.”
Miss Newbury bent down to get something from behind her desk, and James
got a clear view of her ass in all its round glory. He could clearly
see the outline of her thong through her red-and-blue plaid skirt. In
his excitement, he felt his cock stirring in his pants. NO, he thought
wildly, I’m in a serious situation, I have to stay calm. He regained
his composure just as Miss Newbury came from behind her desk. She was
holding a ruler in her hand. “Ok, 30 with or 15 without.”
“What?!” said James in confusion.
“I know it sounds like a lot, but I’m not as strong as all those male
teachers,” Miss Newbury replied.
“What are you talking about? What am I going to do?” asked James.
“Well, my question was whether you wanted 30 whacks with the ruler WITH
your pants on, or 15 without.”
“You’re going to HIT me with that?” James said in disbelief.
“If you don’t want me to, I can write out a detention form for you
right now,” Miss Newbury said. James thought for a second. Then he
realized his position–he was in a locked classroom with THE hottest
teacher in school, who wanted him to take off his pants; who could want
to get out of this?
“NO, no Miss Newbury, I’ll take the ruler.”
“Ok, with or without your pants?”
“Um, I’ll take without.” James unbuckled his belt, then his
pants, and pulled them down to his knees. He was left standing in front
of Miss Newbury (ruler in hand) in his green and blue striped boxers.
“Don’t forget your boxers,” Miss Newbury reminded him.
“They have to come off too?” James asked.
“Of course,” Miss Newbury replied. She couldn’t believe her good
luck-her choice of student getting undressed for her in her own
classroom. She wasn’t going to let ANYTHING stop her now; she was going
to take this all the way.
James turned around, so his back was to Miss Newbury, and pulled down
his boxers.
“What should I do now?” he asked.
“Put your hands on the desk and lean over,” Miss Newbury commanded.
James did as he was told, and Miss Newbury took her position behind
him. First she stood a minute admiring the great site that was before
her: James’s beautiful ass, and further down she could just get a
glimpse of his penis. She wanted to see more, and had a plan how she
Now, she grabbed James’s hip in her left hand and readied the ruler in
her right. At the touch of Miss Newbury’s hand at so sensitive a part
of his body, a wave of feeling rippled through James’s body. His cock
began to grow hard. Then came the first slap of the ruler against his
ass. At first he only felt the pressure of the ruler, but then he felt
the sting as well. Then came another slap. “OH yeah,” heard Miss
Newbury whisper under her breath. He suddenly realized Miss Newbury was
enjoying this; she probably wanted him too! Man, he thought, could this
get any better?
As if to answer his question, Miss Newbury dropped the ruler, saying,
“I think this is too hard, I’ll just use my hand now.” With the next
slap, James felt Miss Newbury’s warm hand against his skin–instead of
being painful, it excited him more. With each slap of her hand against
his flesh, his excitement grew along with his erection. He could hear
Miss Newbury’s talk getting louder now, as if she were getting more
excited too. James decided to be daring.
“You like this, huh, Miss Newbury?” he asked.
Miss Newbury laughed, “Oh yes,” she said. “This is quite fun. Are you
enjoying it?”
“I’ll let you answer that question yourself,” replied James as he stood
up and turned around, letting Miss Newbury see his full erection. Miss
Newbury’s eyes dropped at once to James’s swollen package, as she took
in its size and beauty.
“Looks like you’re enjoying this too,” said Miss Newbury, smiling. She
knew that her plan was working perfectly, that she could soon expect a
little more than spanking to go on.
“Yeah, I’m enjoying it,” replied James. He leaned back against the desk
and stared at his teacher, her sexy legs and ass, and wondered what she
was planning next.
“Well, I can think of ways that we could both enjoy this more,” his
teacher said, as she moved closer to him. She unclipped her hair and
let it flow down in long waves around her face as she began to unbutton
her shirt. James stared attentively as she undid each button, revealing
more and more of her well toned body. She undid the last button and
removed her shirt, and her round breasts finally came into view. The
nipples were round and hard, and he reached out his hand to caress each
one lightly. Miss Newbury shuddered in pleasure at his touch, and
emboldened, he cupped them in his hand and squeezed them, alternately
soft and hard. “Oh yeah, James, you know how to touch me,” said Miss
Newbury. She was getting really wet as James continued to caress and
squeeze her breasts and as she thought about his hard cock so close to
her. “Suck on them, James, suck my breasts,” she ordered, and James
obliged, licking her hard nipples and then sucking them hard. Miss
Newbury could hardly stand it though being so close to James’s
erection. “God, I can’t stand it any longer,” she finally said. She
looked deep into his eyes. “I have to have your cock in my mouth.”
This was exactly what James wanted to hear. With one last lick
to her breasts, he leaned back and pushed Miss Newbury’s face down to
his hard cock. “Now you suck me,” he said, as he pushed his cock into
her mouth. The warm softness of her mouth pushed James to the brink–he
had only ever imagined how good his teacher’s mouth would feel around
his cock, but now that he finally got to feel it he couldn’t believe it
felt this good. He pushed his cock all the way to the back of her
throat, and Miss Newbury choked a little as the head hit the back of
her throat, but she continued sucking, pumping James’s cock in and out
and licking it all over with her soft tongue. “Aww, James,” she
whispered, “you’re so hard, you feel so good in my mouth …”
“Then keep going,” James implored. Miss Newbury dove back onto
his cock, first sucking his balls in long, slow licks and then
returning to his head, which she licked with the top of her tongue as
she continued to massage his heavy sack with her soft fingers. With her
other hand she grabbed his ass, and pulled him closer, burying his cock
deep into her throat. James moaned in pleasure as he ran his hand
through her hair. Miss Newbury continued, sucking his cock in and out
of her wet mouth, faster and faster. She could feel James trembling
against her as her mouth brought him closer and closer to climax. “God,
your mouth feels SO good,” James moaned. Miss Newbury looked up at
James with wide, green eyes as she kept pumping James’s cock in and out
of her soft, warm mouth.
“Mmm,” she murmured, but was blocked by the throbbing cock stuffed in
her mouth. She pulled out, smacking her lips, and began to rub the
huge, hard, wet cock all over her face. “Mm, YOU feel so good,” she
murmured, “Your cock is so big and hard, it feels so good all over my
face and in my mouth.”
“If it feels so good in your mouth, put it back in then,” said James,
“and suck it, suck it hard like you know I want it.”
With one last rub to the face, Miss Newbury took his cock and pushed it
back into her mouth. Feeling his cock back inside her warm, wet mouth
was almost too much for James. He let out a low moan, and as Miss
Newbury started pumping, faster and faster, he grabbed her head,
pushing himself deep inside her and exploding wave after wave of his
warm cum into her throat. Miss Newbury kept his cock inside her mouth
until the waves had ended. Then she took it out, swallowing his cum,
and licked his cock clean. “Mmm,” she said, smacking her lips, “you
taste so good.” James smiled.
“You were amazing,” he managed to get out. “I’m glad you like my cum so
much, but I didn’t get to taste you yet, do you think that’s fair?”
Without waiting for an answer, he pushed her up against the desk and
dove beneath her skirt. Her thong was soaking wet already, but he
didn’t waste any time as he pulled it off, revealing a fully-shaved
pussy into which he quickly darted his tongue. Miss Newbury moaned as
the tip of his soft, warm tongue touched her clit.
“Oh yeah, right there,” she whispered, as he began to softly lick her
swollen clit. As he continued, she swept her arm across the desk,
knocking papers and books to the floor. Seeing how bad she wanted it,
James picked her up and laid her down lengthwise on the desk, then
knelt beneath her and drove his tongue back inside her, first licking
the edges of her pussy and then driving his tongue deep inside her
hole. “Oh God, YES!” she murmured, pulling his head closer to her. He
pulled his tongue out and inserted a finger, then two, massaging the
front of her box. With his tongue, he began to rub her clit up and
down, licking the sides and the top with soft, even strokes. “Oh James,
that feels SO good,” she moaned, “Keep doing it like that.” James
continued to lick her and massage her pussy, and he watched her body
move against his tongue and fingers, maximizing her pleasure. Her body
began to tremble, and she began to moan loader. James began to suck her
clit, first softly and then harder as her body reacted to the pleasure
and she pushed herself against him. Her whole body was shaking
uncontrollably now. “Oh God,” she moaned, “Oh, it feels so good, Oh,
I’m going to come!”
This was the last straw for James. He was getting so turned on from
licking and sucking her soft pussy, and his cock had grown rock-hard
already. Hearing and seeing how hot SHE was getting was all he could
take. Instead of his fingers, Miss Newbury felt his hard, throbbing
cock plunge inside her, sending her into waves of orgasm. She kept
moaning as James slow thrusting drew out her orgasm longer and longer.
James watched her body shaking in pleasure as he felt the joy of
thrusting into her warm, wet pussy. As her orgasm ended, he felt her
pussy tighten around his shaft, sending waves of pleasure up his body.
“Oh yeah, keep going,” she murmured, as James grabbed her hips, pulling
them towards him as he started fucking her faster.
“Give it to me hard and fast, that’s how I like it,” she demanded, and
James was happy to oblige as he rammed his rock-hard cock into her
again and again. As he pumped her in and out, she wrapped her fingers
around the edge of the desk to hold on, and wrapped her legs around his
ass, pulling him in closer and deeper. She was trembling again, and she
moaned “James, harder!” James went faster, plunging into her wet pussy
harder and harder. His balls were slapping loudly against her firm,
round ass, which felt good for both of them. James could feel her pussy
grip down harder on his shaft, as her toes curled around his legs, and
her body began to shake for real. Her breathing became loud and fast,
and suddenly she cried out “OH!” so loudly that James was afraid
someone would come to the door, but he wasn’t worried for long as his
own orgasm hit hard, so hard that he had to grab onto the table to keep
his balance. They watched each other’s faces contort in pleasure as
they both came, feeling the waves of orgasm sweep through their bodies.
They finally subsided, and James collapsed on top of Miss Newbury. He
was still dazed that his fantasy came true. “Wow,” was all he could
“Ok,” said Miss Newbury. “You’ll pass.” She got up from the table and
began to put her clothes back on. Slowly, James got up and dressed,
realizing that his fantasy was at an end; he’d be out of school in a
few weeks and never see her again. He got his backpack and was heading
for the door when Miss Newbury called, “Wait!”
He stopped and turned around. She came over and pressed a small piece
of paper into his hand. “Call me when school’s out, and then we can
REALLY have some fun.”

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