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Hello Honey, Met Lori

It had been a few weeks on the road taveling. I had been staying in a hotel and starting to get to know the staff.

Eating in the resturants, cocktails in the bar, and of course a nice suite.

It had been a long week. When away from home all I think about is fucking my wife. I end up jerking off everytime I think about her. I just had to do something about getting some local pussy, and with being around a college, it shouldn’t be that hard to find a lonely, hot college girl.

Of course a few times the wife had teased me about being alone around a college, joking I told her if I found one I would call her. She is pretty open to most things, but she always has to be around as you could tell by my other stories.

Well the night started early this Thursday night in the hotel. I went into the bar to catch a beer before going to the room and call it a evening. It was real slow in the bar and the staff was just waiting on the few customers they had. I sat at a table and Lori came over to serve me. Ordered a beer and she returned it with some snacks and the beer. I said “seems like you are going to have an early night with this business” Lori said “sure is I am going to have to find something to do”. All I thought was I could give you somethng to do.

Within seconds I thought I would bring up some small talk with Lori, asked her if she was a student, she said yes, asked her where she was from, she said Iowa, and asked her age, she said 20. I thought to myself how I would like to fuck the hell out of this tight body 20 year old. She had been telling me her life story, missing her parents, not having a boyfriend, and her studies had been keeping her busy. She didn’t have much time to relax. So I jumped at the chance to ask her if she got off earlier would she want to show me area, thinking the worst thing she could say is no, well to my surpirse she said she would rather relax in a chair with a glass of wine. I asked her if she wanted to she could come up to my room and just hang and drink some wine. To my surprise again she agreed. I told Lori if she felt uncomfotable she didn’t need to come up to the room, we could go outside to the park around the corner, Lori said “the room was fine”

I got the bartender to put a bottle of wine on ice to go, Lori had gotten my room number and said she would call when she got off.

Got the wine and headed to the room, all the way up to the room my cock was hard just thinking about her, brown hair, great figure, beautiful face, and one hell of an ass.

Before Lori got to the room I called my wife to tell her good night and I may be going out with some of the staff later, she said don’t be bad and if you are call me. I thought to myself don’t be surprised if she got a call.

I hung up from talking to my wife and it wasn’t 10 minutes later Lori called and said she was on her way up. I paced the room waiting for the knock on the door. Cock hard as a rock with anticapation.

Lori knocked on the door and I opened it, she had changed into a pair of shorts and a halter top, I told her she shouldn’t be teasing an old man like me. Lori said “I’m not teasing”.

I told her it was great to have her company tonight and if she wanted a glass of wine. Lori held her glass as I poured her wine.
We sat a talked for about 30 minutes, talking about things that really didn’t matter. She was asking me about my work and family. I had told her my wife was great and I had a daughter that was 23, Lori laughed and said “and here you sit with me younger then your daughter”. I comment that it was a little strange.

She asked what would happen if my wife called and I told Lori not to worry, I may call her. Lori said “know that would be interesting”. Just about that time she got up out of your chair and sat on my lap, she kissed my lips very gentle and looked at me in my eyes and said “give your wife a call”. I raised her up and laid her on the bed, Lori then started to take her clothes off, I was about to blow my load watching her slide out of her clothes, her smooth tanned skin shining from the room light. I got my cell phone that had a speaker phone on it, I told Lori to be quite and I would call my wife and see what she was doing and see if she was ok with what was going on in the room. I dailed my number and my wife answered. My wife asked what I was doing, with a little frog in my throat I told her I had a friend with me and thought she would want to meet her. My wife said to put her on the phone, I thought “man if my wife doesn’t like this, she is going to kill me”.
I gave Lori the phone and they talked for a few minutes, I couldn’t handle it because I didn’t know what my wife was saying, all Lori keep saying was “yes” ans “sure”.
Then Lori handed me the phone and my wife said that Lori sounded very sweat. As I was talking to my wife Lori guided me to the end of the bed, undoing my shirt and then my pants she begin to rub her head against my chest. My wife asked what she was doing and she wanted to stay on the phone while Lori serviced me. I told the wife I would lay the phone on the table next to the bed and enable the speker phone so she could hear Lori and I. My wife told me that she was going to get her dildo and fuck herself with it while Lori and I did our thing.

I told Lori to hang on because she was going to get this dick everyway she could, Lori told me to hang on as she took my cock and balls into her mouth, I gasped as she swallowed my 9 inches without a blink. I heard my wife on the phone ask Lori to tell her what she was doing to her husband, that she wanted to cum along with us. Lori told me to lay back and enjoy, she laid me on the bed and begin to manage me like her toy, she moved her dripping wet pussy over my face and was telling my wife on the phone that my tongue was driving in and out of her, my wife was moaning on the phone and I was licking Lori’s bush with everthing I had. Lori turned around and got herself into the “69” position, lowering her head and mouth to my cock, she would suck for a while then tell the wife what she was doing. My wife then begin to tell Lori what she was doing with the dildo. My wife was sticking her glass dildo up her cunt and I could just see her doing it. Lori was blowing and licking every inch of my cock as I was still eating her young fresh college pussy.
I moved Lori onto her back and spread her young legs open to view her pussy, it was so beautiful, I hadn’t seen such a well shaped pussy lips like this in a long time, her lips were so pink and tight, all I wanted to do was kiss it forever and never let it leave my mouth, I could just eat her up.
Lori was moaning, my wife was still moaning on the phone and I was just muff diving on Lori.
The next thing I noticed was Lori had grabbed the phone and held it up to her mouth, Lori begin to tell me to fuck her as my wife listened, the both of them were into each other as my wife was telling Lori what she was doing, driving her dildo in and out faster and faster, my wife was cumming as Lori was telling her all my moves.
I took my cock and begin to rub her cunt lips, Lori begging me to stick in in, I told her to just talk to my wife and I would handle the rest, Lori and wife having a time of their own.
I pushed my cock half way in as Lori moaned along with my wife, I then told my wife I was letting my cock soak inside Lori’s juicy pussy. Just then Lori dropped the phone to the bed, and took her hand to push my cock the rest of the way in her hot puss. I lifted her legs around my neck and shoulders, banging her pussy wildly. Lori was moaning so loud I was afraid the next room over would hear, but for sure the wife was hearing every moan from Lori’s mouth. Gee, Lori was such a work of art, she was digging nails deep into my back and with her opened eyes glaring up at me, she begin to flow her love juice around my cock, telling my wife she was cumming, and my wife telling her to fuck me, my wife telling Lori that she was cumming too.
I took both my hands and lifted Lori’s ass up and drove my cock harder and faster into her and shot my cock load inside her, then pulling it out and putting my cock to her mouth. Lori was telling my wife that she was cleaning my cock with her tongue and licking every bit of cream up. Lori and I could hear my wife release her juices as if she was laying right next to us.
I kissed Lori’s every inch of her body, sliding next to her and holding her like a teddy bear. I heard my wife say “that was great, I’ll talk to you tomorrow”, and the phone disconnected.
Lori asked if was ok for her to spend the night, I didn’t mind at all.
We laid next to each other and held one another like we didn’t want to ever leave the room.
The next morning we both decided to take the day off and spend the day fucking are brains out.
Lori left that evening saying “I’ll see you later”
I count on it.

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