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Evening Class

Evening Class
As a college student, I have tried on several occasions to prove my professor wrong on assignments and lab work.
After class one evening the professor asked me to stay behind, as he wanted to speak to me about my attitude in class.
Once everyone had left he closed the door and locked it.
He then proceeded to lecture me about my attitude.
As he talked I wondered.
All of a sudden I blurted out that I didn’t care and he couldn’t do a thing about it.
All of a sudden he grabbed my shoulder forcefully sending shots of pain down my side.
I knew from that point on it would be pointless to resist his strength over me.
To the greatest I became subdued and surrendered to him.
He then began slapping my ass using force that I didn’t know that he had.
As he walked me to the edge of the desk his hand still biting into my shoulder.
I wanted to run but couldn’t, I wanted to stay.
The way he looked at me in class I knew this was not a typical punishment he would give to another student.
As he cleared his desk he put me on the edge of it, turned me around and began to tie my ankles to the legs of the desk with thick rope.
If not exposed before, I was exposed now.
With my legs spread he pushed me forward and tied my hands behind my back.
I was being overwhelmed by emotions, frightened of what was in store for me, yet curious as to what such a strong handsome man who I had dreamed of making love to was going to do with my tiny body I had never been with a man before, I was no virgin but I had seen the bulge in his pants many times in class and it was huge, I had been with boys.
Would it hurt or would it be everything I have ever dreamed of.
I felt his hand on my back then it moved higher caressing the bare skin of my back.
His hand moved the tiny straps of my sundress off of me, he was going to fuck me, but he wasn’t going to rip my clothes off either as I needed to march out of school later and no one would have any clue my pussy was pounded by him over and over again.
Then my body was forced on the hard wooden desk his hands were on the inside of my thighs firmly rubbing my already wet panties, he noted that but didn’t say a word, he knew I wanted him badly, but this was his classroom and I had to go by his rules.

He rubbed harder and harder and then I started to moan he told me to shut up and forced his fingers deep inside me I yelped, that was it if I didn’t keep my mouth shut he was going to make me.
He taped my mouth shut and that was it.
He stood behind me, reached down, and spanked my ass.
He said to me now you know what it’s like to be punished by a man like me and he tore off my panties.
Right there in front of him was the wettest little waxed pussy he had ever seen, I was tied and gagged and about to be pounded by his 7 Inch very thick cock and I was dripping wet for him that made him so hard that he dropped his pants took out his rock hard cock in his hand and placed his other in his hand.
While in motion he managed to bury the whole 7-inch inside me oh I was so tight and wet.
I screamed but only he could hear me.
My body tried to resist him but I knew this was all I had ever dreamed of being tied and gagged and pounded by a huge cock of a real man.
He was relentless he pounded me so deep and so hard I came soon after he began thrusting and he never stopped fucking me harder and harder and deeper with each stroke he came inside me but didn’t stop he fucked my pussy again and this time just as he was about to cum he pulled out and walked around and stood right in front of me with his cock right in my face in my face and said now I am going to remove the tape and that I was going to have to suck his cock and swallow every drop.
I nodded in approval.
He could have cared less because I was his and I would do exactly as I was told. Off came the tape and in went his cock. I did have boys cocks before but nothing like this long and thick.
I struggled to swallow all of him.
He forced it into me deeper then I could have ever imagined then I began sucking it harder and harder loving every moment of it.
Soon he was cumming inside of my mouth and all over.
I desperately tried to swallow and lick every drop, loving it, and dying for more.
He pulled it out and I licked my lips
I knew I loved him and would do any thing he said and he knew it too
as the night went on I begged him to fuck me again and again and over and over all night
As morning hit we both woke up totally soaked in each other’s cum.
Once and a while my friends ask me what happen that night and all I can say is I got a very hard punishment.

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