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Sexy Gym Teachers R So Much Fun!

It was my first year of high school. I had the cutest gym teacher ever! He was tall, young, and just drop dead gorgeous. He had nicely tanned skin, short brown hair, and the most beautiful baby blue eyes I’d ever seen. His voice was deep and soothing. During gym class, I’d watch him as he played basketball with the guys in the class. One day he approached me on my way to lunch.

“So Kasey, how do you like high school so far?”

“It’s alright.” I said smiling at him. He smiled back and walked with me to the lunchroom. Through the whole year, we were really close. I had the hugest crush on him too. I was always flirting with him, and he could pick up on my flirting everytime. He would flirt back alot too. He was such a great teacher, I had Aerobics every year after that just so I could be in his class.

“I figured you’d sign up for Aerobics Kasey! I’m glad to see you in my class again.”

“Well, you are such a great teacher, I just wanted to be in your class again Coach.”

He smiled. He loved it when I called him Coach. Most of the other students called him Mr. Taylor, unless they were on the baseball team(which he coached). But I just called him Coach, and he really liked it.

Once again, the 2 of us were very close. Then one day after Aerobics, I stayed after to ask him something.



“I was wondering if you would mind staying after school with me and help me do some weight lifting?”

He smiled and put his pen down from where he had been writing something.

“Sure thing Kasey. I’d be glad too.”

“Great, can we start today?”

“Yeah, even better!”

“Perfect, I’ll see you this afternoon.”

I gave him a hug and when we parted, I flirtatiously grabbed his shoulder with a smile. Then I left to go to my next class. He just stood there motionless.

That afternoon, I met him in the back lobby area where the locker rooms and weight room were. I saw him leaning in the door frame of the weight room smiling at me.

“Hey Kasey.”

“Hey Coach.”

“You ready to get to work… and don’t take it THAT way either!”

We both laughed.

“Let me just go to the locker room and change.”

A small smile crept over his face at the thought. I turned away from him and went to the girls’ locker room and changed into a pair of baby blue wind breakers and a T-shirt. Then I came out and followed him into the weight room. We were in there for almost 3 hours, but it only seemed to be about 15 minutes. I happened to notice the he was noticing me the way I’d noticed him over the past 2 years. I was now a Jr. in high school. He was showing me how to do an exercise and he had his arms around my waist. I turned my head and our eyes met. Once they did, we couldn’t turn away. Our lips got closer and closer until they met. It started out a small kiss. But then I felt his tounge go into my mouth as mine went into his. We both had wanted to kiss each other for about as long as we’d known each other. Our lips parted and he looked back into my eyes and smiled.

“Lets go hit the showers!”

He winked at me and it made me smile. He picked me up and we went into the girls’ locker room.

“But Coach…”

“Chris, call me Chris.” He said interupting me.

“Chris, what if someone comes in here?”

“Don’t worry, we are the only ones here.”

I smiled as we began getting each other’s clothes off and got into one of the shower stalls and cut the warm water on. The stall soon got very hott and steamy and we began kissing again. He started to kiss my neck, then using his teeth, he began to nibble my neck and ear. It felt so good, I dug my finger nails into his back which made him nibble a little harder. He kissed down to my tits and then caressed them with his hands. He then began to suck and bite one nipple while pinching the other with his hand. I ran my fingers through his now wet brown hair as he went back and forth from one nipple to the other. I soon felt one of his hands slide down to my pussy and begin to rub it. I smiled with pleasure as he kissed down my body down to my pussy. He licked the inside of it slowly and it sent shivers through my entire body.

“Did you like that?” He asked with a devilish smile.

“I’m smiling aren’t I?”

He came back up and we kissed again.

“Kasey, are you still a virgin?”

I looked at him and then answered.


“Do you want to be?”

I got the idea and smiled. Then I pushed him up against the wall of the shower stall.

“Chris, I want you to fuck me, right here, right now. Fuck me as hard, deep and as fast as you can.”

“That’s my girl!”

I got down on my knees and began to rub his huge dick. Then I stuck it in my mouth and began to suck it a while. His eyes went in the back of his head and his mouth opened, but nothing came out because he was experiancing such pleasure, he couldn’t speak. After a while, I got up and he got behind me. He slowly slid his dick into my vagina. It hurt a little bit, but yet it felt so good. He began to go in and out over and over again. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder. I began to moan and I became a bit short of breath. He soon said something.

“How does it feel Kasey? Does it hurt any?”

“Oh My God! It hurts, but it feels so good! I don’t ever want you to stop.”

That’s all he wanted to hear. He began to go ever faster, harder and deeper. It was so good I began to scream with sexual pleasure. But soon he started to feel the cum, so he pulled it out and I knew whan was about to happen. So I got back on my knees and began to rub his dick for him. Pretty soon, his cum was going everywhere. I made sure that some of it went into my mouth. He rand his fingers through my hair as I began to suck on his dick again after he came. Then we took a quick rinse off because we sweated so mcuh from the sex. Then we got dressed and left the locker room. He walked me to my car in the student parking lot.

“Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever done that with a student before.”

“Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever done it at all before!”

“Well, you sure seemed pretty experianced.”

We both smiled, but then he spoke.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way. But you can’t tell anyone what happened between the 2 of us today. If you do, we can both get in really big trouble.”

“Yeah, I know Chris.”

He smiled.

“And remember, don’t call me Chris at school around other students.”

I smiled.

“So I’ll see you there again tomorrow then?”

“Yeah, sure thing. If it’s gonna be anything like today, Hell yeah I’ll be there!”

We both laughed and kissed bye and I got into my car and left.

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