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The Next Morning

“The Next Morning”
Jean stretched as she felt the sun shining into her face and heard the birds singing
out the window. “One of the best dreams of Greg yet!” Jean whispered.
“What was that dear?” Greg kissed her lips. “Good morning babe.”
Jean’s eyes grew wide. “It wasn’t a dream…Oh my gosh.” Jean quickly sat up
noticing her nakedness. She stood up, then took a pillow to hide herself.
Greg sits up. “What’s wrong dear?”
“I…I…” Greg stands up, not ashamed of his being nude. Jean stops to watch this
gorgeous nude man walk toward her. Greg takes the pillow from her, then gently goes to
kiss her lips. Jean realizing it’s morning, runs away into the bathroom and closes the door.
“Honey, are you mad about what we did last night?” Greg yelled out.
Jean exists the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, her hair combed and
her teeth brushed. “No, Greg…I have been dreaming about being with you for years…I
love you.”
Greg walks over to her, then he gently kisses her lips. “I love you too…How about
we go take a shower, and then go out and do something today.” He nibbles on Jean’s ear,
waiting for her answer.
“Sounds wonderful to me….Should I take the shower first or you?”
“I was thinking more the both of us going into the shower.” Greg was still kissing
her all over, nibbling at times. He was also without Jean’s noticing, freed one of her breast
and was fondling it, as his other hand gently rubbed his swollen cock. Greg stopped
kissing her and picked her up like a groom would pick up his bride. Then as he walked
through the bathroom, he french kissed her. His fingers gently massaging her already wet
pussy. Greg kicked the door open and sit Jean on the toilet.
“How can one man be so amazingly perfect?” Jean smiled. Greg smiled back at
her, then turned on the water. As soon as he felt it was warm enough, he stepped in.
“Come join me, my love.” Jean walked into the shower with him. She picked up
the soap and started to lather herself up. Greg started licking his lips and a huge desire was
flashing in his eyes.
All of a sudden, Greg picked her up and slammed her against the shower wall.
“I’m sorry baby, but I need you right now!” Then Greg slammed his cock into her pussy,
his body pushing her hard into the wet wall. Jean at first scared, wrapped her legs around
him. He was fucking her hard and fast. He moved her away from the wall. His hands now
firmly holding her butt cheeks, bucking her up and down. She was screaming with delight.
Finally she reached orgasm, squirting her gold all over his cock. Greg slammed her against
the wall again, then shot his load into her. He pumped her until he felt he was done, then
he helped her sit down. The two just sat in the shower, kissing. They were both tired out
from their water fun. “Baby, you get me going so good.” Greg said, then french kissed
Jean, and rested his hand on her left breast. “Honey, I love you.”
“I love you too, Greg.” Jean smiled.

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