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The Sweetness of a Cute Boy's Butt, Part II

Going back to my growing-up years in Idaho, and even now in my middle-age in rural downstate Illinois, I have always thought about cute guys’ butts, their special beauty, and what I love doing with them.

Stephen had such a butt. We were classmates,
and in September of our junior year at our high school in Idaho, we were the last guys out of the locker room one day. Gym class was right before lunch, and the other guys had showered & dressed quickly so as to be first or near-firth in line,in the cafeteria. The Gym teacher also had to leave quickly, as he had lunch monitor duty. I had finished showering & dressing, and was combing my hair at the mirror. I knew Stephen was still in the shower . . . . I could hear him in there, and I heard him shut the water off.
I had a great view of the trip he would make from the shower to his locker, and when he stepped
from the shower, he saw me and said, “Hi, Tony.
I dodn’t know you were still here.”

“Hi, Stephen. Yeah, just combing my hair. The line in the cafeteria is probably really long anyway, and there’s no rush to get over there.”

“Right,” Stephen replied, and he finished drying off. Then he put the towel over his left shoulder and began walking to his locker, and I quicky became rock-hard watching him walk. Since it was only September and summer vacation had just ended, Stephen still had perfect tan lines above & below a gorgeous butt. As he walked, his weight shifted back & forth, and I could see the baby-soft dimples of the sweet cheeks on his butt. Oh, heaven!

Stephen, no doubt, felt me watching him, but he did not seem to mind. He had dark brown hair and sexy brown eyes, and he had a nice, trim build, too.

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