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An Evening of Pleasure and of Pain

This is the first story I’ve posted. I’d love to hear some feedback!

It’s late, and I don’t think that you’re going to come over and I’m feeling a little frisky. I decide to hop on the Internet and check out a couple of spanking websites, even though I know you forbid it. Hey, I figure, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. So, there I am, surfing the web when I find a particularly appealing story. I read it, sitting at my computer, and almost instantly become dripping wet. I decide to print it out and take it to the bedroom so I can re-read it and really enjoy it.

I take off all of my clothes and lay down on the bed just enjoying the feeling of being so aroused. I begin to re-read the story and my hand starts to wander all over my body. Before long, it finds its destination. I begin to rub myself between my legs enjoying the moist heat that my body is creating. I’m becoming more and more aroused and I insert my finger into myself. I put the story down, and start to concentrate completely on what I am doing. I am enjoying myself so much that I hardly hear your key in the lock. But I do hear it. I jump out of bed and am trying to put my clothes on as quickly as possible. As you walk into the bedroom, your happy smile turns into a look of disappointment and anger. I finish dressing quickly and run over to give you a hug as if nothing has happened and make an excuse about changing my clothes. You know better though. Your eyes scan the room and you notice that the bed is wrinkled and that the story I was reading fell to the floor.

You look down at me and I can’t manage to look back up at you. I know that I have disobeyed you and worse, that I have disappointed you. You grab my chin in your strong hands and force me to make eye contact with you. You tell me how angry you are and that I have disappointed you. You ask me what I think would be an appropriate punishment. I don’t answer you. I can’t, not yet. You tell me to take off all of my clothes and to stand in the corner to think about what my punishment should be. I do as you say and stand in the corner. All kind of thoughts are racing through my mind. I’m mad at you because you caught me. And I’m sorry that you caught me, but I’m not sorry that I did it. Not yet anyway. You leave me there to think and I hear you walking around the apartment, fixing yourself a drink and watching the news. You come back after about 15 minutes and ask if I have come up with an appropriate punishment. I simply shake my head no, knowing that if I say yes and it is not severe enough in your eyes, it will be that much worse. You tell me that I have 15 more minutes to come up with something, or you will decide what my punishment will be.

When you return, you ask me for my response and I present my proposal. I tell you that I should indeed receive a spanking and that it should be with your hand and with the hairbrush. You ask me how many strokes with the brush and I say 20. I see the anger flick across your face and I realize too late that 20 is not enough.

You tell me that I will be spanked with the hairbrush, but that I will receive 50 strokes with it. The knot in my stomach gets tighter as you take a breath and continue. You tell me that I will also receive 30 lashes with the strap. You ask me if I know why I am going to be punished and I very quietly say that it is because I was on spanking websites again and that I was pleasuring myself. You hear me, but you make me repeat myself. You know how hard it is for me to acknowledge what I’ve done wrong, and you get pleasure out of forcing me to say it even louder. You agree with me and say that is the reason for the hand spanking. You ask me to continue and I stare at the floor, not wanting to admit to you or to myself the reason I deserve the brush and the strap. You give me 5 seconds or you will double my punishment. My tears well up as I look at you and tell you that I deserve the brush for being on spanking web sites and the strap for trying to hide it from you and lying to you. You look at me and smile, knowing how difficult it was for me to admit my wrongdoings. I have the faintest hope that maybe my punishment will be less since I seem to have pleased you. My hope fades as you tell me that I am to stand in the corner to think about the punishment while you shower.

As I am standing there, the minutes drag on forever. Finally you are done and you come into the bedroom. You move your favorite chair into the center of the bedroom and I hear you go into my drawer and grab my brush. It was a gift from you and is large and square and plastic. Then I hear you open the closet door and rifle through my belts. I hid the belt I bought this week in the back, hoping you wouldn’t find it. It’s very wide and thick and I know that it will hurt if you use it. I hear you looking and then a pause. You found it. I can tell by the way it sounds when you slap it against your hand. I cringe and you chuckle softly as you caress my bottom with the soft leather. You sit in your chair and tell me to come over to you.

I do, and you ask me if there is something I need to ask you. I hate this. You always make me ask for my spanking and you know what torture that is for me. I nod my head and you tell me to look at you and to speak up. You always like for me to ask for each part separately so I quietly ask you to give me my hand spanking. You swat me on the bottom and tell me to speak up. You are getting tired of asking me to repeat myself. I ask you again, louder this time. You position me across your lap and tell me to hang on to the chair. If I try to protect myself, you will start over from the very beginning. I know that you mean it and I grab onto the legs of the chair clenching my bottom in anticipation. You rub my bottom trying to get me to relax and are somewhat successful. As I am beginning to enjoy your petting, you suddenly stop and slap me. The first 20 or so slaps of a hand spanking are not that bad and I lay quietly over your lap. You increase your speed and intensity and vary your rhythm so I never know where the next slap will land. I start to squirm as my bottom gets warmer and warmer, enjoying the feeling in my crotch. You see this and spank even harder. Finally I begin to say oww and you know that you are starting to get the desired effect. This goes on for a few minutes and I am on the verge of tears. You stop and let me rest as your hand slides between my legs to find me dripping wet. You tease me for a few minutes and then ask me if I am ready to ask you for the second part of my punishment.

I brace myself mentally and then ask you to spank me with the brush. I feel you rub the cool plastic on my bottom and enjoy a bit of relief from the heat that you have caused. Suddenly the first swat lands. Oh the sting. I can’t help but kick my legs a little bit. You continue to spank me harder and harder until my bottom feels like it is on fire. By now the tears are rolling down my face, but I feel that I want more, that I need more. The hunger is becoming almost too much to bear. After 50 hard smacks, you are done and I am crying over your lap. You take the bristle side of the brush and rub my bottom with it and it feels like needles because my skin is so sensitive. You part my legs and insert the handle, gently thrusting it in and out of me. I almost cum, but you know this and stop, leaving me longing for more. You tell me to go to the bed and lie down with three pillows under my hips. I do as you say and as you turn around to grab the belt, I can’t resist rubbing my bottom a little. You catch me and very calmly say that I will receive ten more with the belt. I start to protest and you ask if I want to make it 20. I shake my head and position myself as you have asked.

This time there is no build up to a stronger intensity. You immediately begin to spank me with your full strength, raising you arm high and swishing the belt through the air. It takes a second for the pain to come and I yell out. You continue to punish me and I can’t help but kick my legs and grind myself into the pillows in an attempt to escape your blows. I am crying hysterically by now and just when I think that I can’t take it anymore, it stops.

You lay the belt on the bedside table and rub my back in an effort to calm me. My sobs rack my body, but after a few minutes, I start to settle down. You start to rub my bottom and to slide your hand between my legs. I start to push against your hand, needing to have you inside me.

You raise me up on all fours and position yourself behind me. You begin to slide yourself up and down my slit, teasing me until I think I am going to die. Finally you enter me, deeply and completely. You thrust into me slowly and I rock back against you. My bottom stings a bit when it touches you as our bodies meet, but that does not matter. I need you. Our pace increases and your thrusts become harder, pounding into the core of my body. Finally I cum. My body shakes and you pull me up to hold me as you continue to thrust in and out of me. The wave subsides and we continue in this dance of ours. After a few more thrusts, you are there and I feel you explode into me. Your body shakes and you lean over me to support yourself. You slowly withdraw and lie on your back. I move my mouth down to you and begin to slowly lick and suck, needing to taste you.

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