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Young Love

Once upon a time, in a small new England town, there was a young teen age boy named Steve. He was out walking in the woods one day, and he saw his neighbor, Sherri, out walking also. Sherri was cute, with long curly brown hair, and big tits. Her breasts had to be at least 38D’s, and what a tight pert little butt. As Steve watched her from a distance of about 50 feet, his hard on grew tight in his jeans. At 14 he had never been with a girl, but had seen several movies and books.
Sherri was unaware of Steve’s presence. She was just walking through the woods, it was a relaxing cool day. She had on a tight blue blouse, that showed her midriff, a pair of jean shorts that were very tight and showed her VW in the front and her cute butt from the rear, a pair of sandals no bra. Usually she wore one but today she was being naughty, and after all it was warm out. Her hair was moving with the slight breeze, her big blue eyes enjoying the woods, the ferns and leaves, birds and the way the sun light filtered down through the woods.
Suddenly Steve made himself known by grabbing Sherri playfully, on the ass and trying to give her a kiss. As he jumped out from behind a tree, he surprised Sherri. Steve got a good feel of her ass, and their lips touched, coming to life Sherri swung at him, missing and started to flee. Steve grabbed her hand, preventing her from leaving and with out understanding why, smacked her hard on the butt three times with the flat of his hand.
Sherri stopped, red faced, she had almost cum when Steve had spanked her, but she didn’t want him to know that. What to do, she stopped and said what do you want Steve, and you shouldn’t touch me there or kiss me at least not without asking first, you scared me.
Steve saw her response, the red face, the heavy breathing, and oh my look at those nipples. Sherry’s nipples were almost ½ long, and they had gotten hard when she got excited. Without a bra, there was no hiding those beauties. Sherri, I saw you walking in the woods and thought perhaps you were out here for the same reason I was. You are so beautiful, and I have always liked you.
Sherri enjoyed the complement, noticed his stare, then the condition of her nipples. Looking at his crotch she was amazed, was Steve hiding two rolls of quarters down there? Was that his hard on? She had never seen anything that big before. Sherri responded shyly. What were you doing in the woods? I was just walking enjoying the day. It is good to see you Steve, as she moved beside him and slide her arm around his waist.
Steve almost came in his pants as Sherri moved beside him. He inclined his head, and kissed her full on the lips, this time her lips parted and mouth opened. Her tongue entered his mouth and mixed with his. Steve had never kissed a girl other than his mother before and certainly not using his tongue. The pressure in his pants was unbearable. After the kiss, Steve turning slightly red, responded that he came to the woods to jerk off and think about girls. Sherri responded, what do you mean jerk off? Sherri knew what he meant but was being coy. Steve said follow me, and took her to a quiet place, a sort of depression surrounded by large trees, ferns, and dense underbrush. If you didn’t know where the path was, you never could have found the place. Inside there was an open circle about 7 feet in diameter, filled with soft wonderful moss. Sherri, Steve said, you know jerk off, masturbate. Guys get horny, don’t girls? You must play with yourself too.
Even though she had known Steve her whole life, Sherri was starting to feel as though she shouldn’t have come here with him. Still the sight of his hard on through his pants was alluring. Steve, show me what you mean, she said. Sherri couldn’t believe those words had come out of her mouth.
With a moments hesitation, Steve sat down, and pulled off his jeans, with difficulty. He put a hand around his cock, down near the enormous head and started sliding it up and down. His other hand fondled his balls. He had very little pubic hair, and what a huge cock. It was around 9 inches long. And that wasn’t the most amazing part, it was as big around as Steve’s wrist. Oh my thought Sherri, what a cock. Her Daddies was almost as long, but now where close to as big around. Sherri looked on with amazement as Steve started to jerk off. Her panties were wet, as the juice from her pussy started to flow down her crack, into her panties and around on her butt.
Steve slowed down, and asked Sherri to show him how she played with herself.
Sherri turned red, and said I don’t play with my pussy. I should be going. She really knew she should leave, but the site of that cock. Sherri got to her knees and put the end of his cock in her mouth. She started to suck Steve’s cock for all she was worth. She knew her Daddy would be mad as hell, but she just couldn’t resist that monster of a cock.
Steve was almost in shock, he had hoped to see Sherri naked, but he never expected this, after all she was only 13, though she would be 14 in a couple of months. He was in heaven, her mouth was so warm, she could swallow about half his cock. Then her tongue ran over the head of his hard on and he shot cum in her mouth, a gushing load, it had been 2 days since he had masturbated.
Sherri was not surprised by the cum, she expected it when she went down on the young man, after all Daddy came in her mouth all the time, along with her brother. But this was the first “man” outside the family to use her mouth as a sperm depository.
Sherry swallowed all the cum, then gave Steve a kiss full on the mouth. Steve, not even thinking kissed her back, tasting his cum on her tongue. It wasn’t too bad, he thought. Sherri stood up and said, well I need to go home, my folks will be worried. I hope you enjoyed that, see you later Steve.
Steve just tackled her. Your not leaving, you can’t go now. Not after what we just did. Sherri fought back and the two teenagers wrestled around on the ground. Steve grabbed her and put he over his knee. Whack, Whack, had on her ass. Sherri stopped fighting and came in her panties. God, why does that feel good, she wondered.
Steve told her, I want to see you naked, and feel you, see how you taste, after all you have seen me. Sherri considered this, and said OK, but don’t fuck me. I don’t want to have your baby, I’m only 13. Sherri stood and thought about running, but figured fuck it, I am horny and though he won’t eat me as good as Daddy, I may as well let him try. She slipped of her blouse, and pulled down her shorts, standing in a pair of light blue panties that were wet at the crotch. She lay down next to Steve and kissed him. Steve kissed her back, felt her tits, massaging the long hard nipples, he slid his had down over her firm stomach and into her panties. No hair, just a downy fuzz, wet, warm. Steve had never felt up a girl before. He really didn’t quite know what to do. He tentatively slid a finger up inside her, feeling the folds of her young cunt, and finding her clit. Sherri reached down and put Steve’s finger on her clit and told him rub right there, that makes it feel good. Steve rubbed around her clit, while his other hand removed her panties. He move around without stopping his rubbing action and put his face down by her pussy. He looked and took in those large pronounced pussy lips, the lump that was her clit. The glistening opening of her flower, her women hood, her vagina. No hair, he though she is young, but not that young. She must keep it shaved thought Steve. He put his lips round her clit and licked, slowly then faster, shoving his tongue up her twat. Ultimately it seemed to work good with his nose up her cunt, and his tongue attacking her clit. Sherri moaned, moved squirmed started panting OH OH OH and making other noise, but Steve didn’t notice. He wet a finger and shoved it into Sherry’s ass. She really squirmed at that, then her orgasm hit, and she went nuts, about bucking Steve off of her.
Steve stopped looked at Sherri, her eyes the blue of the sky, a smile of satisfaction on her face, just laying there enjoying the after glow. Sherri was thinking that was great, not as good as Daddy, but very very good. OH how nice it was to come for a walk in the woods and end up having a great cum.
Steve watching the after glow, took advantage of the situation. His hard on had been back for sometime as at 14 it seemed like he just always had one. He lay down on Sherri quickly, and thrust his cock into her tiny virgin cunt. Sherri was shocked, the huge head of his penis filled her tiny slit, could she stop this? Did she really want too?
She hugged Steve and whispered “go slow honey”. Take it easy, your huge.
Steve slowly sank his meat into her pussy, God it felt like heaven must feel so tight, warm and wet. Almost sucking his dick into her. He was penetrating without much of a problem though, and soon his dick was all the way into the young girl. His balls slapped up against her ass. Steve wondered, was she a virgin? She obviously was enjoying the penetration, and he had not felt the resistance of a hymen. Still it being Steve’s first time, he wasn’t sure what he should have felt from a virgin, he was just in heaven that this 13 year old beauty had taken all he could give her. He started to move in and out fast, faster, then slow, very slow. He felt the cum building up inside him. Sherri was moaning and groaning, she had slipped her legs behind him and was pulling him in as deep as he could go.
Sherri had already cum several times, she couldn’t believe how wonderful Steve’s cock felt inside her. She felt stuffed like she had never been stuffed before, Oh God how wonderful, as she felt another orgasm approach.
Steve thrust his dick all the way inside Sherri and came. He didn’t stop moving he continued to thrust in and out of her slick pussy. He didn’t want Sherri to realize he had cum deep within her. In and out, faster and faster, he built toward another orgasm. His cock had only softened slightly when he had cum, and it was so large, if he just kept going he would harden up again in no time.
Sherri wondered if Steve had just cum in her, she hoped not, she didn’t want to get pregnant again. So after her latest orgasm, she slowed him a bit and asked him, please don’t cum in me, I could get pregnant. Steve stop, don’t cum, I’ll eat it again if you want.
At first there was no response from Steve, he acted like he hadn’t heard Sherri. How could he tell her he had already cum? He kept pumping, fully hard again. He looked at her and said I won’t cum in you.
Sherri, looking at the glazed look in Steve’s face didn’t believe him, he just kept pumping, so when he was on the out stroke she moved her pelvis away from him causing his cock to barely slip out of her cunt. Steve, unaware of Sherry’s intentions, was thrusting away, his cock slipped out and he thrust forward.
God that hurt he though, as he tried to slow down and figure out what happened.Sherri was almost passed out in pain. Steve looked down and his cock was buried 6 inches up her tight warm ass. It had been coated with a mixture of both of there juices, and very slick from her wet pussy, but no professional lubricant would have made it easy for this monster cock to fit up a 13 year old ass hole. Steve looked at Sherri, and stopped, he didn’t pull out, but he didn’t thrust in either. Are you OK he asked. Sherri squeezed him tight, and said just don’t stop, fuck my ass hard, fuck it. Do you hear me fuck my ass till you fill it with spunk.
Steve had seen pictures of women being ass fucked in his porno collection, they were among his favorites, so he pulled her lets up over his shoulders and fucked the shit out of her. He pounded hard into her ass and then too much for him to endure for long, he shot a big load of juice into her ass.
Ah he just lay there holding Sherri while his cock softened, 3 orgasms in less than an hour. It would get hard again, but he new from beating off that after three quick ones it would take a few hours to be ready again, and then he could do some more but without producing much of a load of cum.
Sherri, after a little time of glowing, pushed Steve off, hugged him and gave him a big kiss. That was great she said, I really enjoyed it, but I’ve got to be getting home. My parents will be pissed if I am gone too long. She started to get dressed, giving Steve her panties. She said, you can have them but you have to wear them home. They swapped underwear, she put on his briefs, him her panties. God he got hard again.
Get away from me with that monster, as she stooped to give him a quick suck on the head of his penis. There will be other days. We swapped underwear does that mean we’re going steady said Steve. Yes I guess so, I’ve never dated another boy.
Steve grabbed Sherri and spanked her a couple of quick ones on the ass, she swooned and came again. Sherri, you need to explain that, and you have done this before with someone else haven’t you?
Sherri turned scarlet, I can’t discuss it Steve, I just can’t. Yes I enjoy being spanked, and fucked, and I love to suck cock, but I don’t do it to anyone at school, other than you I guess. Please keep it to yourself and we can do it other times, I don’t want a reputation as a slut.
Steve asked you said don’t cum in me I don’t want to get pregnant again, have you been pregnant before? Yes Sherri replied. You know my little sister, well she is really my daughter. Remember when I left to live with my father’s brother last summer, well I was gone 3 months, and returned right after having her.
But you were only 12 replied Steve shocked. Sherri said I was 13 when I delivered, but you are right, I was 12 when I became pregnant. I started having sex when I was 11. Tell you what, why don’t you walk me home, you and I have known each other since we were born, my parents like you, maybe they will let you stay for dinner and visit for a while after wards.
Ok Sherri, I just need to call my mom and sister so they don’t worry about me, after all it’s not like I’m full grown either, I have rules I have to follow. But I don’t like it when Dad or mom beats my ass. He playfully patted her butt and led her out of their little glen.
Neither of them had seen Sherry’s Dad watching them from a cliff above their little love nest. Her Dad was pissed. That little tramp. He had warned her to stay away from boys. Still, tonight he and her mother were scheduled to go out to a dinner party and they wouldn’t be home till late. Sherry’s Mother worked very late on Thursday evenings, and that was really the only night he was alone with the kids all 4 of them, two boys two girls. Age 17, Sam, 16 Angela 13 Sherri, 12 Billy and of course his daughter Amanda less than a year old. Really sort of a cross between a daughter and a grand daughter he laughed as he pulled on his pud. Still it had been fun watching his daughter fuck the neighborhood boy Steve, his mother was hot. Perhaps he could use this knowledge to his advantage. As he headed home.
Sherri and Steve, unaware they had already been caught, washed up in a creek, and tried to look as though they hadn’t just had sex for a hour or so. If you knew Steve, you could tell just by his grin and his walk. He was a man now. Sherri looked pensive, if her Daddy found out there would be hell to pay. Anyone else including her mom might understand. But Daddy would punish her badly. They left the woods and walked down the street holding hands, looking for the world like two innocent teenagers in puppy love. Though they had known each other a very long time, they had never really been that close in the past. A few birthday parties and neighborhood gatherings, but certainly nothing like this! Steve was in heaven, he’d gotten laid, sucked and had a steady girl friend. At his house he asked Sherri to come in for a minute, he ran to his room, hid her panties, put on fresh underwear, grabbed his letter sweater from Junior High Base ball, and back outside on the way across the street to her house. Be my girl Sherri he asked and presented the sweater. She said of course I love you Steve. And they entered Sherry’s house.
Sherri said hello to the family and asked Mom if Steve could stay for dinner. Loretta was pleased that Sherri had a boy friend. She responded that there was plenty and he was welcome to stay for dinner. But her and Dad would be going out later, and he would have to go home. Sherry’s father arrived home shortly there after, dinner went without a hitch, and Steve left to go home. Sherry’s mom and dad left went out and she was alone with her thoughts. She really liked Steve, maybe even loved him. She went to her room and changed for bed. She went to sleep dreaming of the fucking she had received that afternoon…
Sometime late at night, Sherri was woken by her mom. Sherri, what are you doing with that boy? Quiet now, your Dad is passed out, but I don’t know how deeply he sleeps. You were wearing Stephen’s briefs today when you came in, I saw the waist band. Did you have sex with him? Sherry’s mother was only 33 she was just 15 when she became pregnant with her older brother. She was the spitting image of Sherri. Mom, Sherri replied, I did let him fuck me, but he didn’t come inside me, only in my mouth and ass. Sherry’s mother was appalled, after all this was her 13 year old daughter talking like an experienced pro. Sherri, how could you, you have already had a baby, what if you get pregnant? Mom, Amanda is Daddies daughter, didn’t you know he had been fucking me since I was 11? I don’t mind, it feels good, but he didn’t use protection, figuring I was too young to get pregnant. He has had Angela too, and has let the boys use us both to relieve their stress and gain experience. Every Thursday night we have sex parties until just before you get home, I thought you knew. Her mother was caught flat footed, never in her wildest imagination did she expect such an outburst. Her Husband fucking both their daughters and sharing them with her sons! Oh my God Sherri, are you OK. Yes mom I like the sex. Give me a hug. Sherry’s mother gave her a big hug. A kiss on the cheek and left the room.

The next day at school, Sherri was wearing Steve’s sweater. She was proud that they were an item. 6th period she had a study hall, with Steve. Steve said under his breath, so how did you loose it when you were 11?
Sherri blushed, do you really have to know, does it matter to you? Yes I need to know said Steve.
Sherri began: I spilt my milk one Thursday night when mom was working. Dad decided to spank me. I was in my nightgown with only my panties on. Dad took me to my room and pulled my panties down and started to spank my bare ass. Over and over he spanked, I became excited and came, then pissed all over him. Much to my amazement he started feeling my pussy, softly gently caressing my bud, my lips, my asshole. He flipped me over and sucked the piss off my clit, and ate me until I came, then he took down his pants and showed me his cock. He is about as long as you, but very slender. I didn’t know what to do. Daddy said suck it like a Popsicle, so I did. He didn’t cum in my mouth that night, though he got very close. He stopped me from sucking his hard cock, and then applied some Vaseline and fucked me. It hurt so bad at first, then it slowly became good, I came and came as Daddy fucked me, then he shot a big load inside me. I could feel it hit my cunt drenching me with cum. Daddy hit my ass a few more shots and warned me not to tell my mother, then he left me in my room.
We have had sex every Thursday night since then. He has cum in my mouth, my ass and my cunt. Then when I was twelve I got pregnant. I hadn’t even had a period yet so it was a surprise to us both. After I was pregnant, he figured the damage was done, so he let my brothers have me while he held me, he had to tie me up that night, I wasn’t eager to have sex with my brothers. They both made me cum in spite of myself, though they were not hung as well as Daddy, and certainly not like you are. I hope this doesn’t’ make you love me any less, I really had no choice. In fact this Thursday Daddy will probably fuck me again, though lately I think he has been porking Angela. Steve I really had no choice, Daddy always beat me and sometimes tied me up and gagged me. And it really isn’t so bad, I always get a good cum out of it. I love sucking my brothers until they release a flood of cum down my throat. Steve, can we go some where so I can suck you off? Steve was dumfounded, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. But he was horny, his large prick was hard. Sherri, followed me to the boys room. He raised his hand and got permission to leave, so did Sherri. They proceeded to the bathroom, Steve checked the boys room empty, then hurried Sherri inside. They proceeded to the stall furthest away from the entrance. Inside the stall, Steve pulled down his Dockers and his underwear and showed his hard on to Sherri. Sherri, started sucking on the end of his knob, slurping spit, she tied her best to deep throat him. She got stuck about ¾ of the way down his large shaft. Up and down she sucked, and licked. Steve thought he was in heaven. Two times other boys entered and pissed, flushed and left unaware of the events going on in the stall. Finally Steve, unable to take Sherry’s delightful ministrations came deep in her mouth. Cum boiled out of his balls into her ruby red lips. She pursed her lips and swallowed several times, God that tasted great. She was so glad to be able to pleasure Steve this way. They snuck out of the bathroom and made it back to study hall.

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