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Curbing A Cuss

Joe and Linda sat beneath a tree,
Linda cussed and ended up across Joe’s knee.
Panties down, a bare behind,
He spanks her hard, “Will you learn this time?”

She kicks and yells and screams galore
He spanks her fast, She yells “Aw dammit please no more!”
His mouth drops open, What was that he just heard?
He shakes his head. Another curse word!

From her bag he pulls out her brush,
She howls in pain as he says ” fine, theres no rush”
He raises it high and brings it down,
Her cries mingled with the spanking sound.

She kicks and cries and shakes her head
He smiles now “boy is your butt red”
“By the time I am done you will be thanking
Me for this hard bare bottomed spanking.

Beside herself with pain she can take no more
Her voice is hoarse, her bottom sore
He doesn’t stop, will it ever end?
Oh he KNOWS she wont EVER cuss again

At last he stops and gives her a hug
She’s sobbing loud, She feels his love
“Now no more cussing ” he says as he sits her up
“I won’t” she cries, but she thinks “yeah right you fuck” :)

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