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coming back


It was Saturday, I was at home reading, the phone rang, I watched the number on the screen, how could I forget that number, it was her, I had thought lot of times if it happened I wouldn’t answer it but I answered it. Hello. Hello how are you? Fine Susana, and you? Good, I’d like to meet you. For a few seconds I was on silent. Are you there yet? Yes. I have important things to tell you. Ok I wait for you here. Bye. Bye. Lot of thoughts were in my mind, I remembered all the time she was my girlfriend, I also remembered when she left me three months ago. Would she want come back again? Would I want it? The door bell rang, I opened the door, It was her, I kissed her on her face, Come in. we sat on the couch and talked about insignificants things, I couldn’t wait anymore. What are you doing here, please? She lights a cigarette. Well, I love you yet, Luis, I made a mistake, I miss you, now I’m sure I want to be all my life with you, I have been with others last three months but I always missed you, I need all I had when you loved me, I know I made you a lot of pain and I deserve a punishment, please punish me and after it forgive me, kiss and hugs me. She started crying. And when are you going to leave me again, Susana? How can I be sure? You can’t, Luis, nobody can, I know I deserve you throw me out but I also know you love me yet, spank me as hard and long as you want and then forgive me and let me show you I love you. I kissed her on her lips. Ok, I’m going to spank you hard and after it I want we forget all and we’ll never talk about it again, ok? Yes. She kissed me. I went to my room and got the wooden paddle, I had spanked her lot of times with it but I thought this paddling could be the most important one in our lives. I came back to the living room and sat on the couch. Over my knees, Susana. I lifted her skirt and took down her panties to her knees, after it I started paddling her as hard as I could, first one on her right cheek, then another on the left, then on the right again…….. After a few minutes she started moving her bottom, trying to escape but I hold her strongly by her waist and I went on, hard, she started crying soundly but I hadn’t mercy, I thought she needed it and me too. After 20 minutes I stopped. Her bottom was too red and had lot of bruises, I dressed her. She sat on my knees crying. I hugged her, she was on my knees crying while I kissed her and hugged her for a long time. I was happy and I was sure she was happy too.

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