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Jerome and Rena: The Beginning

It’s funny how things can just happen. Jerome and I had been dating a while and we told ourselves that we werent going to have sex or do anything. Knowing that neither of us were virgins and oddly enough both had only had sex 2times previoulsy before meeting one another. So we figured hey what the heck we have went without for months ad never did anything. But werent we in for a surprise.

One night after coming back to his apartment from a night of dinner and miniature golfing. We sat down on the couch and started to watch tv. I was shocked and very surprised when he began to rub on my thigh. I had on a mini skirt with little patterns on the trim and a thin green shit with a white jacket over top. I guess he got very aroused from seeing more of my chest that night. Being that I have 38 double I’s . I loved my figure and loved showing it off. I am no skinny minny but for some one of my size I had a great figure. Nice thick thighs and a nice big round ass to go with them and barely any stomach with a nice set of jugs on me. I knew I was attractive for a girl of my size, and he told me himself that I was irresistable to him and that intrigued me and caught my attention.

So while sitting there having him touch my thigh and rubbing the tips of his fingers on my inner thigh , my nipples suddenly got very hard and my twat got very very wet. I hadnt been so aroused in months. We werent looking at each other just talking and watching t.v with his hand on my thigh. And then he leaned over and kissed me, and raised up and looked me in my eyes with this look of just pure sexiness and a look of him saying I want you with out saying anything not a single word but I could read it on his face. He stood up and placed his self in front of my body kissing me and instantly my legs just flew open, wanting him between them. He was kissing me so passionately. I layed myself down on his futon and he so easily layed between my legs, and I didn’t stop him.He began to kiss my stomach and I asked him if he wanted me to take my shirt off, he looked at me and I did. He grabbed my left breast so quickly and took my dark nipple into his mouth, I was so overwhelmed that all of this was happening. I was so happy that I wasn’t on my period. He begin to work his manhood through my underwear, I could feel his big bugle and I could feel it rubbing my my clit, and then it began to go in and out of me through my underwear, this made me want it even more.

He lifted up and went down between my legs and placed his warm tongue down on my clit and began to lick softly and then sucking hard . I could feel myself almost cumming. I couldn’t wait to cum, it had been months since I had a orgam. He reached up flicking my nipples between his thumb and pointer finger, and I began to shake and squirm he put his hands on my hips so I wouldn’t move and I came in his mouth and he lapped up all my juices into his mouth.

He sat up and I leaned over and put the tip of his dick into my mouth, I could feel him throbbing as I began to suck harder and faster,I could hear him under his breath saying oh God oh God, I continued waiting for that mountain rush of white cream to over flow into my waiting mouth onto my tongue. He grabbed the back of my head wanting me to deep throat him. I pushed my mouth down as far as it would go onto his shaft, I could feel the tip hit that back of my throat, I held back my gag reflex and continued to suck him while his dick was in my neck. I could feel him get tight and he came into my mouth, I could feel his juices go down my stomach. And it felt soo good. He pulled out of my mouth and bent me over and stuck his 10 inch dick into my pussy. Oh this was what I had wanted and I was finally getting it. He thrust his self inside of me over and over again. He whispered to me “do you want me to cum inside of you, I really want to fill you up” so I said yes wanting to feel him fill me up. I told him to spank me, spank me hard, spanking made me extremely wet. He slapped my ass 5 times and he thrust about 10 more times and pulled my hips into him spanking me more and more, I was moaning and screaming so loudly and held me there and came inside of me, oh the feeling was sooo amazing I never had this before, and I was happy , I came with him and my pussy juices mixed with his juices and began to overflow outside of my glory hole, and I was in heaven at that moment. Both in sweat and in heat , he layed on my back still inside of me while I was bent over. Whispering to me I Love You Rena. He then layed by my side and held me falling asleep.

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