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Lesson Learned

Sarah was an 18 year old high school student whose only experience with sex was masterbation. She had dreams and fantasies about wild,kinky sex, but was always taught to wait til marriage. Her curiosity increased almost on a daily basis.
Her high school had incorporated a “sex education” class for high schoolers. It was her classes time to begin the class and she was unsure what to expect. To her surprise, there was two teachers. One male (Mr. John) and one female (Miss Dawn). From the very beginning, John and Dawn made it clear that there was to be no horsing around as this is a serious subject.
As the class went on, Sarah’s classmates began asking questions that she never thought she would here in her school. There were questions about condoms, positions, and masterbation (which she was sure John and Dawn could tell was Sarah’s only sexual experience). Suddenly she noticed that John’s pants began to look very full in the front. She couldn’t help looking at it. She could tell that John knew she was looking at it and it seemed to keep growing. It seemed as though no one else noticed.
The bell rung and all the kids jumped up and ran out the door (as this was the last class of the day). As Sarah stood up, John said,” Sarah, can we see you and Alex for a few minutes?” Alex was an 18 year old male in her class.
Everyone had cleared the room except Sarah, Alex, John and Dawn. They walked over to the teachers and Dawn said, “We would like to see you in our office.” (which was in the back of the classroom). They all walked in and Sarah and Alex were told to have a seat (on a large couch that sat in the corner). John said, “I know you two noticed that my cock got really hard during some of the questions that were being asked. Each time I saw you two looking at it, it seemed to get harder.” Sarah’s face must have been four shades of red, but Alex seemed very calm. Dawn said,” We thought you two would benefit from a different kind of movie that we are permitted to show in class.” She walked over to an entertainment center and opened two doors that hid a TV and VCR. She turned the TV and VCR on and popped a movie in. Right away, Sarah and Alex knew it was an x-rated movie. They watched as groups of people were licking, sucking, and fucking. Sarah noticed John rubbing his cock through his pants and Dawn reaching up her skirt and rubbing her clit. Suddenly, John walked over to the TV and turned it off. He said, “Now you two would benefit from a little real experience with sex.” Dawn pulled her skirt and panties off and then took her blouse off exposing her firm, soft breasts. She walked over to Alex and took his hand and put it on her breasts. Alex stood up and began sucking her hard nipples. John walked over to Sarah and began rubbing her pussy through her skirt. He pulled his pants and underware down and off. He pushed her head to towards his hard, throbbing cock. She looked up at him and said, “I’ve never done any of this before.” He said, “I know, that is why you need this experience.” She put her mouth on his cock and began sucking it. She noticed his breathing increasing and began sucking faster. Her excitement was building and she was anxious for what could be in store for her.
Alex had gond down and began licking Dawn’s clit. Sarah looked over at them while she sucked John’s cock harder. Soon, John pulled his cock out of her mouth and pointed towards Dawn’s hot and wet pussy. Sarah said,”You want me to lick her?” John said, “Yes, it is ok” Dawn pointed Alex in John’s direction and before he knew it, he had John’s hard cock deep in his mouth. Sarah began licking lightly at first, but as her own excitement grew, she began licking harder and faster. After about 10 minutes of this, Dawn walked over to the couch and told Alex to come to her. He sat down on the couch and Dawn sat on his hard cock. Sarah watched as she slid all the way down on it. John sat in his chair and told Sarah to come to him. She did and slowly sat down on his cock. He caressed her breasts as she rode his hard, throbbing cock. She leaned forward and he put her nipple in his mouth and began sucking and licking it. Sarah rode him faster. She wanted to cum all over his cock so bad. Dawn was bouncing on Alex so quickly and hard he was about to explode. Dawn was close to cumming too. She wanted to cum all over his cock. Dawn bounced harder and soon they both let loose their cum with load moans and sighs. John sucked harder on Sarah’s nipples and she rode him harder. John exploded deep in her pussy and feeling his cock explode in her made her cum feriously. Dawn got off Alex’s cock and went over and sucked Sarah and John’s cum off his cock. Sarah walked over to Alex and sucked Dawn and Alex’s cum off his cock.
John put his pants on and asked both students, “Now have you two learned anything by this private lesson?” Both shook their heads yes and got their clothes on. Dawn said, ” Come back tomorrow, if you want, for your second lesson”. Sarah and Alex could only imagine what that lesson would be and looked forward to the next sex education class.

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