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Gayboy Gets sued

My “behavior problems” got taken taken care of BIG TIME this weekend. My 49 year old fanny is STILL in absolute flames after a blazing session with Uncle Matt (my married “dad”) yesterday afternoon.

He had me over to his place while his wife’s out of town to meet a new friend of his, Bill, a co-worker who is also into spanking, though, until yesterday, he had only spanked girls. They’d discovered their “mutual interest” some time back, and Matt has been talking about getting me over his knee with Bill present for a while now.

Bill himself is a nice, professional blond guy (separated) in his 30s–native Detroiter (Polish) with some boyhood and teenage experiences with his dad’s hand and belt. Good-looking, tallish, a little hefty (though I like MEN WHO SPANK! that way–they don’t have a problem keeping me over their knees!). He’d spanked a number of his girlfriends and occasionally his ex-wite, though she didn’t like it much, apparently. He finds it a big turn-on, however, and, according to Matt, when the subject of spanking a boy’s bottom came up, said he’d always wanted to try that.

Anyhow, Matt told me to wear jockeys, sweatpants, a t-shirt, tube socks, and my workboots and report about 1:00. I came in, we had the requisite introductions, Matt fixed us all a drink. To set the mood, a few minutes after I finished my Canadian Club, he got up and came over to where I was sitting on the sofa, and said, “Well, young man, I think it’s time we got this show on the road!’

He then unceremoniously took me by the ear, pulled me up off the sofa, and dragged me over to the corner of the living room, where he began to dress me down loudly for so “immature” and acting like such a “brat.” About halfway through the lecture, he yanked down my sweats and drawers and left me standing there with my nose to the wall and my naked rump hanging out for all the world to see as he continued yelling at me, occasionally giving my fanny a good, hard swat for punctuation.

He then went back and sat down and talked to Bill about how much he was going to enjoy his first time disciplining and using a “bad boy,” and how I deserved “a real, old-fashioned BLISTERING” from both of them .

After ten minutes or so, Matt came over and pulled me by the arm to one of the dining chairs he had put in the middle of the room. He made me step out of my pants and underpants, picked up the hairbrush, and turned me over his knee. Then, with Bill grinning like a Chesire Cat and with a ringside seat on the Lazy-Boy, Matt proceeded to whale the TAR out of my bare bottom. He can really light a fire in a boy’s backside, and I was kicking and bouncing all over the place long before he was done. After spanking me for ten years, Matt really knows how to make a very sorry little boy out of me in nothing flat!

Matt then made me get up. He told Bill to cop a feel of my hot behind, then ordered me to kneel in front of Bill with my fanny stuck up and lick his shoes, polishing them with my tongue, face as my pink fanny swayed back and forth as I went about my “chore.”

Then Matt told me to go get the cedar paddle (one of those ones you see in novelty shops that say “For the Sweet Little Deer/With the Bear Behind” that have a picture of a fawn and a bear cub on them), go back to Bill, and ASK him–POLITELY–“to give me a good, hard spanking on my bare bottom for being such a brat.”

Bill thought that was pretty funny, believe me, but that didn’t stop him from yanking me over his lap and smacking my rear with the paddle. It hurt, but Matt kept saying–“Do it harder! That’s a boy’s butt. He won’t break!” Bill started to pick up the pace and the power of the smacks. I was wiggling my fanny plenty, but Matt still wasn’t satisfied. He took me back over his knee in that kind of “diagonal” position I suspect you’re familiar with, which lets him spread my legs with his own to get down into my crack and asshole. And then, he spanked me, and he just kept spanking with that paddle till he got me to break down and start to cry. The way he blisters my behind, it didn’t take all that long! And, of course, he wasn’t about to STOP just because I was blubbering like a 5 year old. He had me doing that old FRANTIC lapdance badboys know all too well, pleading and bellering and bawling. With no pants or underpants, my legs were flying every which way. Bill just stood there, smiling, at the sight of me behaving like some snot-nosed kid getting his fanny whaled by his daddy. He told Matt it looked like I was trying to “swim” off his lap I was bucking and flailing around so much.

After he got me bawling the way he likes, Matt let Bill take over again, with the hairbrush this time. Bill was obviously a quick study, and he had no trouble at all keeping me howling for I don’t know how long. My boots were windmilling in the air and my poor fanny was ON FIRE! Matt just kicked back on the sofa, took out his cock, and stroked himself as he enjoyed the show, and, as I squirmed around, I could feel a MAJOR hardon blooming there under Bill’s pants.

When Matt was satisfied I’d REALLY been put in my place, he came over and pulled me off Bill’s lap, yanked off my t-shirt, and said to Bill, “Now we can have some real fun with this crybaby.” He hauled me off to the kitchen with Bill following. Matt filled up the sink, then got a sponge and wetted up my blazing backside with warm water. I knew what was coming. He’d carved out a “soap stick” about the size of your index finger, which was sitting there on the counter. After he got my rear end slicked up, he bent me over there in front of Bill, opened my cheeks with one hand, and used the other to shoved it right up my rectum.

Then, it was time to suds up the other end. Matt held my nose till my mouth popped open, then proceeded to wash my mouth out with a cake of Zest, using both the bar and his hand. I was dancing around at the end of his arm but good. Then he pushed my face down in the sink and made me rinse, then repeated the procedure, then did it a third time. Meanwhile, of course, the soap was melting up inside me, so my rear end was burning like a sonvabitch both outside AND inside!

When he decided Bill had seen a good demonstration of mouth-soaping technique, he told him to bring a chair in from the dining room, along with the hairbrush. Then, he jammed the Zest in my mouth and took me over his knee again, and set about giving me a TOTAL blistering! He loves to use the hairbrush on my bottom, and he knows how to send me into absolute orbit. To make matters worse, I had to keep trying to keep my buns clenched because of that stick up there that made it feel like I was going to shit any second. My face, neck, and chest were COVERED with tears and sweat and drool and snot and soapsuds, and I couldn’t help but grind my teeth ever deeper into the bar of soap while I was getting spanked.

Watching all this, Bill was in absolute stitches, laughing his ass off as I got punished like some smart-aleck kid. He kept saying things like “Spank him harder!” and “Get him right on his asshole” and “Teach him a good lesson, Matt.” I would scissor-kick, which spread my fanny wide so Bill was getting a clear shot right up my puckerhole, but then I’d have to clamp my legs shut to keep control of my bowels, so there were times I was literally kicking with my legs locked together!

When Matt finally let me up, I literally DANCED around the room in nothing but my boots and socks, prick and balls jiggling up and down, my hands rubbing and clawing at my swollen rear end, the soap still in my mouth, lather all over me, crying, my insides churning from the melting Zest. Bill was still busting a gut, as you can imagine he would at somebody almost 50 making such a total fool of himself. Matt told me to go get cleaned up and then meet them in the guest room.

It took a while for me to get it all together. I had to sit on the can, of course, and jumped in the shower to get all the crap off of me. When I finally got to the guest room, the both of them were naked, and they BOTH had MAJOR boners. Matt told Bill to get on the bed, and then ordered me to “get your cute little bottom over there and suck my friend’s dick.” I crawled up on the mattress and it wasn’t long before my head was bobbing up and down on Bill’s meat. He had a real slab of Polish sausage there between his legs, and, of course, as my mouth got sloppy, the taste of the soap trapped between me teeth and so on started to coat the inside of my mouth.

Matt then asked Bill: “Anybody ever lick your asshole?”

Bill said no, so, as you can guess, Matt told him to roll back and ordered me to clean his crack. I toilet-papered his sweaty ass for a while, which was pretty furry for a blond guy’s, and then Matt had me lie on my back so Bill could straddle me and sit his whole ass on my face. He pulled my legs up so they could play with my sore little puckerhole as I kissed and nuzzled Bill’s asshole. It was really tight, as you’d expect, but I did manage to get my tongue part way up him. I have to admit, the funky smell of a real man’s butt drives me absolutely nuts, and I had an aching woodie as Bill bucked up and down on my lips and Matt diddled my boypussy with his fingers.

Finally, Matt said, “He needs to be fucked.” Bill said, “Okay,” and Matt said, “You wanna do it?”

He said sure, so Matt said to me, “Okay, gayboy, get some spit on your pussy.” Though Bill had gotten some blowjobs from guys in high school and in the service, he had never rammed his poker up a bulltwat before, but he was obviously hot to try it out. Matt had me get in the old fraternity position with my face to the mattress and my rear end in the air. He gave Bill a rubber, and “daddy’s buddy” rammed his poker right up my rear to the hilt. He was pretty good sized, and if felt for a minute like his cock was going to come out my mouth! I could feel his pubes scratching against my sore fanny with every thrust as he got his pumping action going, and, because my rectum was really sensitive from the soap, it was a real experience in pain/pleasure. I was squirming around plenty, and gave old Bill quite a ride. And I’ll give him credit, he KNEW how to fuck. He must’ve left a lot of happy ladies behind him!

After watching his buddy fuck me for a while, Matt came around and put me work sucking his cock, so I was getting porked from both ends. In the mirrors on the closet door, I could see myself looking like a TOTAL pussyboy–my face getting plowed by one dick while another one slammed again and again up my red little well-spanked bottom, and me with a big boner showing I was loving every minute of it!

Matt pulled out of my mouth and shot his load on the nape of my neck and my back, and that sight brought Bill off up my hole.

After we rested for a while, Matt went to the living room and brought back one of my dildos. Then he told me to “put on a show” for Bill, so I eased the dong up my rear end (still really sore from the spanking AND from the reaming out I had just gotten) and then screwed myself with it while I beat off . Bill lay on the bed, just kind of stroking himself and telling me to “fuck that hot pussyhole” as he watched me get hotter and hotter there with my spanked bottom and that big stick up my boycunt. He said he hadn’t seen another guy pull off since he was in the Army and he and a buddy of his shared a whore.

I must’ve shot a gallon when I finally came. Then, Bill went to shower up, and Matt told me how he had enjoyed watching his “virgin” co-worker spank me and get his first taste of boyhole. Bill came back and started to get dressed, and Matt went to clean up. Bill was a little shy about things at first, but he finally said this was one of the hottest things he had ever done in his life, and how he had loved spanking me and even more, watching Matt spank me I was still nude, of course, standing there like a dork in my boots with my rosy rumpus reflected in the mirror. Bill started to get really into talking after he got his clothes on: “You looked like a total spastic over his lap!” he laughed. “I’ve never heard a girl cry like that.” “It turns you on to get humiliated like that, huh?” “Did it feel good when I fucked you?” “Boy, you really loved how my asshole smelled, didn’t you? I could tell. It must’ve been pretty rank! I didn’t even shower this morning.” “You should wash your mouth out with soap again after all that dick and wiping my asshole!” “I’ve never heard a guy beg like you did when you were getting spanked. It was pathetic.” The more time that passed, the more he seemed to get into saying embarrassing things about what had gone on, though, I have to admit, I found that kind of a turn on. He also allowed that that fucking my hole was a real eyeopener, how he had always wanted to try it out and how girls didn’t like it and how it was different than fucking a pussy, and, finally, how he had really enjoyed it.

When Matt came back, it was my turn in the john. As I bet you can guess, halfway through my shower, Bill came in, hairbrush in hand, pulled my wet behind out of the shower, sat on the can, took me over his knee, and gave me ANOTHER spanking while Matt watched. I thought my rear end must be smoking, and it wasn’t long before I was howling again. My bottom was wet, which always makes a spanking hurt more, and, on top of that, it had been long enough since the last blistering that I was getting some of that sensitivity back back there. When Bill was satisfied he had turned me into a crying mess again, he stood me up, opened his fly, and I had to suck him off. As you can imagine, that took a while, but he finally shot, so I had a new load of sperm to wash off when I finally got back in the shower.

The whole thing took more than 3 hours. I hung around a little while after–naked, of course, kind of turned on by being completely nude in the company of two, fully dressed straight guys who had just spanked me till I cried and then fucked me from both ends. Then, I was finally on my way. In the car, I felt totally disciplined, humiliated, dominated, and abused by two hot studs who had used me as their complete spankboy/slutpussy. I could barely sit, my bottom was so sore. AND, of course, the mere contact of my well-blistered behind with the carseat gave me another roaring woodie.

So, I’ve got a new memory to keep my pecker hard on a cold winter night! I must admit, it is really a turn-on to think I was the first person to eat out Bill’s ass, his first boyhole, and, of course, the first guy he ever spanked. Too, though it’s not politically correct, I know, there’s something particularly hot about being spanked, humiliated, and used by a couple of straight guys, or guys, at least, who think of themselves as straight. Getting my blistered bottom rammed by some married (well, separated) stud’s pussyplow gives me a boner just thinking about it.

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