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Naughty Nanny

Masey had been working as a nanny for 6 months. She’d decided it was the best way to combine traveling with saving money and seeing different parts of the world. She’d worked for one family in Australia for 5 months in Sydney, before deciding it was time to move on and see more of the country.

The family she worked for were very nice. The father was a lawyer and worked very long hours so Masey didn’t see much of him. The kids were fine, did as they were told and the mother was quite laid back so as it turned out things were rather nice.

In her 5th month in the job, the family decided to go away on holiday for 2 weeks. Masey was delighted. She’d get the whole house to herself, have hardly any work to do and get paid for it. What a result. After a long weekend packing, sorting out the kids clothes and generally running around, Masey waved the family off with a big smile, safe in the knowledge she was about to have a very nice time for the next two weeks.

Masey spent the next week lazing around by the pool, shopping, hanging out with her friends and having a great time. On Sunday evening she had planned to go to a friends party, but realise that if she wanted to go off traveling she should really try and save some money. She decided to stay in with a video instead of going out.

After a nice pizza and a bottle of beer, Masey was getting a bit bored. She really fancied another drink but didn’t want to go out to the shop on her own so late at night. She then had a great idea, the wine cellar. After a good look around the copious bottles of wine down there, Masey chose a bottle of red that was in a big stack of bottles in the corner. They’ll hardly miss this she thought.

She cracked it open in the kitchen, poured herself out a bag of peanuts and half an hour later was dancing in the living room to her favorite Kylie album. It was probably a combination of the loud CD and the effects of the wine that made her miss any noise that might have been made as John (her employer) came in. in mid dance she literally bumped into him standing in the doorway.

‘Hey’ she said, giggling. He seemed quite amused to see her in mid dance, but seemed to loose some of his humor when he saw what she was drinking. Masey was about to find out she had chosen a vintage bottle of wine, costing around $60 dollars.

‘Do you know how much that costs Masey?’ asked John with a small smile. Unfortunately Masey found this very amusing. ‘Not really mate’ she answered’ and tried to get John to join in with her new dance routine.

John was actually rather amused by Masey’s actions, and being a lawyer and rather well off wasn’t overly concerned by the cost of the wine. He did however have some concerns about this apparent lack of respect for his authority. ‘You know, if you were my daughter, I’d spank your bottom for this sort of behavior’ he told Masey.

Being a little worse for wear, and feeling rather risqué, Masey answered ‘maybe you should then.’ John didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Before she knew it, Masey was staring at the floor and had John’s arms firmly across her back. She half heartedly wriggled as he pulled up her skirt, but tried to wriggle a little more forcefully as she felt her panties being pulled down.

SPANK, SPANK… SPANK…OWWW….GET OFF ME!!! SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SMACK…SMACK. all of a sudden, Masey felt the effects of the wine disappear and she realized she was in a bit of a predicament. SPANK….SPANK…SPANK…SMACK…SMACK…SMACK…SMACK…SPANK…SPANK…. hard smacks rained down on her bare bottom, over and over again.

‘Oh Masey. you have been very bad’ laughed John. He was very much enjoying spanking this little round bottom. Masey wriggled and squirmed, but John had the feeling not quite as much as she could. her bottom was turning a nice shade of pink. he stopped for a second or two ‘what a naughty nanny you are’ SPANK…SPANK…SMACK…SPANK…SPANK…..SPANK…OW PLEASE JOHN, IT HURTS….SPANK…SPANK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SPANK,SPANK…SPANK.

At first Masey cried and shouted loudly, but as her bottom got redder, the cried got softer until he was laying heaving over his knee and sobbing. ‘Masey, I’d really like to stop, but I’m not sure you have learnt your lesson’ teased John. Masey didn’t reply. SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK..SMACK…SMACK… ‘ what do you think I should do Masey?’ SPANK, SPANK, SPANK SPANK, SMACK, SMACK.

Masey’s bottom was a bright crimson red now. he could hear small gasps and sobs coming from her. ‘let me tell you what’ said John. if you agree that I should spank you for a little longer then we will say no more about it tomorrow. if not, I may be forced to repeat this lesson again. what do you say young lady?’

Masey muttered something. SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK..SMACK. ‘I can’t hear you Masey’

‘I said please finish this tonight’ sobbed Masey. John noticed she didn’t make any attempt to get up or stop the punishment. he gripped her tightly around her waist. ‘very well Masey, but you will have a very sore bottom’ John lifted his right knee slightly so that Masey’s bottom was further in the air, and then proceeded to spank her very hard but very slowly.

SMAAACK….SPAAAANNNK….SPANK….SMAAAACCCKKK….SPANK…..SPANK….SPPPAAANNNK….SPANK….SPANK….SPANK…SPANK….SPANK…SPANK. John could feel Masey tense with each spank and sob loudly. SPANK…SPANK…SPANK……SPANK…SPANK. it was quite hard to hold Masey tightly as she was so hot and sweaty, but John noted she was very good. she stayed in placed and although she cried and kicked a little took her spanking well. when he was satisfied her bottom was red all over. John stopped.

‘well, I hope we’ve established some rules again Masey. I’m going to be at home all week with you before the rest of the family get home and I think we may have to have another little session before then. John helped Masey back onto her feet and sent her up to bed.

10 minutes later he was walking to his room when he noticed her door ajar. he glanced in and saw Masey laying on her bed, legs wide playing with herself. she had her eyes shut and he could see her wet pussy . he crept in so quietly that she didn’t even hear him. Masey was moaning softly as she stroked her pussy and gasped when she felt John grab her legs. she tried to jump up but he had her firmly in place and buried his head between her legs. Masey groaned loudly as John slid two fingers into her wet pussy and began licking her clit. he licked slowly the fast and Masey though she would explode. he slid his fingers in and out of her pussy. ‘Masey, I’m going to have to spank you again tomorrow’ he exclaimed as he felt her pussy contact over and over again and watched her jerk as she came.

This could be the start of a very interesting working relationship, he thought.

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