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Sister Ida Slapped His Face

Where I attended high school, there was a nun who slapped boys’ faces and made them red in front of the class. It gave me an awesome rush of sexual excitement to watch Sister Ida slap a cute boy’s face and make it red in front of his classmates, embarrass him, and make him remain in the classroom after his face got slapped, so his classmates could stare at his red mark. Most of the boys she chose as her victims were cute, with handsome complexion, smooth skin and soft cheeks that had not yet had a need for a shaving razor.

Did Sister Ida have a “nun’s hard-on” for boys?

Did she secretly want to “make it” with a few of them — see them naked, see their butts . . . touch and squeeze their butts, or even spank them? I wonder. I think maybe she did. But she could not do that, so she slapped their faces instead. I think, particularly, she thought Tommy Martinez’s freckle-face was sexy (I can understand that . . . so did I!), and she wanted to touch his freckles. The only way she could do it, really, was to slap his face and include some of his freckles in her slaps.

In my class, Sister slapped the faces of eight boys. Two of them — James Clark and Tommy Martinez — sat close enough to me, so that I could observe their red slap marks and witness their embarrassment up close. I would like to write about James and Tommy.

James was a hot, slender blond boy with a smooth face, no freckles, and “spiky” rock star-type hair. One day, shortly after the beginning of the school year in freshman year, just as biology class was beginning, James cut a wicked fart and was calling attention to it at his desk . . . with all of the typical body language associated with a moment like that. “James Clark, come up here to me right now,” Sister Ida demanded. She was seated at her desk, and he arrived, standing next to her chair where she was seated. She reached up with her left hand and slapped his face with a hard slap that made a loud popping sound and left a solid red mark. “Go back to your place and stop your nonsense,” she ordered him. James turned around, staring upwards toward the ceiling, and scurried back to his desk. The silent class followed him with their eyes as he sat down at his desk, where he sat directly across the aisle from me . . . and I had a perfect view of the cheek that she had slapped. James’ right cheek was covered with an incredible red mark. I watched him stare into space, with big, bulging eyes, and you could see his chest pounding. After a few seconds, he touched the cheek that she had slapped, and he began to rub it . . . no doubt, it was hot and tingling, and his rubbing left a couple of white finger marks on top of the red slap mark. Sexy! I paid no attention to Sister Ida’s biology lecture that day, and neither did several other kids (boys & girls). All I could do was stare at his slapped face and the sexy red mark. He was really embarrassed, and the red mark was still there at the end of biology . . . 40 minutes later.

James received frequent reminders and teasing from a lot of kids, throughout all four years of our high school years together.

Although I sometimes felt sorry for him, I did greatly enjoy watching Sister Ida slap Tommy Martinez’s hot freckle-face with numerous hard slaps on three different occasions, making his face so red, you had to be there to believe it. Tommy Martinez’s face was perfectly smooth and had a gorgeous splash of sexy freckles, and she slapped his face, I am sure, because she was horny. Deep down, I know this, because although he was kind of a mischievous boy, he was not so bad as to really deserve all of her slaps . . . probably 35 or 40 slaps, total, 12 to 15 slaps each episode. I also know it because I sat across the aisle from him on the other side (James Clark on my left, Tommy Martinez on my right), and I heard her (so did several other students) whisper the word “Freckles!” just before she slapped his face the first time.

Please believe me . . . this really happened! Tommy, no doubt, heard her say the word, too, and he had to know what was about to happen to him.

She did it by standing over him at his desk, holding up his chin with her left-hand fingers, and slapping his left cheek with her right hand, three times. Each slap was hard and made a loud popping sound . . . his left cheek had a sizzling red mark when she got through, and some of his freckles were included in her slaps and the red mark.

She had to have had a nun’s hard-on for his freckle-face, don’t you think? Why else would she whisper the word “Freckles!” . . . right before she slapped his face?

Tommy’s face was perfect . . . perfect complexion . . . Mexican and Irish or English nationality combination, I think . . . perfect smoothness, perfect amount of freckles, and perfect slaps by Sister Ida. His face was not covered with freckles . . . a few freckles on his forehead, and over near his eyebrows, and a nice splash of sexy freckles across his nose and about half-way down each cheek. Watching Sister Ida slap the left side of his face the first time, and then both sides the next two times, was a very sexy experience for me. Hearing her loud popping slaps, watching his head shift from side to side as she slapped him, seeing the red marks that resulted. Each of the 3 times she slapped his face, she captured some of his freckles and included them in her slaps. Her slaps also included the lower parts of his cheeks, where he did not have many freckles.

I recall the last time she slapped his face. Tommy wore a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap into class (naughty boy!), and I counted 14 slaps . . . 8 right-handed slaps on his left cheek, and 6 left-handed slaps on his right cheek. She included many of his cute freckles in her slaps. This last time, it happened just before lunch, and I remember Tommy just sitting there in the cafeteria, not eating his lunch, just staring like a dazed zombie, with both sides of his freckle-face still sizzling with hot, red slap marks. At the end of the day, at our lockers, I had an angle to see his left cheek, and it still had traces of red on it.

All three of Tommy Martinez’s experiences in getting his freckle-face slapped by Sister Ida happened in freshman year. He did not return to my high school the next year . . . I wonder why!

One of my fantasies is to have been standing naked in the classroom that day, and Tommy Martinez’s follow-up punishment was to go directly to me, kneel down, and suck my cock right there in the classroom, in full view of everyone, right after his freckle-face got slapped. Both sides of his face covered with hot red marks . . . at the height of his embarrassment . . . and he comes to me and sucks my huge, wet cock. It would be Tommy’s “first time,” and he would turn out to be a sensational cocksucker. I would touch his freckles gently, feeling their warmth and the hot, tingling red slap marks. Then I would firmly hold his head as I pumped his sweet mouth full of my warm, slimy, huge glob of cum. I would groan at the top of my lungs with sexual pleasure, while Sister Ida & the rest of the class watched approvingly. Tommy Martinez would look up at me with his drop-dead brown eyes, lick his lips clean, and swallow my huge load of slimy, delicious cum. A little bit of my cum would end up on one of his slapped cheeks, and he would rub it, touch some of his own freckles, and feel the hot red slap mark . . . then take my cum which shot there during ejaculation, wipe it with his hand, eat it, and swallow it so you could see his Adam’s apple while he did it. Then, he would go back to his seat and suffer more stares and embarrassment.

Sister Ida and the class would applaud at the end of the performance.

I sometimes wish that freckles were edible. And if they were, Tommy Martinez’s would have tasted delicious. Say, if I could have lifted the slapped freckles off his face that day, put them in my mouth, and eaten them. In my mouth, they would have tasted hot & spicy. Another fantasy would be to combine Tommy Martinez’s hot, spicy slapped freckles with a load of delicious cum, and eat it all together.


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