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spanking party

It had been two years leaving with a boy, my sexual life was complete. He was a boy five years greather than i and that towards feeling to me very young next to him, for that reason it gave the reason him in many things although not outside my complete affability.
In many occasions my asked to seen to me to be with another pair, to do sex changing of boy. I answered to him that nonwise, who not proven and that nontapeworn one opinnion. but it was not certain i not to do it but he gave pain me to clear ilussion to him.
Late in the car it said to me that it traveled to know new friends. When lowered of the car, to the entrance of the house, i specify that it was a marriage to spend the ninght together. It did not give time me to protest since in the door, to about five meters of my, a man hoped to us and he gave shame me that could listen to me.
“Hello Peter, i present to my fiancee Anna”. Il gave two kisses me in the face and it said to me “that handsome you are!”.
– “I have a problem John, my wife cannot come at the moment, that if you want we left for another one day”.
My fiance i answer that not, “the celebration with the three, when your wife arrives that she is added”.
Peter was of about 45 years, much greater of my 22. Hard. The face was put red when step its arm by my waist and said “we go to the elevator”.
In the elevator i was shut up, John and Peter was to my back speaking……”this very good”, “or sides that either do”, “a wonderful ass in that dress is guassed”, “has or sides”. I while it thought like saying that no, the legs shook to me, was ashamed.
When finally we arrived, nothing but to enter, my fiance said “see Anna to me that we are going to make sex with you”. I said short watching to the ground with the red face “not, please”.
– “Anna, this have spoken it much, is hour to practice, a good girl or Peter punished to you in the ass”.
– “he is not able”.
-“of course taht if, Peter said, if you fiance gives to permission”
– “ok”, said John while he pushed to me towards Peter.
I take the hands and i take until a chair, i spoke “not, in the ass not, please”, “you do not punish to me in the ass, please, i am not a small girl”, but my words cheered to the boys.
– “John, brings a rule that there is in that table”, said Peter and he put to me on its knees.
– “that embarrassment” i said while it noticed its hands in my ass.
– “that does?. It raises the skirt John to me, is going to see the ass to me, Peter”, and Peter begins to punish to me with his hand, fort, slowly,one, another one…
– “down pantys” said to John giving the rule to Peter.
– “To the bad girls the red ass it put to them”, it said to Peter lowering pantys.
– “not, that shame!, please not” i said with the naked ass.
Now it punished with rule. One, two, three… every time but fast “it sounds, are going to us to listen to the neighbors!”. But the punishment did not stop, but now but hard, fast.
I wanted to rise but Peter was strong, my ass began to hurt much, “please”, i said while to bite to me the fingers. It takes to a hand on my ass, “of that anything retained me, the red ass like a tomato”
– “it cannot but, it is enough, stop please” i said crying.
– “Perfect” it listen to say and for my surprise camara of video was the wife of Peter.
– “thanks to come John, i have recorded everything, he has been fantastic, he has been very natural”.
When coming out in the elevator John it said to me that partyof spanking, was one but that me i did not say it before from fear of that it did not want to go.
That night takes a lesson at the cost of not bein able to me to seat in two days.
To John it i have not retuned to see from that day.

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