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The Final School Spanking

Toni and Jade, her best friend, had sneaked off from games. it was tennis this week and neither of them could be bothered to spend the afternoon hitting a ball backwards and forwards. they were sitting in a clearing in the woods that surrounded their boarding school, discussing the forthcoming school ball and the boys from the local comp that might be attending.

Toni passed Jade a cigarette and they sat smoking on the grass, Jade with her head on Toni’s thigh. they;d been bst friends for the past few years and were not looking forward to the end of the year when they would finish their A levels and go their seperate ways. Jade was just about to tell Toni about a guy she fancied, Sam, when Toni sprung up. ‘Ow you cow’ exclaimed Jade as she banged her head on the floor. it was then that she saw Ms Jakes standing above her. ‘Would you care to put that cigarette out young lady’ she shouted. the two girls looked at another with the realisation that Ms Jakes was not happy. ‘how dare you sit here smoking. this is not some low class establishment. you are at one of the top schools in the country, and you secide your time is best spent lounging on the floor smoking!!’
She spat as she spoke.

‘I… began Toni but was silenced by Ms Jake’s look. Toni remembered that there was some Tennis tournament in PE today, no wonder they’d been missed.

‘You get yourselves to Mr Thompsons office right now’

The two girls, suitably nervous at the thought of seeing the headmaster hurried away. ‘Oh shit’ said Jade. you do know him and her are having a thing don’t you. whatever she tells him to do, he’ll go along with!’ Toni fell silent. two years ago in the 5th year she’d been in trouble for misbehaving in maths and after a visit to the headmaster had had a sore bottom for days.

The two girls stood in silence outside the headmasters office. they both jumped when the door opened and saw the headteacher and Ms jakes standing there. ‘in you come’ said the head. they stood facing him. Toni stared at the floor.

‘Ms Jakes has told me what has been going on. You have truanted from a lesson, missed an important tennis tournament that took a great deal of organisation. Ms Jakes here was supposed to be having tea with our guest tennis player, but instead had to spend her time finding where two errant young ladies were, and if that were’nt enough she then finds you smoking in the woods’

Toni continued to stare at the floor. she sneaked a look at Jade out of the corvner of her eye, and when the whole ridiculousness of the situation hit her she had to supress a strong urge to giggle. that would be really stupid she thought.

‘I would ask if you have anything to say for yourselves’ continued the head ‘ but quite frankly i have better things to do with my time that to listen to silly explanations. neither of you will be attending the summer ball’

‘But sir ..’ cried Jade ‘That’s really unfair …’

‘Be quiet young lady’ shouted the head. ‘how dare you.!!’

Jade looked angry but decided against arguing. he was such a pig she thought.

‘I may of course be persuaded otherwise if i am informed of exemplatory behaviour between now and then’ he continued. Toni looked up at Jade and smiled. maybe he was going soft in his old age! ‘But that leaves no alternative for punishing you today. you have both behaved like insolent little girls and shown yourselves to be untrustworthy. you will therefore be treated like small girls.’ the head walked over to the two girls, who had both lost their smiles. ‘you will be spanked on your bare bottoms for missing lessons, just like i would do to the first years.the difference being this will be a very long hard spanking that i hope neither of you will forget.

Toni opened her mouth to protest, but shut it quickly after a look from Jade. The head sat down and summoned Jade to him. ‘pants off’ he said ‘ and over my knee’ Toni watched as Jade stepped out of her pants awkwardly. her face was bright red already. she lay across Sir’s knee and he pulled up her skirt revealing her bare bottom. Toni had almost forgotten about Ms Jakes when she spoke. ‘Over here young lady’ she said. Toni looked over and saw her sitting in another chair. ‘oh how embarrasing’ she thought realising she was going to be spanked by her PE teacher. but she figured it would be less painful that the heads spanking. she pulled her pants down and bent over Ms Jakes knee. she was a tall lady and Toni’s feet were off the floor once she was laid over her knee. she felt a small draught on her bottom for a minute or two and the heat of Ms Jakes hand as it rested on her cheek. she heard a loud smack and for a second couldn’t work out why it didn’t hurt, but then she realised that must be Jakes bottom. she didn’t have to wait long for a hard smack to fall on her bottom.

Ms Jakes certainly knew how to spank. SMMAAACK, SLAP, SPAAANK, SPANK, SPANK. tONI STARTED TO WRIGGLE. She could hear Jake’s cries and slaps in the background, but could only focus on her rapidly stinging bottom.


Toni’s bottom was getting very sore, but Ms Jakes wasn’t stopping. hard smacks rained all over her bottom, continuously.SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SMACK…SLAP…..SLAP….SPANK,SPANK,SPANK,SPANK………SPANK….SLAP,SLAP,SLAP…SMACK! after one very hard spank, Toni almost lost balance and fell forward slightly. this left her bottom further in the air and allowed her to be spanked even harder underneath. SPPANNNNK, SMACK, SLAP OWWW…PLEASE…SPANK…SPANK….SPANK…AHHHH..PLEASE STOP…SPANK…..SPANK….SPANK.

Toni felt like her bottom was on fire. she’d stopped crying out and was sobbing now. she could hear loud smacks coming from the other side of the room and the loud cracks as Ms Jakes hand kept spanking her bottom.

SPANK…SPANK….SMACK….SMACK…SPANK…SPANK….SPANK…SPANK…SPANK. Toni sobbed loudly. ‘You will hoepfully remember this spanking next time you feel the need to slip off to smoke in the woods young lady’

SPANK…SMACK…SPANNNK…SLAP…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK,SPANK,SPANK,SPANK….SMACK….SMACK…SMACK…SPANK.Toni gripped the chair legs and tried to think of something else, but she was only awar of her bottom jutting up in the air being spanked harder and harder by miss Jakes. spank…oh please….SPANK…SPANK…SPANK….SPANK…owwww…please it hurts …..SPANK….SPANK…SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SPANK…SPANK everY little bit seemed to be on fire. eventually, the spanking stopped. Miss Jakes had her hand on Toni’s bottom still. ‘i think she has learnt her lesson’ said Ms Jakes to the head teacher. ‘Good, good. now you can stay where you are for a minute and compose yourselves. and think carefully about whay we have had to spank two ladies your age … ‘ the head continued talking about manners, expectations etc but Toni was more aware of Ms Jakes hand. it was still on her bottom but was moving closer to her thigh. toni realised her bottom was facing away from Jade and the head so they couldn’t see what was happeneing. Toni knew she was really wet and had to stop herself from gasping when she felt Ms Jakes finger touch her pussy. it was so soft she wasn;t sure if she had imagined it, but knew she hadn’t as she felt it move up and down on her wet pussy and then find her swollen clit ‘ and i hope we never have to do this again. i really find it quite distasteful that i have to spank a girl of your age …’ toni heard in the background as the head contnued. she felt herself shift slightly to meet the finger that was stroking and probing. spankings always really hurt but they made her really wet too. must be all that heat. Ms Jakes had slid two finders inside Toni’s pussy now and still had one on her clit. Toni had to squeeze her eyes shut and focus on not moaning out load beacuse it felt so good. Ms Jakes fingers moved slowly in and out and round and round and Toni felt that build up inside. she lifted her bottom slightly and felt the fingers slide deeper inside. she knew she was going to come soon and Ms Jakes could onviously sense this as she started moving her fingers faster. toni felt a huge rush of pleasure and her pussy tightened up around Ms Jakes fingers. she jerked and then moaned as she had the most intense orgasm. ‘what was that young lady’ Toni heard. she tried very hard to regain her composue ‘ i said i am truly sorry sir. i have learnt my lesson and will behave in the way one would expect of a sixth former.’ she managed to stutter. ‘very well’ said the head. ms jakes slid her fingers out of Ton’s wet pussy and gave her a little pat on her bottom. right up you get young lady and off to lunch.

Toni picked her pants up off the floor, waited for Jade and gave Ms Jakes a shy smile before leaving. Jade’s face was red ‘Blimely, my bottom kills. he doesn’t half spank hard. you got the best deal there’ she exclaimed. ‘I think i probably did’ said Toni. ‘come on, lets go get some lunch.’

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