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The Party

“You can huff all you like, young lady, but you’re not going to that party. Not on a school night.”
I hated the way Dad peered over the top of his glasses at me. I pulled faces at him, when his nose was back in the paper, but he always seemed to know.
“And you can stop pulling those faces too”, he moaned on.
In the past if I’d niggled and annoyed him so much, he eventually gave into me, just for a bit of peace and quiet. I always got my own way in the end. I smiled to myself. It always worked before, it’ll work again, I thought. I set about putting my master plan into action.

I rose from the couch and snatched the TV remote control from Dad’s chair. I sat back down, switched on the tv and began to continually switch channels. Dad’s paper rustled. It’s working already, I thought to myself. I turned up the volume.
“Turn that down!!!” Dad snapped
“I can’t hear it!!” I yelled back
“That’s it !!!!!” Dad retorted
With that he put down his paper, marched over to me, grabbed the remote control and switched off the tv. I watched till he relaxed back into his chair with the paper, then I put the next part of my plan into action. Party here I come, I thought.

I strolled over to the hi-fi, slipped in one of my CD’s that Dad HATED and turned up the volume. Dad’s newspaper was promptly slapped down on the table beside him. He got out of his chair like a raging bull and turned off the hi-fi. I thought then, I was definitely on the way to the party. But no, I was taken by surprise. Dad grabbed me, leaned me over and smacked me half a dozen times.
“You’re just a spoiled little brat!!” he bellowed
“Any more of your nonsense and you won’t sit down for a week!!!!!” he continued

Okay, I had my panties on and a little summer dress. It didn’t hurt a bit. I’d still get to that party. Dad had threatened to give me a spanking a few times before, but he never did. I always knew the right buttons to press to get my own way.

Dad watched me as I sat back on the couch. I waited till he’d poured himself another drink and relaxed back into his chair. It was time for part three of my master plan. I reached over and got my chewing gum, popped a few pieces in my mouth and chewed away. I began to crack the gum, in the same way that always annoyed me when others did it. Crack…..crack…..crack….crack…..crack…..crack….. This’ll do it I mused to myself. Soon it’ll be…..”Just go to the damn party and get out of my sight!!!!! but be in before 11.00pm!!!” Those famous words never came.

Dad got up again like a speeding bullet. I broke into a cold sweat as he thumped a straight backed chair into the middle of the lounge floor. I had a huge lump in my throat as he grabbed my wrist. He dragged me over to the chair. I think I was in shock as he stood there and shouted at me.
“I’ve had just about all I can take of your spoiled, selfish attitude. You, my girl have been asking for this for a long time. I should have done this years ago!!!”
With that, he quicky sat down and pulled me over his knee. One minute I was standing, and the next, I was looking at the carpet. He wasted no time, he flipped up my dress and spanked me hard on the seat of my white panties. The sphe did, pulled me up and just pointed to the lounge door.
“BED!!!!!” was all he said.
I slowly walked off, my bottom stinging and burning like hot coals on a barbecue. I wanted to cry, but I bit my bottom lip. I scurried out of the door and bolted upstairs to my room. I got my night-shirt on and sobbed into my teddy bear, till I calmed myself down. No party for me tonight, I thought, resigning myself to the fact.

I sneaked into the computer room as quietly as I could. It was way too early for bed. I wasn’t tired, and besides, computer games would cheer me up. I was rumbled, however, that stupid annoying squeaky floorboard, gave me away.

Dad came storming up the stairs. This time I think, I’d really made him mad. The same lump returned to my throat, along with the cold sweat. I just froze there, like a rabbit caught in car headlights.
” I was just…………” I began pathetically, but Dad cut in before I had a chance to finish.
” I sent you to bed with a sore bottom and you chose to disobey me. Well this time, young lady, I’m going to teach you a lesson, you won’t be so keen to forget!!!!” he shouted.
“I…………” I started, but Dad charged in again, before I had a chance to say anything in my defence.
“Go straight to your room, pull out your chair and get the hairbrush out for me, I’ll be in shortly” he said angrily. I didn’t argue. It couldn’t get any worse, could it? It could and it did.

I was perched on the edge of the bed, my wooden hairbrush at my side when Dad walked into the room and sat on my dresser chair.
“Get Up!!!!” he stormed
I jumped up and was standing by his side. An air of calmness seemed to sweep over him momentarily.
“Hand me the hairbrush” he said camly.
I tried to stop my hand shaking as I passed him the hairbrush.
“Now, lady, let’s see if a dozen of the brush will improve your behaviour”
The lump in my throat seemed to get bigger. The next thing I felt was my panties being yanked down. I thought, no surly not, he can’t do this, I’m 13 years old. I was wrong again. Before I had time to say anything, Dad hauled me back over his knee, lifted my night shirt and proceeded to give me a dozen with the hairbrush. After about six strokes, I was yelling in pain and started to kick wildly, trying to get up. It was no use. Dad just adjusted me and interlocked my legs with one of his and inflicted the other six strokes. By this time, I was limp and tears trickled down my cheeks. Dad pulled me up again.
” Now, go and stand in that corner for five minutes and think about what’s just happened to you. Leave you panties down and lift your night shirt up” Dad said.
Defeated, I shuffled to the corner, sobbing as I went. I felt as if my backside had been set alight, I could almost hear it burning as I stood there.
“Let that be a lesson to you and learn well from it, my girl” Dad’s voice said from behind.
“Now, pull your panties up and get to bed. I don’t want to hear or see you till tomorrow morning. Is that understood?” he said
“yes” I whimpered.
I pulled up my panties and it stung like crazy. Dad got up, left the room and I
heard him go back down stairs. I lay face down on my bed and cried myself to
sleep into my teddy bear.
Next morning, after breakfast, Dad gave me a hug and told me he was sorry he had
to spank me and that he loved me very much. I wanted to push him away, but
instead, I hugged him tight. After all, there’d be plenty more parties. The main
thing was that Dad and I were friends again.

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