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The Tutor

Sherry had been a model daughter, beautiful beyond words. And sweet as can be. All our friends were envious of our close relationship, we seemed to be like sisters and best friends rather than mother and daughter. We spent endless nights sitting on her bed laughing and exchanging secrets…Until she met Bob… Bob was 4 years older than her and I knew he was trouble from the start… Up until her senior year she had a 3.9 grade average, and was headed for a scholarship to a local university. The summer before her senior year she had met and fell in love with Bob and her grades the first semester dropped a whole point… vbcrlf Lucky for me it didn’t take long for him to show his true colors and Sherry broke it off…However is was going to take some hard work to bring up her grades, she had really fallen behind! I suggested we hire a tutor from the local university to help her bring her grades back up…she agreed that would probably be helpful. vbcrlf I called the university and got 4 names from there list interviewed three of them. One girl, and two were young men, and I have to admit my reasons for my choice. He was 26, and working on his masters program and an absolute hunk… I was sure Sherry would do well with him. vbcrlf He was to see Sherry three days a week for eight weeks and I was sure that would get her back on track. By the end of the second week the three of us had developed quite a comfortable relationship and I could tell Sherry was doing well with the program. vbcrlf On the other hand I was becoming exceedingly more excited about his visits… I kept telling myself to behave this young man was 9 years younger than me and still in school. vbcrlf I had been single for 8 years and had no real prospects of my own and I was not looking to find another mate, my first marriage and ended in a nasty divorce, and I wanted to get Sherry through school before I started a new relationship. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and I noticed he seemed to have more that a casual interest in me. I still looked sexy and could have passed for 25 and I took great pride in my appearance and always dressed just a little bit more sexy when he came around. vbcrlf On the third week of the program, Sherry had a school function that would keep her from making her appointment with him and I had told Sherry I would call him and cancel. It slipped my mind and the night of her absence…when I heard the knock on the door and realized my mistake and I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. I knew he had driven 30 miles to get there and I hated to admit that I had been so absentminded. When I answered the door, I didn’t quite know what to say, My mind was spinning so I made up a story to cover my mistake telling him that my sister had a sick child and Sherry had to help out baby-sitting while she took the other to the hospital. I ask him if he had eaten and offered to pay him for his time… He admitted he was hungry and came in while I prepared us something to eat. While I was in the kitchen I thought I heard him talking to someone so I walked in the room to my surprise there stood Sherry. She had forgotten her overnight bag and stopped home to get it. She was just saying “didn’t Mom call you? She said she would take care of it I had this planned a week ago” ” Why no! I guess it must have slipped her mind!” I just stood there frozen in my spot…knowing by now he knew I had lied to cover the fact that I had forgotten to call him and cancel the session. vbcrlf Sherry grabbed her bag and headed out the door and I stood there feeling like a naughty school girl just caught in a lie. ” Well June ” Steve replied “Just what was that all about?” ” I am sorry…I should have told you the truth. Will you forgive me?” I said with a little pout. “Hummm….I am not sure…maybe you need some tutoring of your own…learning to admit your mistakes and tell the truth. Let me think about it.” vbcrlf I went back into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner. My thoughts were wondering to what he must think of me at this point, I really felt foolish. I call him for dinner and we sat down and ate, talking and laughing about some of the fun times the three of us had, had during the last few weeks, and I was sure he had forgotten all about my lie. After dinner he offered to help clean up and I accepted his offer hoping to keep him for as long as possible…I had not had this much fun in years. vbcrlf I offered him a beer and poured myself and glass of wine and we sat in the kitchen chatting away. There came a lull in the conversation, and he suddenly looked at me and said “Well, June about that lesson.” He had caught me completely off guard and I said ‘what lesson is that?” “Remember…the one about telling the truth and admitting your mistakes? And since you are paying me for tonight I think I should do my job and teach…and I think a sound spanking is in order” I couldn’t believe my ears…surely he must be kidding! “You wouldn’t dare” I replied hoping I was right. Just then I realized I was beginning to feel quite warm…not sure if it was the wine or his threat! “Oh…but you are wrong June that is exactly what I plan to do” The devilish look in his eye told me he was planning to carry out his threat. I jumped to my feet hoping to escape, but he grabbed my arm and I really had no chance…This could not be happening…His grip was like iron and I could feel the warm rush of embarrassment come over me as he pull me over his Knee. “Steve! Don’t you dare, let me go this instant.” I was older than him and I tried to use my mother voice to keep him from administering such a childish punishment, but I could tell it was not going to work. “So June do you have anything to say for yourself before I start?” “NO! I hate you” I replied. “Goodness you are a little snotty…well that will get you ten more whacks!” Just then he started to whack my bottom and I thought this isn’t that bad I can get though this…it really didn’t hurt that much. I cursed myself for wearing that short skirt. Suddenly the whacks got a lot harder and really started to sting. “Ouch! Hey stop it now” I replied. “Oh, so you think a spanking is not supposed to hurt huh…well when I teach my students learn their lessons and I can tell from the tone in your voice you have not learned a thing!” “You need a much firmer hand.” He pulled up my skirt to expose my panty clad behind…which I have to admit was very round and firm and I was glad of that. I started to struggle, really getting scarred now, but it was hopeless…he was very strong and in perfect shape, which was why I had chosen him in the first place. WHAT A BODY! I was wearing red silk panties and they didn’t offer any protection for my now stinging ass. He started to smack my bottom again and I thought the spanking would never end. He must have given me 100 whacks and I begged for him to stop. ” What have you learned?” he asked “I will never lie again!” He gave me a few more whacks and let me go…Asking me if I need any more lessons…I said I would not need another. vbcrlf He left soon after that leaving me with my wet panties and a stinging behind. Every time he showed up I got wet the minute he entered the house…..

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