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"A Date With my Master and The Vibrators"

It was early in the morning while I was sitting at my computer sending out e-mails. When I got a letter from Master. It was tiled like this “Slut be ready for tonight”. I knew from that, that I was in for a great night out with my Sweet, Sexy Master. I read the letter and it made me wet just reading it and knowing He was going to take me out. Master told me to have on my black bra and panties set but do not put on the panties. Also ware the stocking and garter belt that went with it. I want you to put on the little red and black dress that you know drives Me crazy when I see it on You. Now for the shoes at 1:00 p.m this evening you will be getting a package. It will be the shoes I want on you when I get there at 6:30. Do not open that package until it is time to put them on. Do you hear me? Good I knew you would. Now put on just a bit of make up not to much. I want the bright red lipstick. Oh yes one more thing. Make sure you are shaving real good and you know what I mean too. Not just your legs and underarms. I want that pussy of mine shaved hairless do you hear what I am telling you slut. I want you smelling very sexy when I arrive at your place. Send your Master, Mr_Johnny_M. Reading this e-mail made me so hot that I almost cum right there when I saw a p.s at the bottom of the page. It said “do not touch My pussy what so ever . Do you hear me slut?” I knew just what that meant. It meant I would be so dripping wet when Master gets here. I could not finish my e-mails for being so happy knowing what I was about to go though. I done a lot of cleaning up and making my place look great for my Master. It took me until 12:45 to get it done. I had just sit down to rest for a little bit when I hear the doorbell ring. I go to the door and there stands one very good looking guy. He looks at me and ask are you pussycat. I want to die right there but look down and say yes Sir I am. He tells me with the sexiest smile he has. This package is for you then. Enjoy your self . I want to die knowing that Master has set this all up and that guy knew what was going to happen with me tonight. He had the most sexiest brown eyes and black hair that any woman could every ask for. But that was not all he had he had a bonder the size of Texas in his blue jeans. I gave him his tip and let him go without another word. Closing the door behind me. I went into my bedroom and laded out everything Master had told me to wear. I try to take my mine off of what is about to come by doing some reading for the rest of the evening. It is now 5:30 p.m and time for me to get ready. I go into the bathroom and run my bathwater. It is good and hot just the way I love it to be. I add my favorite oils and climb in. I know that the bath will relax me some. I sock it up as much as I can. I then start to wash up. I make sure that I am real clean and shaved all over before I start shaving my pussy. I put the shaving cream all over my pussy and very carefully shave it clean just the way I know Master wants it . I love knowing He wants me shaved like that so He can eat my pussy out oh so good. I then get out and dry off. I go into the bedroom and get dress just as Master has told me. I put on everything but the panties. Not knowing why he would want me to leave them off. I would not even think about asking him why. I then reach over to unwrap the package and find the most sexiest gold and black shoes with 4inch heels. They are the most pretties shoes I have ever saw. I fall in love with them the min I see them. Knowing that my Master has picked them out Him self. I just do get on my makeup just in time when I hear the door open and know by look at the clock on the table it is my Master. When I turn around to say hello Master I see He has another package in His hands. I smile to Him and thank Him for buying me the most prettiest shoes I have. He reaches over and kisses me telling me you are very welcome my hot sexy slut. I look at the package wanting to know what is inside of it. Without saying a word Master knows me all to well. He tells me “no, no my sexy hot little slut this is mine and I will open it when it is time.” I get up to go fix Master a drink in witch I know I always do. I fix Him an ice-tea bring it back to Him with a smile like He loves to get. He tells me to take a seat over on the chair. He sees how upset this makes me and he tells me to clam down I didn’t do anything wrong. “I just want to look at My sexy slut a bit.” that puts a smile on my face that can never go away so I think. When he finishes his drink He tells me to come and go into the bedroom with Him. I have no idea what is to come. When we get into the bedroom Master tells me to very carefully lay down on the bed and do not mass up any of my clothes. I lay down very slowly and wait for when is to come. He oh so sweetly reaches up and kisses my deep red lips very lightly. I see Master turn his back to me. He is opening his package up. I can not see anything but it is about to kill me to know what He has. He looks around seeing me trying to look and gets the most sexiest smile on His face. He tell me ” Oh no my hot nosey slut you well not see this at all now”. He walks over to me and puts a blindfold over my eyes and tells me to do not even move an inch. Still knowing that I do not have on my panties I kind of think he has something to do with that. He walks over and kneels down between my legs opening them up and lightly kissing my pussy lips. This almost send me over the top so He stops very fast. I can feel his fingers starting to slid in and out of my hot wet pussy lips. He tells me ” My slut if you cum I will spank you ass right here and now before we leave do you hear me? I tell Him “Yes Sir Master I do. All I want is for you to be a little wet for right now do you hear me? Yes Sir Master I do. Good my sexy slut. Now open those legs more for me.” I open my legs as far as they can go. ” Now pull them up to your chest and hold them there”. I feel something very sweet and hard being pushed up into my pussy. I know what Master had in His package or so I though I did. Master ask me ” slut how good does that feel nice and hard I hope? ” all I can do is moan out a long slow yes to my hot sexy sweet Master. He tell me then to get up and get on all fours. This shocks me a good bit not being able to see anything Master helps me by taken me by my hands and turning me around. He puts me on all fours on our bed. Then I feel him slid up my dress to my waist. I can feel his fingers sliding up and down the crack of my ass. He knows this drives me over the top every time. He leans up and tells me very softly in my ear “remember my hot wet horny slut you can not cum until I say so. And I do not say so right now.” I feel Master sliding His fingers around my pussy getting them very wet. He takes His wet juicy fingers and rams them in to my asshole. I scream out in pleasure from the feeling of His sweet hard long fingers in my asshole. “pussycat if you cum I will whip you like you never have had do you understand me girl?” Hearing Master call me girl I know he is about to get very mad. I fight it back as hard as I can. Master see this and can tell from my body just how hard I am fighting it. He reaches up and kisses my asshole and says ” There you go my hot sweet slut that is my sweet hot slut. Now relax that asshole for me. You are about to get a special gift.” I relax and then I feel it start to go in very slowly and very deeply. Master looks up and says “Oh my hot sexy bitch I knew you would love it, but god I didn’t know you would take to it this good you sweet thing”. Then I can feel Master pull me off of the bed and take off the blindfold. I look into the most sexiest blue eyes and right there they melt my heart. Master pulls me into His sweet loving arms and holds me very close to Him. After He lets go he takes my black g-string panties and puts them on me. He fixes my dress back right. Then here comes the shocker of the night. Master reaches into him pocket and pulls out two remotes to the vibratory. I look up into His eyes shocked. He tells me ” Yes my sexy pet that is right there are
emotes to them and I will have them all night long right here in my pocket. Just remember to be a good little sub and I will not have to use these on you . Now lets try them out to see if they will work right.” I am not ready for it when Master turns on the first one when I jump it puts a smile on Master’s face that stays there for a very long time. ” Oh my slut was not ready for that one was she? Now lets see if she will be for this one.” That is when I am send to outer space. Master hit’s the remote to the one that is in my asshole and sends me almost over top of the tops. I slam my eyes closed and fight it off as hard as I can fight. Master starts to laughing and enjoying what He is seeing. I hear Him tell me. Tonight’s going to be one of the greats nights of all my little horny whore.” I clam down and get myself together so we can leave for out date. Right as we go to walk out of the door You look back at me and tell me. “if you cum one time with out Me telling you oh how you will pay the price for it. 25 Smacks for every time you cum. Now do you hear me my sexy looking slut?” ” Yes Sir Master I do. Is my reply to You. We get to the car You come around and open my door for me so I can get in like a lady should. I sit down as easy as I can with the vibratory’s that are up in my hot horny body. I sit as easy as I can without them hurting me. You see just how uneasy I am sitting and you push me down on the set. You tell me ” get use to it slut you are in for along night of this”. I keep looking with my eyes down wanting to brake down and cry. But I have to fight off the tears. I know how bad I will be crying if I let people see me crying when I am out on a date with You Master. You see just how uneasy I am feeling knowing I was hurt by your remark. You lean over and kiss me again knowing that is all it will take to take away the hurt and pain I am feeling at the time. You smile at me and say. ‘ Now let go have some fun and enjoy ourselves tonight.” all I can do is smile at You knowing the love and pride You are feeling right now. You drive us to this little out of the way place to eat. I sit like a lady with my hand folded in my lap looking down to the floor. You have the biggest smile on your face just from seeing me do as You have touch me. You tell me to smile like a lady should and look like you are enjoying your self. I try to smile for You but I am trying to get use to having two vibes up in me. By the time we get to the pup to eat I have relaxed a good bit it is starting to feel very sexy knowing that I am felled up with something that will bring both of us pleasure tonight. You park the car and get out I know not to make a move for you always comes to open my door for me and helps me out every time. As I see You walking around to my side of the car I smile just a little knowing You are so pride of me and know I look hot and sexy just the way You love showing off your subbie. You reach and open my door taken me by my hand I slid out and stand up and fix my dress down what little it will go down. With the slipt up the back of a very short black and red dress it is hard to pull it down at all. You look at me and slap my hand telling me to “stop pulling on it I want all of the people to see just how sexy that body is that belongs to me.” Right before we go inside you hit the remotes one more time to reminded of what I am in for tonight. You tell me to keep my head down and do not talk without asking me if it is ok do you hear me slut? Yes Sir Master. We go inside the pup and the waiter come up to seats us when I see it is the same guy with the shoes earlier this evening. I want to die knowing he knows what you call me. Not knowing what else he knows about me and the night You have planed for us. We are seated and the waiter brings us our menus. You tell him we will have the fish plates and a bottle of white wine. You hand him back the menus and tell him before he leaves. ” Oh thank you for taken care of that little packaged for me earlier this evening.” I dare not look up from my place because I know you both are looking right at me. I keep looking down and not saying a word. You look over at me and say “anit that right pussycat?” I keep my head down and say Yes Sir, Sir. You tell me to Thank the man for doing it for us. I keep my head down and say ” Thank You very much Sir.” You hit the remote and slap my hands. Telling me that’s no way to thank someone look at him when you are talking to the man now do it again pussycat like you are suppose to do and do it with a smile too my sexy sub. I look up and say ” Thank You Sir very much for bring me the package Sir” with a smile. He tells me you are very much welcome pussycat with a grin that would kill a cat. I look back down and want to crawl under the table right then and there. But I will not let it show just how much I want to die from being called that out in public. The waiter leaves us along and you lean over and tell me ” oh my slut you are in for it now after that little number with the waiter.” I look upset and you tell me to”get over it and sit up like a lady.” I set up and fold my hands in my lap with my head down. You tell me to look at you and not the dam floor all of the time. I tell you I Am very sorry Sir I was doing as you told me Sir. You reach under the table and pull open my legs and slaps the vibe real hard so it will hurt just a bit. Then you tell me to get up and come with You. I get up and get ready to go with You. The waiter come up at that time with the wine and pours You a glass to taste. You taste it and tell him it will do that we need to go take care of something right now. You take me by the hand and lead me into the men’s restroom. I turn bright red from shame of being lade into a men’s room most of all plus knowing what is about to come. The rest room is full of men and I get all kinds of remarks from them ” hi sexy need some more help peeing?” “hi Mr. Can I hold her hand while she pees?” You look at the guys and tell them ” she is not in here to piss she is in here to get a good ass spanking for being so rude to the waiter a while ago.” Then one guys says hi hold it shouldn’t the waiter be in here to see her get it too. You look at him and say yes I think he should go get him and only him. The guy leaves the rest room and you tell me to lay over your lap. I turn bright red knowing what you have up in me. I take a sec to long to do it and you Smack me on the ass with your hand real hard. I jump and say ouch Sir. That is when all of the guys know what You and I are. They go to joking and laughing at it. You hear some of them say hi that is His slut sub. I start to cry from being hurt so bad. You see how much it has hurt me and you get up and walk over to the fool that has said this and tells him ” buddy no one calls her that but me do you understand me are do we need to handle this out side? I think you should tell her that you are sorry for what you just said don’t you buddy?” he looks over at me and says ” am very sorry lady for upsetting you like I did.” I am still looking down at the floor while I tell the asshole ” Thank You Sir”. You walk back over to where I am and sit back down on the chair. When here comes the waiter in with the other guy. I want to die right then and there knowing he has to watch me go though this. You tell me to get ready and you look at the guys and tell them one more word to her or about her and I will take care of you too but not like she is going to get. I slowly pull up my dress and here comes the whistles and moans. It makes me feel a little better knowing that it is a room full of men watching me go though this. You pull me over your lap and pull down my panties where everyone see the vibe that is up my asshole. They all look at one another and do not say a word. But the smiles on their faces easies you up a little and you tell then that they can say what they are thinking only if it is not rude are hurts my feelings. The waiter ask you ” can I take it out of her Sir?” You look at him and think for a sec then you tell him to come over there to you. He walks over to you and stands right next to my head. Y

ou tell him” Buddy You want to have some fun with my slut do You?” He looks kind of scared from over hearing what You said to the others. You tell him to take it easy this is going to be fun for everyone in here. He easies up and says oh you bet you Sir I want to. You tell Him to undo his pants so I can suck his cock while you are spanking the hell out of my ass. He drops his pants so fast that everyone give him a high five. You tell the waiter that you do not take out the vibe while I get that spanking that I get it with it right there still in me. Then you ask all of the men ” are we ready to start this now?” they all say oh yes Sir. You then look at me and tell me that I know what to do on every smack don’t I? I tell you oh yes Sir. So you go to give me my first smack when you stop and say hi wait guy how many should she get? You hear 50,75,100, you stop them and tell them ” Dam guys I do not want to kill my sub just make her understand the next time she is talking to someone to look at them.” Then you hear the best one yet. ” Hi Sir how about you do it until she makes me cum”. Now I like that one buddy is your replied. You look around for a hairbrush but can not see one. You ask hi guys does anyone have a brush I can use ? The sexy black hair man with blue eyes says here you go my friend. In witch he hands You a wooden brush. You hand the remotes to the guy that I am about to give head to and tell me anytime she screams out hit the remote and hit it hard. If she bites down on you let me know she will get ten more for biting. Then you tell them all that I need a warm up first and you give me a smack real hard with your hand. I scream out and the guy hit’s the remote on hard. I beg you to make him stop that this is a warm up not the real thing yet. You look up at the waiter and tell him hi she is right this is just her warm up right now let she can let it all out. So you go to town Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack. I scream out in pain and pleasure all at the same time. ” OUCHHHH Master That hurts I am sorry for not doing as you say.” Then you look over and say here we go you guys time to enjoy it . How many is it going to be now? 25 Sir please, please, please sir I beg you no more I plead with You Master. That grips Your Heart like nothing I have every begged You for has. You tell me to be Quiet slut. I start to cry knowing this is going to hurt worst then it ever has. I take the waiters cock into my mouth and grippe the legs of the chair. SMACK, 1 Thank You Master, SMACK 2 Thank You Master, SMACK 3 Thank You Master, SMACK 4 Thank You Master, SMACK 5 Thank You Master. You stop on five and ask ” How is she doing buddy? ” The waiter “Chris ” Tells You. ” Oh She is doing great Sir. I think she needs more Sir.” You look up at him and tell him to back off he is enjoying this way to much. You look over at the older guy that gave you the brush and ask him ” would You like to take his place?” The guy steps up and takes down his pants and under shorts in witch I can not believe my eyes. I think I have die and gone to Heaven. He has a 9 inch cock that I can not wait to get into my mouth to suck on. So you say now here we go again. Than you tell me ” my Sweet sexy sub you do not have to count or thank me now for it just suck and do not bite. So Robert reaches over and takes the remotes out of Christ’s hand. Tell him I will handle those two you kid. Robert then turns to me and gives me a big smile. He knows I am looking forward to having his long sweet hard cock in my hot wet juicy mouth. I take it in real slowly when you reach back to give me a Smack. Robert stop’s you and ask ” Hi can you give her a min to get use to having one this big in her sexy mouth?” You look at him real hard and tell Him “Hi I am doing this ok not You just stand there and take what she gives you ok. She does not need to get use to anything but me ok.” Then You start the Smacking and Hard. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack ,smack, smack. You then stop to check my butt and see it is bright pink. You ask Robert ” How is she doing down there?” Robert moans out ” She is doing fine keep going. She is not biting at all yet.” then you pick up the speed a lot harder knowing Robert is enjoying it to much. SMACK, SMACK,SMACK. I go to scream out and stop right before I do. I bite down on Robert’s cock kind of hard and he hit’s the remote and that is it I can not hold back much longer. Knowing I only have 6 more to go I am crying, sucking and holding on to the chair as much as I can. Then you ease up a little on the last 6 you know I have taken the others very well and I am so close to Cumming that it is about it kill me. Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack. You then lay down the brush and reach over for the cool towel and lay it over my burning ass. You tell everyone to leave that You need to talk to me alone. Robert’s takes his cock out of my mouth and looks at you very hard but hands you the remotes and leaves the rest room. You reach down and slid out the vibrato that was in my ass. You leave the one that is in my pussy right where it is. You ask me subbie how would you like to have a treat right now? I look as deep as my soul will let me into your eyes and tell your Heart. ” My Loving Master just being right here in your lap is the biggest treat I could ever have.” You then turn on the vibe real slowly look at the pleasure and joy in my eyes you can no longer take it anymore. You stand me up and pull down your pants and shorts. Taken out your hot hard sweet loving cock and tell me to suck the hell out of it till you cum. I drop to my knees between your legs and take that sweet piece of Heaven into my mouth sucking it just the way I know you love for me to do. I take it down all of the way and hold it there for about 3 sec longer than you think I could. You pull my head back and ask me ” My slut are you ok down there?” I say. ” Master I am in heaven right now please let me go back.” You take my head in both hands and push it down onto your cock as deep as I can go. You hear me gagging on it and you let go of a moan that everyone can hear in the place. You very quickly get up and pull up your clothes. Helping me up you look at me and ask me ” are you very hungry baby?” Hearing You call me that I know you are ready to get home to our bed and not to go to sleep. I tell you ” Not for food Master but I am very hungry for you Sir.” We go to walk out of the rest room when you stop me and tell me to keep my head up and wear the biggest smile I have for you. I tell You ” Master that will be very easy for You Sir. ” You turn back and kiss me letting your tongue slid into my mouth . I open up my mouth to reserve your sweet hot long tongue into my mouth. Driving mine in yours as well. You gab me and slid your hands up my back pulling me into you as close as you can get me. letting me know just how hard and ready you are for me. I take the remote from your hand and pull it into your pocket with the biggest smile I can give while still kissing you hard and deep. You brake us apart and lead me out into the pup. I have my head up high smiling as big as I can. As we walk by this older couple You Hear the old lady say. ” God can’t they do that at home in bed” You stop and turn to her and tell her. ” Ma’am why don’t you try it some time it feels real good getting a blowjob in the men’s room by someone as sexy as my lady.” Her husband looks at you and said I bit it does buddy she is a hotty. You look at him and thank him for saying that. You look at his wife and say ” See even your husband knows a good thing when He see it. She then reaches over to slap him and he gabs her hand and pulls her over his knees right there in front of everyone. We start to walk off when the man ask if we will stay and watch. You tell him that you would do it any other time but you have a woman here that is on fire for you and you are not going to make her wait any longer. You then reach into your pocket and take out the vibe and give it to Him telling him” hi make her ware it up the ass for a while she will go nuts when you get her home.” The old man smile and takes the vibe and
go’s to put it up in her when you tell him ” Hold it buddy you can’t do it with out the remote.” His wife is screaming at the top of her voice for him to let her up. I ask you if we can help him out just a little bit she is hand full. Pop go’s to laughing and saids oh buddy she is that. You know just what I have in mine and tell me to go for it. I get on the side of pop and ask him in his ear if I can make her cum by finger fucking her. He reaches over and kisses me telling me you sweet sexy hot thing I would dearly love to see you do that to her. I then get down on my knees taken off her panties all the while she is screaming to let her up. I get off her white granny panties. I ask pop if he mines me taken care of her dam screaming for him. He look at me with the biggest smile ask me how in the hell can you do that? I look up at you with a grin and you know just what I am up to right then and there. You tell me go for it my sexy slut this is your night after all. I take the towel that is laying on the table and gag her with it tieing it in the back. Than while her husband has her held down I go get back down on my knees when you tell me hold it sexy you think you might need a little bit of help down there. I know just what you are thinking and tell you Master I sure do she is a hell cat. You look at pop and ask if he mine you helping out. With out mom seeing it you ask if he cares if you lick a little too. He smiles very brightly and says oh buddy help your self. We both get down between her legs and I start licking first mom is still kicking at first and I dive deep into her pussy sucking on her clit and almost making her cum I stop and look up at pop and you and say hell guys I think momo is starting to enjoy this why don’t we lay her up on the table were we all three can have a good lick of this sweet hot pussy. I love sharing pussy with sexy men. Pop just about jumps out of his seat to put her on the table. I then tell you both we need something to tied her down with here boys. You give me look that says watch it sexy you know better. I look down real fast and get myself together before I am into trouble again. That is when we find out that pop and momo owns the place. Pop tells You and me to lets go back to his office he know just what it will take for her. We leave to go back to pop’s office in the back and get inside. Pop turns to you and says we don’t want no run always do we? You look over at me and smile real big and say to him ” No Sir we sure don’t”. I get a little scared not knowing what may happen to me too. But I know as long as I have You with me I will be find. So I let go and join in. Pop opens a door to another room and tell us to come on in it is sound proof . I am in Heaven when I see all of pop’s toys and hores bench. I look at you with a smile that tells You I want to try that out with you. We then take momo and tied her to a table with rope. She can not move at all that is when pop’s tells me to get to licking if I wanted to. I look over at you for an ok. You look and me and say help your self slut. I run over to the end of the table and dive in to some very hot pussy. I get to licking and licking hard I can feel her getting ready to cum. I stop just long enough to ask pop “can anyone hear us in here Sir?” He tell me no sweetie why? I tell him that I want to hear her scream when she cum into my mouth. Pop’s looks at me with a sexy evil grin and says oh you do, do you ? I smile very big and walk over and kiss him on the lips very lightly and say only if it will please my Master and You Sir. Pop’s then looks behind me and ask ” do you mine if I get a little more of the sweet set of hot sexy lips there?” you smile at me and tell me to kiss him like you know I can. I turn and ask is it really ok Sir? You get up and take me by my hand and bend me over and SMACK. Now do as you are told from now on do you hear Me my hot horny bitch? I smile and say Sir Yes Sir. I then walk over to pop and sit down on his lap reaches up with my hands and takes His sweet old face into my hands and kisses him deep, long and hard. Sliding my tongue deep down his hot mouth pulling him in as close as I can get him. Pop is the one that brakes up apart laying back saying” Oh My God girl you do know how to make an old guy hard as hell you know that?” I smile down at him and say Thank You Sir. He looks at me and tells me oh baby by the time me and your Master are finished you will well be thanking both of us. Then I get out of pop’s lap and walk back over to momo’s face untying her just a little to see what she dose . She tells me bitch you will pay for this. I retie her back and say oh hell forget it she is to dam loud to let her mouth go. That is when she starts begging us not to do it anymore that she would do anything we tell her to do. I grin and take off my panties. I ask you if a could take out the other vibe you tell me to help myself slut. So I take it out and walk over to you to hand it to you when you reach under my dress to feel just how shocking wet this has made me. You get up and tell pop that you have changed everything for right now. You take me by the hand and lead me to the x table tell me to lay down slut you need a little looking after yourself. I welling lay down knowing you are about to tie me down to the table. But it does not upset me at all knowing it will be you doing it. I smile up at you and tell you real low Thank You Master I love this so very much. You reach down and slid a finger into my pussy while kissing my very deeply and sliding your finger in and out of my shocking wet cunt. I let go of a moan that only You can get out of me. I start to beg you to put more fingers into me I need them Master oh God I need all of them now. You stop and pull out your fingers I moan a long no when you take them out. You slap my pussy lips and tell me to clam down a little bit you need to take care of something first. I lay there needing you inside of me oh so bad. And you can tell just how bad I need you. You tell me to get up and take every thing off but the guarder belt ,stocking and shoes. I get up and strip off everything but what you have told me to leave on. I feel so sexy knowing I have two men looking at me wanting to be in my body at the same time. Then you retied me back down to the table. You turn to pop and ask hi old man you want to taste some sweet hot young pussy again. It does not take him long to get over to the table where we are both at. You get at my head and tell me to go to town on it bitch it’s all yours take care of it like I know you can and well do. I take your cock into my hot mouth and suck on it as deep as I can laying upside down. But you take care of that part too you slid it down my though as deep as you like knowing you are gagging the hell out of me. I reach up and push you back just so I can breathe you slap my pussy and tell me slut you know better then to ever push me away. I go to crying and you know that you have not only hurt my feeling but hurt my mouth as well. You take out your cock and lean down and kiss away the tears from my eyes and tell me that you did not mean to hurt me like that you got cared away with yourself. All the while pop is going to town and sucking out my pussy and clit. I am so close to Cumming that I gab a hold of your hands and beg you to let me cum you tell pop that is your pleasure to get that first taste of cum out of that hot wet juicy pussy of yours. Pop looks at you very funny and you tell him that you own that pussy he is sucking on right now. He smile up at you and tells you. You are one lucky man then. You tell him I know full well I am and I am very happy to own it too. You go down to where he is at and start talking very low were I can not hear you two. When you stop you come back up to my head and untied my hands while I can feel pop undoing my legs. You both see the momo has fell asleep. So you very easily and quietly pull me up and we go into another room where there is a bed. You lay down first and then tell me to get on top and put your cock inside of that hot wet sweet pussy. I get on top of you and slid your cock into my pussy grinding it a

s deep as it will go. You reach up and pull me down to lay down in your sweet arms. That is when pop’s comes up behind me and start playing with my asshole. I stat to look back and you stop me by taken my face in your hands and telling me ” Sweetie this is just for you I know how long you have dreamed of this. Now lay down and take what you have wanted for so long.” I lay back down into your loving arms snuggling in very close and wiggling down on your cock . I feel pop put the head of his cock at the rim of my asshole. He tells me sexy lady this will only hurt a little bit right at first ok? I moan a deep moan when you tell him oh she knows how it feels she can and dose take it oh so good back there. That is her favorite way of getting it. Pop puts the rest in and holes it there till I get use to the feeling. When you both feel me ease up that is when you both start humping into me like two very horny men. I start to beg for you both to go deeper and harder. I plead with you both” O God pleaseeeeeee give me what I need and want. I need it hard and deep now oh God now fuck the hell out of me now Master and pop I need you both hard and fast till it hurts oh so good. That is when you both take the Q to get to ramming those cocks home. You both ram me hard, tight and deeply just as I have begged you both to do. You both reach to kiss me at the same time when I smile knowing that you two would not do a three way kiss. So pop go’s to kissing my neck and ears. You are kissing me wild and hard. This sets me off for the first cum of many that night. I scream out as I cum. OH MY GOD FUCK ME SO DAM HARD DAM IT NOW. Make it hurt oh so good. I know you both can . That is when you both shoot your loads right up into my hot wet squeezing pussy and asshole. We all three let go of a moan that feels so good hearing them. I lay my head down into your neck and snuggle in deep. That is when pop’s pulls out and leaves us there alone to snuggle with each other. You warp your arms around me and pull up the shits we fall asleep in each others arms.

” The End”

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