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Husband gets put in his place

So, the wife and I are making love on Sunday and has things are heating up she starts talking dirty, (the way I like it) and mentions that she should lay me across the dining room table and spank my ass, when the kid is not home. I say well how about tomorrow after the doctor’s appointment and she says okay.

Just when we are “really in the middle of it”, I decide to ask, are you going to keep that promise or are you just stringing me along like you have done before, she says no, she is keeping the promise and I can expect to get good and red for stopping right at that moment.

We’ll we finish and fall to sleep and I dream about sex all night. I get up and go to work but I can’t think of anything other then what is coming.

I leave work and arrive at the hospital late, they tell me she is done with the doctor and has left. I am devastated that I may have just lost my chance for what I have wanted from her for years. As I walk to the car I hear someone call my name, I turn and there is the nurse telling me that they found her, she was still on the premises.

We meet inside, I ask how it went, everything is the “Normal” chit chat as we walk to the cars, then she says…still following me home or do you have to go to work, which I reply gladly, following you mistress, wherever you lead me.

We arrive at home, she tells me to take a shower and stay in the bathroom till she calls for me, I obey.

When she is ready she gets me from the bathroom, blindfolds me and makes me sit on the bed. I here her getting undressed and strange noises and I grow evermore excited. She leads me to the dining room and makes me bend over the dining room table with my feet on the ground, stomach on the cold hard table and stretches my hands out to the other end of the table.

She then cuffed my hands and tied them to the table. The only way out of this situation was going to be begging or submission…. I had no intentions of begging!

She started telling me to relax, I was going to be there awhile, it was quit, I didn’t even know if she was still in the room when, WHACK. A good hard hit from what I believe to be a wooden ruler, I moan and she says: “Shut up bitch” WHACK, SMACK, WHACK! I squeal a little and she says, “What’s the matter little bitch, thought you liked getting spanked”, which I replied, “Oh I do, Thank you mistress”

Good boy, she said.

Then she proceeded to SMACK my ass a couple more times and then she changed instruments. A couple soothing rubs with her hand and then, SMACK, WHACK SMACK with her hand. I am in heaven but don’t tell her, I am sure my moans tell the story.

Then she changes again, this time a large paddle but it’s ice cold, it feels good as she rubbed it on my hot cheeks but that ended with four good WHACKS to each cheek. I am squirming, my ass on fire, my brain and heaven and my tongue begging for more.

She decides to let me see what I cannot touch, she pulls of my blindfold and their is my wife: All in Black, a camosal on top, Thong, Garter belt and stockings, high heels and a whip.

She teases me with the end of her whip that has a feather on it, but then I feel the Leather bite my ass, Whip, Whip Whip. I am dripping pre-cum from my dick, I am hard as a rock, my ass is on fire, my mistress is pleased with her work and she informs me to stand by for my ass paddling now that she has warmed up.

All at once I am excited and not so excited, I thought I wanted to be paddled and thought I was but she is just starting. She has a table and on it I see:
Paddle, Whip, Wooden ruler, Wooden spoon, Leather belt, lube, a mall dildo and a rather large dildo.

She tells me to guess which instrument she is using. If right I get 4 WHACKS. If wrong 10 and I must kept count.

I guess right on the whip, who forget the bite it has. The ruler I like so I guess wrong on purpose and enjoy 10 smacks. But when we get to the belt…oh I asked for a couple of welts and was obliged.

She then undid my cuffs and told my to go look in the mirror at what a little bitches ass should look like. When I she the red which now resembles my sun burnt legs from the beach the day before, I am happy. I go back to the dining room and say, is that all, She tells me to get over the table but no handcuffs, I must hold myself there and if I get up, the game is over.

She beats my ass good and I am squirming like a little girl but I love it.

I feel something cold on my ass which is extremely welcome after the spanking but then all of sudden, WHOOO. I flinch and she says lie still or I’ll take the lube off this dildo in your ass and fuck you dry…. I COMPLY.

Bent over the table she is fucking my silly, a good 10 minutes and then flipped me over and made me put my legs on her shoulders while she fucked me for another fifteen…. I was sweaty, beaten and totally in heaven.

I was given five minutes to rest and then she started in on my with Mr. R our realistic dildo that is 7 inches long, big balls and 2 inch girth. I could only handle his head for about five minutes of fucking. She pulled it out and said, hold tight, I am going to ram this in your ass. She got ready, I braced and then she stopped…I said what and she said, I think I’ll use this next time. That way you can think about it, now turn over, I did and was given 38 smacks by hand and 4 “REALLY GOOD” belt smacks and was told I was a good little bitch, know go and get cleaned up.

After we cleaned up and got dressed, we said our good byes, we both had to go back to work.

The rest of the day I sat uncomfortably in my chair with a smile on my face. I told her that night that only 2 things could possibly improve the next secession, she asked what and I told her:

1) We get a pro, to show her some moves on me.

2) We have close friends like you watch without me knowing until it’s too late.

The end :)

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