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Kim Spanks Her Man

Kim Spanks Her Man
By: JGH57
Late again, I think to myself. All I ever do is work. I pout to myself. I see Kim’s car as I pull into the driveway. This brings a smile to my face. It has been a year since my divorce and Kim’s idea to live together has been a major change for the better in my life. As I walk in the front door I hear Kim call me from the bedroom. “John, come here please.” “Just a minute.” I grumble to myself. “That damned job is going to drive me crazy.” I sit my brief case down and turn to see Kim walk into the room towards me wearing a black see through bra with matching panties. Just the sight of her makes my heart race. Her shoulder length blond hair just frames her face. There is fire in her blue eyes and a wicked smile on her face. She takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. “We need to talk young man.” She states as she pushes me into a chair. Then she turns and walks to the bed. I watch her walk with wonder. She has the most beautifully formed and most spankable ass I have ever seen but the way she is talking I have a feeling that today it won’t be her ass getting spanked. Kim sits on the bed facing me. I soon become lost in her big blue eyes. My mind wanders back to the job and the increasing pressures at work. “John!” Kim’s voice snaps me back to the present. “See John, that is just what I am talking about. You are so preoccupied with work that you can’t even concentrate on anything else.” “I’m sorry.” I start to say but the look on Kim’s face silences me. “I don’t want to hear it.” she snaps. “You are not in charge here. You are not the manager. For now, just this instant, I am in charge.” She states, with an air of distinct authority. I watch her with amazement. I wonder at the concern on her face. “Do you understand what I am saying? She asks. “Yes what do you want me to do?” I ask. “Just exactly as I say.” She snaps. With that she stands, walks over and takes my hand and leads me to the bed. She sits facing me on the bed and begins to slowly undress me. She soon notices my erection. She reaches down and gently squeezes my penus. “I’ll take care of that later.” She smiles. “I am going to give you the spanking of your life. She states with a very determined look. I get a little smile on my face until I see the heavy wooden hair brush sitting on the bedside table. Kim knows I hate that thing and only uses it in “special circumstances”. Kim soon has me totally nude. “John, I mean business with this spanking. It will be given in three stages. First, I’m going to use my hand. This will let me release

some of my emotions and get some of my mad out. Then I’m going to spank you as hard as I can with my brush. That will let you release some of your emotions and mad. Finally you will lay over the bed for a very long hard strapping. This will be punishment for your recent behavior. Then I’ll take care of that.” She smiles as she again squeezes my erection. “Kim, I’m sorry. I really deserve and need this spanking.” I state. She smiles as she pulls me across her lap, “I know sweetheart.” Again I feel like a small boy without any worries. I can feel all of my cares drifting away as this beautiful wonderful woman, who knows enough about me and cares enough to give me what I need prepares to spank her man. Gently she caresses my bottom. Then I feel her hand move, her weight shifts and with a loud smack I feel the first stinging slap of Kim’s hard hand. Soon my bottom goes from a pleasant glow to a blazing flame. Kim lectures me as she spanks me about my grumpiness, lateness, and with special emphasis, the fact that she is my partner and she will help me with the stress. As the blaze in my bottom continues to grow, I wish I could stay in this position for ever. At the same time I dread the brush to come. On and on Kim rains spank after blistering spank on my bare bottom. Finally she stops and begins to rub my aching behind. She lets out a sigh and states, “I feel much better. Now it’s your turn.” I grab my pillow and bury my face in it in anticipation of the pain to come. I don’t have long to wait as I soon hear and feel the very hard smack of the brush. I jerk from the sting. “It’s ok sweaty, let it go.” Kim whispers as she smacks my butt hard again. Soon all I can think of is the terrible pain in my behind as Kim blisters my bare ass with her brush. Again and again the hard wood finds its mark and soon I am oohing, owing, and groaning into my pillow. As the long hard spanking continues I realize that for the first time since I was a small child, I am crying. Kim gives me five more very hard licks and I am actually sobbing. Kim stops and helps me sit up on the bed beside her. She pulls me close and I bury my face in her breast. “Its ok honey” she coos in my ear as she begins to kiss me. Kim gently pushes me back onto the bed on my back. Between the incredible stinging on my behind and the sight of Kim slowly removing her bra and panties my erection has come back with a vengeance. Soon Kim is mounted on me. She leans forward and with her golden hair acting as a curtain around our faces we kiss long and hard. Our tears merge and I feel her firm breast on my chest. Soon she sits up and our long ride to ecstasy begins. Finally as we

Collapse into each others arms we sigh in contentment. We hold each other and talk for a long time. Then Kim rolls me onto my stomach and kisses my still stinging bottom. “Now that is a red butt.” She smiles as she rises and walks to the closet. She turns and walks back towards me with the strap in her hand. “Now wait Kim. You know I don’t like to be spanked after orgasm.” “I know” she says with a smile. “That why it’s called punishment.” I bury my face in my pillow and await my fate and I smile to myself that this beautiful woman loves me.

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