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Too hot to handle

One very wet (choose your meaning) night a voluptous, young sexy woman finds herself at the lobby of a prestigious hotel waiting for her ride back home. One quick glance, and her eyes are focused on the good looking guy staring across at her from the other side of the lobby.
Instant attraction! He knows what she’s thinking and she knows its exactly the same thing.
They both motion themselves to the lift, they get in and the doors close. They instaneously look at each other and he presses her up against the wall passionately kissing her lips and neck. She feels his hard memeber poke up against her mound and she gets very turned on.
The lift stops and the quickly pull apart. His seductive glance motions her towards his room and she follows. The moment the door closes they are at it again. He rips her clothes with his teeth, exposing her well rounded breasts. He licks and nibbles on her nipples, flicking his tounge back and forth while her pussy starts to get wet.
The sight of her exposed milky white breasts hardens his cock more as he gestures her to the bed.
He picks her up and throws her on to the bed. she wriggles out of her skirt, exposing her soaked black panties. She lies there with her legs appart and with a gleam in her eyes. He rips off her panties and spreads her pussy lips apart and starts licking her hot swollen pussy. Reow! He flicks his tounge over her clit, and she is going wild. “dont stop baby!” He begins fingering her and licking her clit which makes her start to shudder. She stops him before she cums and pulls him down onto the bed. Eyeing his hardened cock in his pants she teases him by rubbing his hard dick over his pants. He lets out an inviting moan. She unzips his pants, wide-eyed, “woah baby, i wanna ride that”. She grabs his cock and sticks it in her mouth in one gulp, savouring the taste of his pre-cum. Her eyes still focused on his she starts licking it like an over sized lolly pop, flicking her tounge over the head of his penis, she moans as she pulls his cock in and out of his mouth and the vibrations from her moan is driving him wild. She is aching to feel his hot cum in her mouth and goes harder and faster until she can start swallowing his white fluid. She takes it all in, licking the last drop from her bottom lip.
He is still raring to go, nothing will stop him from letting this cowgirl ride her horsey! He turns her on her back, spreading her legs open again and returns to licking her sweet pussy again. This time he begins fucking her with his tounge, in and out his long tounge attempts to take her to climax. She starts shaking and screaming and he doesnt stop until she cums. She cums all over his face and he laps it up, licking her dry.
He looks her in the eye with the ‘I’m not finished yet’ look. She gets up and kneels down on all fours, she winks at him, a very inviting wink he thinks. He stands behind her, and with he face in the pillow, he slows enters her ass, she squints with pain at first, then he puts it in a little more, she moans in pain and pleasure. “Fuck me” she screams, and he shoves it right in, She screams in pain, his whole big cock is in her tiny ass hole. After the pain subsides, his slow motions in her ass start to feel good. “go faster baby” she whispers, he speeds up both of them moaning in absolute pleasure. His hard cock jammin into her is driving him wild and he starts slapping her ass yelling “good girl, you are a good girl”. She starts fucking back,motioning her body towards him in pleasure. He pulls out his big juicy cock and stick it in the hole below and starts fucking her pussy. By this point, she is going crazy “Fuck me baby please fuck me hard” he’s fucking her from behind, hard and strong and they both are about to reach climax, both shaking and screaming in abosolute pleasure. They both cum at the same time, she feels his hot tasty cum fill her wet and swollen pussy. He reaches over and kisses her pussy lips, getting a taste of her cum. He winks at her, she winks back. Oh what a night!

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