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Nancy Gets Caught

While checking out the store security cameras I watched Nancy,one of my employees take an expensive lingeie item with her to the ladies room.When she left the bathroom she no longer had the items in her hand.I knew she had stolen them and was surprised,as she was one of my better employees.This could not be tolerated! I reached for the intercom and instructed her to report to my office.Nancy was a very pretty girl of 18,with large firm breasts and a tight round bottom.I could imagine the possibilities as I waited for her.As she entered my office she appeared confident,not suspecting she had been caught.When I showed her the video tape her face went pale and she burst into tears.She said she was sorry and that it wouldn”t happen again.I became very stern and told her it was my policy to report all thefts to the police and reached for the phone.Nancy became hysterical begging me not to call the police.She offered to pay for the items out of her pay.I tod her that this would not be sufficient as then she would continue to steal.Then I got an intriguing idea and told her if she were willing to submit to a spanking i would not have to call the police.She thought i was kidding until i reached for the phone! She tearfully accepted my offer.I asked her where she had put the lingerie items.Her face turned beet red as she told me she was wearing them.I told her she would have to return them and she stood to leave the office.No,no, I told her you must return them here and now.Oh no,I couldn’t she said.Then i reached for the phone saying i had no other alternative but call the police.With tears running down her face she stood and slowly began to remove her shirt and slacks.I was treated to a beautiful sight as the skimpy bra and thong set came into view.I told her to leave the lingerie on and had her lean over my desk as i stood and removed my belt.She complied still hoping i wold reconsider.Not a chance ,though as i came from behind the desk.Her smooth white ass would soon be a nice shade or red.I laid the leather belt across her tight ass again and again,as i watched the angry welts rize from her bottom.After 15 lashes i told her i was finished with the punishment and she could get dressed.She sobbed uncontrolably and was about to remove the lingerie,when i stopped her and told her she could keep them as a reminder not to steal.She later became my number 1 employee and assisted me in catching other girls stealing.More stories to follow….

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