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Actually one must be dare enough to face the truth of life and when the subconscious dream of your mind turns into reality in your life, I feel that every living being feels dare enough to face it. I am a guy of 20 years old and I am talking of my first incestuous experience with my own mother. She is 44 and irrespective of her age she still looks voluptuous, gorgeous and really sexy. From the days of my teens I had a great crush on her, specially on her boobs (which is creamy white and also with big red nips on the peaks) and specially her skin (wow! So soft and smooth). Many a time I chanced upon peeking at her through the half closed door of her bedroom while she dresses or when she is in the bathroom, and simply used to spent myself in the bed, wriggling alone holding my erect manhood up in the air and shooting my cum all in her name. I really envy my father to enjoy her naked body.

Last week actually my father was taking a trip abroad due to some office work and it chanced that she was all alone with me in our house. From the morning I was feeling a bit horny and found my mum too was not behaving the same. Actually for the last few months what I found is, sex has completely vanished from my parents? life, reason unknown. Father may be too busy and tired with office work. At night I very well know that my mum cannot sleep alone, she is a bit afraid of being lonely at night, so she suggested sleeping with her. After supper we both crept on the bed, me in my brief and my mum in her nighty. She was looking ravishing, with her 38? boobs well hanged but tight enough.

It may be one hour, after we both lay down, my cock started cooing and becoming erect thinking of the same old dream of having sex with her. But this time I really dared to touch my mum, I gently put my hand on her legs near her knee, it was bare as I found her nighty rolled up, up to her thighs. I started moving my hand bringing it close to her as she was facing back to me. Without getting any hindrance from her I continued my exploration, slowly the nighty was lifted up her ass and I started stroking the bare skin of her ass. She slowly turned towards me in her sleep and spread her legs in such a way that the nighty now almost became a top only covering her boobs, with her pussy and her thighs and ass all bare to me. I was really dumbstruck to see a pussy without a single hair and that?s too natural, without a shave. Wow! God has really made her a beut. My cock started pressurizing me to come out of his closet, I relieved him and simply turning towards my mum I placed my cock on her thighs and rolled it side to side.

As time is passing by, I can feel my hearts panting, with anxiousness, but Can you tell me who can stop at that precious moment. My cock stood like a 8? pole by that time and I slowly lifted the nighty and disclose her fine boobs and started kissing at the nips. This was the moment when I realized she was faking to be asleep and was enjoying my exploration of her body. She took a deep breath; I stopped a little and then continued. Now my cock is just at the gate of his house, kissing the lips of her pussy, I raised my body a little and stroked her pussy, her clit gently so that she might not wake up and then kissed on her lips, I found her breathing heavily, but I was in no mood to stop. With a small squeak her pussy lips cracked open and a quarter of my cock was inside her, I started to push it gently in, her boobs getting tight, nips erect like a small penis and now I understood about her pretending sleep. She simply raised her body a little and as a professional, experienced match maker wrapped her legs around my ass in such a way that my cock simply crept in her pussy, deep as he went the more warm and wet he got, and deeper he goes more tighter becomes our grips.

I tried to speak out something (I don?t know what), but my mum sealed my lips with her wide lips and started exploring my mouth with her tongue. It appears to me something I really didn?t know before and started mimicking her. Our tongues, as it swaps each other she poked a finger in my asshole, which make my movements inside her more rigorous, more hard and deep, I started breathing more faster, almost jumping on her body, as if I am in some ecstasy, and she holding me tightly, fingering my asshole, bulging out her pelvis with each of my jerk and responding me spontaneously.

I don?t know how many minutes it passed on in this configuration, but anyway still I feel it could have been longer. I jumped, I almost hammered my cock inside her pussy, I could feel touching her button (which I came to know is the most sensitive spot of woman?s body), and then I could feel my cock getting wet, wet with her cum. She started wriggling and shivering under me as she started flowing, but I could not help her enjoy that for much long, as I exploded as soon as her cum started overflowing my cock. It was a big load I exploded inside her and then lay gasping on her nice boobs, sucking them as I used to do when I was a kid. I felt of lying on her body just like that, and I don?t know with that heavenly pleasure, I was fast asleep.

Next day morning I was awaken by her, with a sweet kiss on my forehead, and found her smiling face greeting me Good morning. It was just like the other days, with a small difference, I was lying naked in her bed, and she was caring my erect manhood with her hand, may be she is asking for some more!

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