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My Girlfriend Sarah

I’ve lived with my girlfriend Sarah for three years now. We are getting married in two months time. When I first went out with Sarah, she was already dating another guy. His name was Steve. Sarah made it clear to me on our first date that she didn’t want to give up Steve. I said OK, thinking that given time she would drop him, either that or she would dump me. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. Sarah has continued dating Steve and intends to keep seeing him after we are married.

Sarah is a very dominant girl. She is also very demanding sexually. I was quite inexperienced when I first met her, and she left me in no doubt that I had a long way to go before I could completely satisfy her. I knew that she loved me. We were, and still are, a great couple. But I knew that I couldn’t give her everything she needed between the sheets. Sarah moved in with me after four weeks on the understanding that she could still have her evenings out with Steve.

I knew of course that Sarah was sleeping with Steve, but at first it wasn’t something that we talked about. It was only brought into the open when I was having problems getting an erection one night. Sarah was rubbing my penis, but I just couldn’t get it up. She was getting frustrated. She placed my own hand on my penis and told me to close my eyes and think of whatever I normally did when I wanked off. I was a bit embarrassed – it was usually thoughts of Sarah and Steve together that brought me off, especially when I was left at home at night while he took her out. My penis was soon fully erect as I pumped it with my hand, thoughts of Sarah giving herself to Steve playing in my mind. I don’t make any claims to having a massive penis, at four inches it’s probably well below average, but it had never let me down before. Unfortunately I got carried away and soon I was jetting my spunk high onto my belly.

Sarah was obviously not happy. She made me spend the next half hour licking her pussy, then she demanded to know what I had been fantasizing about as I brought myself off. I admitted that I found the thought of her and Steve together exciting. She wanted to know if I often masturbated when I thought of them. I told her that I did it every time she went out with him.

From then on we talked openly about her and Steve. When she came home from a date with him, she would tell me all the details, what they had done, how many times she had cum, etc. I came to understand that Steve was a lot better endowed than me and that he was able to do things to Sarah with his penis that I could never hope to match. Sarah had told me one evening that his cock was over eight inches when fully erect. She admitted that she needed something that size to satisfy her. She also hinted that she would love to try something bigger. Apparently size does matter, as Sarah explained to me if she was buying a vibrator why would she chose a four inch model when there was an eight or nine inch one available. It did make sense.

More and more I am being asked to service Sarah with my mouth. She especially likes this after a night out. She comes home sore from a heavy session, and I soothe her with my tongue. Her pussy lips are often red and puffy, and I lick them gently. She has perhaps have one or two quiet orgasms as I lick her. Quite often I can taste Steve’s sperm on my tongue as Sarah likes me to do this to her as soon as she gets home. After performing this duty for her, I usually bring myself off, rubbing myself furiously till I drop my load onto the sheets. Sarah is usually drifting off to sleep by the time I’m finished.

Our wedding is in two months. Steve is my best man. Sarah chose him, saying that he certainly lived up to the name. Steve is also booked to come on our honeymoon with us, and I just know that Sarah will want him to fuck her on our wedding night. I find the humiliation part of this exciting, knowing that I am not going to be the man to make love to my wife on our honeymoon. I have these fantasies about Sarah still wearing her wedding dress as Steve fucks her.

On several occasions Steve has spent the night at our place. I have to sleep in the spare room so that Sarah and he can have the bed to themselves. I love watching them fuck. I suppose all men like to watch a pretty girl being shafted, and there’s nothing better than a close up view of it in your own bedroom. I’ve sat on the end of the bed as he has slipped his stiff organ into her. It really looks impressive as he slides it in and out. Other times Sarah gets on top, and I get a glorious view of my girlfriend’s pussy lips stretching around her lover’s cock.

Steve is not the only guy that Sarah has been with while she has lived with me. When we went on holiday last July, Sarah was getting very frustrated. She claimed she was missing his big cock, and that even though I was trying to satisfy her with my tongue ,it wasn’t enough. The third evening into the holiday we were chatting to a German chap in a bar. He was obviously attracted to Sarah and took every opportunity to touch her or put his arm around her as we talked. It seemed to me that he was seeing how far I would let him go with my girlfriend.

After an hour he had his arm permanently around her shoulder and was gently stroking her bare arm as we stood at the bar. The music was pretty loud, and he had to put his mouth quite close to Sarah’s ear to make himself heard. I was effectively cut out of the conversation as they shared jokes with each other. Sarah went to the toilet, and when she returned he slipped his arm straight around her waist as she stood between us. To anyone looking on it would have appeared as if he were her boyfriend not me.

As they chatted together, he would often pull her to him and his hand gradually found its way onto her hip, and I could see him squeezing her gently. Sarah was wearing a short, pleated white skirt and thin white top as the evenings were very warm. Before long his hand moved round so that it cupped the cheek of her ass. He was actually looking at me as he fingered my girlfriend’s ass. He had obviously decided that I wasn’t going to complain about him feeling up my girl, and his hand went under the hem of her short skirt. Her skirt was lifted at the back, and I saw his hand slip inside her panties.

At least two other guys at the bar noticed what was going on as I saw one nudge the other to look at the man groping my girlfriend. They could both see Sarah’s panties and this German’s hand down inside them.

Our friend wasn’t exactly subtle as he twisted Sarah around to face him. His hand was still down her panties, and by the way he was reaching he was probably feeling her slit. By now anyone who looked could see what was happening. Sarah was kissing this stranger and her face was getting flushed, a sure sign she’s close to cumming. I thought she was going to cum there and then, but she suddenly realized she was in a public place. She broke the kiss, took the German by the hand that wasn’t busy down her pants and almost dragged him from the bar.

I was left standing at the bar with my cock straining in my trousers and my hands visibly shaking from excitement. As I sipped my drink, I knew that Sarah would be making love with the German that she had only met a few hours before. I didn’t know whether I should have followed them or not but decided to have another drink. Besides I was too embarrassed to walk through the crowded bar as I felt that my erection, small as it was, would be noticeable.

I was surprised when, just over an hour later, Sarah came back into the bar. She had that look about her that said she’d been well fucked. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one to notice it. We kissed, and I could taste another man on her lips and tongue. We left shortly afterwards, and when I got her back to our apartment, I couldn’t wait to lift her little skirt up. I ran my hand over her sodden panties. They really were soaked. I found out later that she had been fucked while she still wore them – he had just pulled the flimsy material to one side and shoved his cock into her. Obviously all his spunk had soaked into her panties, and I was feeling it all now.

I asked her to squat down and got down beneath her. I kissed the wet crotch of her panties and then slipped it to one side. My tongue found her hole, and I was soon licking and sucking her. My face was covered with the sperm of her German lover. Eventually Sarah pushed me away, saying that she had had enough for one night. I wanked myself off as she got herself ready for bed.

She has had other men too. It usually happens when she is deprived of Steve’s cock for any length of time. Mine just isn’t any use to her anymore. I can agree that this is not normal behavior, but Sarah and I are both happy. Sarah is fully satisfied sexually, and this is not something that I could manage on my own. I’m quite happy to step aside and let Steve, or any other man, make love to her. I get my pleasure from seeing her come home to me well used by another man, often still with a pussy full of cum.

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