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School Gone Bad 3

I woke later after shock and noticed that the straps have been cut, it was completely dark, and quite. I still felt the chassity around my penis, which everytime it got big. I notice an uncomfortable feeling in my ass as well, I notice that something was poking into it, and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I layed there trying to get comfortable, and started rubbing my legs togehther feeling the cooling silkly feeling from the white pantyhose, It felt good not to have the heels on, but instead some shiny black tap shoes strap on my feet, everytime, I rubbed, the feeling in my groin felt worse because of the chassity belt. I heard a noise and she came in and turned on a dark light, she was wearing short mini dress with black pantyhose and red high heels. She smiled at me ass she walked over and put a pair of wet black pantyhose over my face, which smelled kinda of funny, she explained to me, it was from here pussy. She then tied it around my neck really tight to the point off slow suffercation. She thing unlocked the chassity belt and I felt my penis beins being sucked into a wet unknown hole. She then tied my arms with stockings and tied each leg to her’s with stockings so they were spread apart and I couldn’t move, she then begin to move up and down on me licking my stocking face and choking me, until my penis shot out juice, she then move here down by the head of the my penis and collected my cum, as she continued to fuck me, and forced here fingers over my mouth which, suprisingly was not sealed completely shut. After an hour of this torture she moved here position so that my face was smothered between here legs, were still played for another hour. Afterwards she tied me to the bed and jerk me off all over my face and smeared all over my my lips, and left.

stay tuned for more to cum

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