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The Dentist Assistant

She was so desireable the first time I met her, I had to come back again. It all started when I changed dentist, and first met, shannon. So steamy, hot fire red hair, and green eyes, with that tight nurse skirt and white stockings, and opened toed high heels with hot pink finger and toe nail polish. The first time she preped me for the doctor I thought I was going to blow a load in my pants right there, thankfully I made it to the bathroom, she would just always smile and make sure I made more appointments. After a few months, I had to make an appointment for a wisdom tooth to be pulled and that is when everything got interesting. SIt was almost closing hours and I was the last patient of the day, as, she took me to the back room to prep me she glanced down and noticed my hardened cock. She just grinned at me and and laid me back in the chair, she explained to me that it would be painful so she was going to drug me up first. So after she gave me seven shots of morphine, I started to go numb, she continued to give me a dozen shots in my gumbs to numb my mouth, it was so numb, all I could do was lay and watch. She explained that she was gonig to pry my mouth open and that, I would have to breath out my nose because of the saliva build up and they need to keep my mouth open so they could work on the tooth, after she pried my mouth open with some metal divice, she gave me a devilish grin and started removing my shoes, then socks, then pants, I was as hard as a rock and couldn’t do anything about it, she then began to suck my cock as she pulled off my boxers, and couldn’t nothing but lay there breathing deep through my nose because of the saliva build up in my mouth. then I felt a prick and noticed as she pulled a shot from penius all of a sudden I was numb down there but still hard as a rock. She smiled at me and turn the light off and left. I heard talking to the doctor explaining that I no showed, and after more chit chat the doctor left, now it was just me and the freaky, sexy redhead. She came back in and locked the door carrying a bag. She then came over and began rubbing my cock, I was breathing so hard because I was numb and wanted satisfaction so bad. She then pulled my shirt off and placed a oxygen mask over my nose, I was full of sleeping gas, I was nodding off when i noticed her get on the dentist chair and position me up so I could focus on her legs and my throbbing numb hard cock. She then lifted her opened toed high heel pink toe nailfoot and smashed my cock and balls. I saw tears tears stream from my eyes, yet I could not feel it, I knew it had to hurt, She then creeped up to my face and suffocated my face with here white stocking pussy, I felt liquid filling up in the back of my throught and on my face as she peeed in my mouth. with a smile she got up and, then I nocked out. It seemed days laters but was only a few hours I was laying on yhe chair in a sitting up postion and could start to feel the numbness rubbing off, which was not good for my penis was still hard, I noticed I had on finger nail and toe nail polish the same color as hers. I also noticed a teddy and what looked like real breast underneath, I followed the teddy to my groin area wear I notice a type of plastic wrapped around my groin area and had realized that my scrotum was sticthed to my balls pulled back, I feelt like crying and notice my mouth was now closed, still full of her piss and my saliva, but yet my jaw felt locked shut, yet my lips felt wet like lipstick and I could see my eyelashes were different and my hair was longer a sexy red. I also noticed I was wearing thigh high white stockings and opened toed high heels. Shannon came up to me and smiled, how is my sexy little slave whore doing, I tired to speak and realized I hadswolled some piss, and started gagging, she just laughed, well we will have to stand you up, so I find can put your nurse outfit on and I notice I was still mostlty numb and she slid the short dress down over my teddy and barely covered my groin area. She then helped me walk slowly out of the dentist office outside past the security guard who was grinng at this to sexy hot redhead twins. She smiled at me and put me in the passenger seat and jumped in the car. Well now stacy, is your new name, and call me sis, because we will be doing lots of stuff together. Now that your my slave. And at that she gabbed penis and I screamed like a little bitch as she made me erect through my binding until I cummed all over my balls from the position off my penis and the sticthes and wiped it all over my nostrils and lips, welll baby maybe next time you will think before getting hard with your dental assistant slut, now lets go home and play eat my sister out and thencrush the balls. At that she smiled and licked her fingers.

to be continued

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