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First Date, Wet Date

Jim was 23 now, and he thought of himself as a typical horney male, with the possible exception of his fascination with women peeing. He had had this fascination for as long as he could remember. The trouble was, that while it wasn’t that hard to get a woman to go to bed with him after a date or two, finding a woman willing to pee while he watched had been another matter. So far he had seen one do it in front of him, and she was as they say, “drunk on her ass” at the time. She was mortified that she had done it the next day. Moreover, she almost wouldn’t talk to him after the incident and certainly would never entertain the thought of doing it again. Jim had been sober at the time, and it just as erotic as he thought it would be.

For some reason it was okay to screw somebody silly and be stark naked doing that, but peeing with someone watching was out of the question. Jim had peed in front of a few of his dates by leaving the bathroom door open when he peed, but that had never changed their position on the subject. When they peed, they closed the door tight and if he asked to watch the answer had been a resounding “NO!” Sooner or later he figured he would meet the girl of his dreams. He just had to keep trying. His date with Louise tonight was going to be another attempt. He didn’t know if he would even get in her pants tonight, let alone get the thrill of watching her pee, but he figured he had to start somewhere.

Jim was supposed to meet Louise downtown at the annual arts and crafts exhibit that evening. She worked in the same high-rise building that he did, though for another company, and while they had talked for several months, he had never dated her. Having gotten to know her a little, he finally got the nerve to ask her for a date. At 20 years old, she was a real “looker,” and Jim had just assumed that she had more dates and men hitting on her than she could handle. Much to his surprise she had said yes without even thinking about it when he had asked her out. Now that he had a date with her, he couldn’t find her!

While he thought he understood where the meeting place was supposed to be, either she was late or he had it wrong. He waited there for about fifteen minutes before wandering around looking for her. The thought was beginning to cross his mind that he had been stood up. The weather was warmer than he had anticipated it being, and he was on his was back to his car to leave his jacket in it when he spotted her leaving the exhibit in what seemed like a bit of a hurry.

“Why are you leaving?” Jim finally asked her when he caught up with her. “I thought we had a date, I just couldn’t find you.”

“We do, but…uh…I gotta pee. I mean…I really have to pee.”

“They have those porta-potties back there.” he said pointing back to the exhibit. “I don’t know where else you are going to find a toilet.”

“Oh God I hate those smelly things. I’d rather pee my panties than use one of them.”

“Well,” he said, “There is a restaurant about three blocks from here, or my car is a little closer and we can just take you to my place. The trouble with this neighborhood is that there aren’t any allies to slip into when you really have to go.”

“I noticed that. I was going to try to make the restaurant, but let’s just go to your place if you don’t mind. I hate public restrooms.” She said still walking briskly toward his car. “I think I can hold it. I guess that big glass of iced tea I had back there while I was looking for you just went right through me. Well, it was either that one or the one I had just before I left home.”

Yea, that ought to fill the old bladder up. he thought. “Okay. I can get home pretty quickly I guess.”

By the end of the next block, in spite of walking quickly, Louise was now walking funny, holding her legs together as she walked. This may have made it easier to hold it, but it also slowed her down. Jim found all of her antics rather amusing, but never let her know he was enjoying her plight. He secretly hoped that she did pee her panties.

“Oh the hell with it!” she finally said softly and stopped. She made it over to the nearest building and leaned back against it. “I can’t hold it any longer. I’m peeing my panties!”

At first he didn’t notice anything different. Nothing happened to her skirt, but then he didn’t really expect it to. Then there was the faint sound of a few drips of pee hitting the ground. A few seconds later there was a small stream of pee coming straight down from under her skirt and splashing against the sidewalk. Damn. Here she was peeing in front of him and he still didn’t’ get to see it. This was better than nothing and more than he had hoped for, but it certainly wasn’t what he had wanted. The odd part was that she didn’t seem to mind him watching her pee her panties. She just stood there peeing and watching him while he just stood there watching her in fascination. He had hoped there would be that erotic hissing sound women often make when they peed, but there was nothing, just the sound of her pee hitting the sidewalk. He noticed that watching her peeing her panties turned him on so much that he was starting to get hard just watching her.

Louise stopped peeing after a few seconds and moved away from the building. “That’s embarrassing. The first date with you and I pee my panties.” she said with her head down. “I’m sorry.”

Somehow she didn’t really sound all that sincerely embarrassed or sorry about what had just happened. “That’s okay.” he said, trying to reassure her. “Really.”

“It’s really okay?”

Him saying it was okay seemed to cheer her up. “Sure. It’s only pee. Not that big a deal. Really.” The big deal was in his pants; he was now rock hard and very excited over what he had just seen. He took her hand and they started walking again. Somehow Jim almost got the idea that while she had said that she was embarrassed, she had actually liked peeing her panties in front of him.

“We’ll just go to my place anyway.” he said when they got to his car. “It’s about half the distance that it is to yours. We can clean you up there.” He wasn’t sure what there was to clean up exactly, other than drying her panties out, but it made a good excuse to get her to his apartment and maybe get her naked under the guise of cleaning her up. He wasn’t sure how much of the “we” was needed to clean her up either, but at least he was with her now and that’s what really counted.

“Okay.” she said as she opened the door. “Do you want me to cover the seat with something so I don’t get it wet?”

“Not to worry,” Jim said, “it’s genuine Naugahide. You couldn’t get it wet if you had to.”

“That’s a relief,” Louise said getting into the car, “I didn’t think you would like it very much if I got your seat wet with my pee.” She hiked her skirt up behind her so she wasn’t sitting on it when she go into the car.

“This may sound a little kinky,” he blurted out as the car pulled away from the curb, “but I would actually like to watch you pee, not just be there when you wet your panties like you did back there, but actually watch you pee. I know this sounds weird, but I have always thought it would be erotic as all hell to watch a girl pee.” Jim was now hoping that he hadn’t sacred her off with all of that. It had taken a whole lot less to scare off some of the dates he had had lately.

“Sure, you can do that.” she said softly. “I guess I still have quite a bit left. I wet my panties, but I didn’t let it all go.”

“I’d love it if you would do that for me!” Jim felt a stirring in his pants again. She was going to pee for him and he was getting hard all over again at just the thought of her telling him that. He was thinking that he just may have found someone into watersports after all.

When they got to his apartment, Jim led her into his bedroom. Thank God he had cleaned the place up before he had gone out to meet her, on the off chance that he would bring her over here after their date. He wasn’t exactly a slob, but he wasn’t normally Captain Neat either. He just had the foresight to clean the place up in an attempt to make a good first impression. “You can just slip out of your wet panties and I’ll rinse them off and put them in the dryer.”

“You have a dryer in here? That’s great.” she said slipping the wet panties down her legs. “Here,” she said handing them to him. “this is great.”

Jim took them to the kitchen and rinsed them off some. He put them in the dryer on his way back to the bedroom. “Do you still feel like peeing for me?” he asked when he got back to her.

“Sure. I just let out a little out there on the street. Just enough so relieve the pressure so it would stop hurting. I still need to go.”

“Good. The bathrooms right this way.” he said heading for it.

Louise followed him into the bathroom and took a seat on the toilet, hiked her skirt up out of the way and spread her legs wide so he could see. Jim watched between her legs as the pee started. At first it was just a few drops, then there was a small stream going into the toilet, and as she really let go, it was almost a fan shaped spray coming from between her thick pussy lips. He felt a raging hardon grow in his pants as he watched her pee.

“You know,” she said cutting off the stream, getting off the toilet and wiping herself, “peeing for you has really gotten me very horney, and judging from that bulge in your pants, you’re in the same condition.”

“You bet it has, but we can certainly go into the bedroom and do something about it.” he said.

They returned to the bedroom where she removed the rest of her clothes and he quickly got undressed. Watching her pee had made him horney alright; very horney. They pulled the comforter and top sheets off the waterbed and got into bed. They began to caress each other and kiss. After a few minutes of that, he offered to eat her. When she told he that she loved to get off that way, he had his face between her legs as quickly as he could scramble down there. Jim was hoping that there would still be a taste of her pee left in her pussy. It was still there! His tongue worked its way up and down her slit, flicking over her aroused clit and back to her entrance and her urethra. As Jim continued to eat her and as she became more aroused, he thought the taste of her pee should have gone away. Every so often he thought she had released a little more of it. At first he lust lapped it up and didn’t say anything. As she got closer to having an orgasm, there was more of it, and he finally asked her about it. “Do you still have to pee?”

“A little. Sometimes I like to let some escapes as I come or when I get close to it. Does it bother you? You can stop eating me if it does.”

“Hell No it doesn’t bother me, actually I rather like it. I was just curious. This is a waterbed so it won’t hurt anything if you do pee some.” He resumed eating her and spent even more time down by her urethra lapping at her.

“Keep licking me down there,” she panted, “and I’ll finger my clit till I come. It feels good when you lick me where I pee, but I can’t quite get off that way.” Her finger went to her clit and started going in small circles around it. She drew her knees up, tilting her ass up so she could play with her clit and he could still lick her without her finger getting in his way. She knew that it was a lot easier on his neck too.

Jim started licking just her opening and where she peed. He stopped now and then to adjust his position and take a good look at her hot looking ass. She was getting pretty close to coming now, and he was busy licking up all that juice and pee that leaked out of her.

A few more minutes and Louise was starting to come. “Okay…yea…I’m, coming now.” she started to moan. “Here it…comes!” she really getting loud now. To Jim’s complete surprise, quite a bit of pee gushed out of her in a small stream as her orgasm started. For just a second Louise was actually peeing right in his mouth! Jim almost had an orgasm himself. He furiously lapped away at her as she came on his tongue and face.

When her orgasm was finally over he lifted his head from between her legs. “That was fantastic!” he exclaimed. “I loved it.”

“Good.” she said between breaths. “I found some time ago that I get off even better when I pee a little as I come. Sometimes if I have much in my bladder it gets a little messy as I don’t want to stop peeing.”

“Wow.” was about all Jim could manage to say. This had been better than he imagined it would be. “Are you really into watersports?” he finally asked her.

“Sure. Sometimes I even pee for the guy when he is inside me and about to come. Some guys really get off on that…and then some think they are sure I have a bladder problem, which I don’t at all. It’s just better when I pee when I come.”

“Would you do that for me?” he said as he sat up and moved next to her.

“Okay, but we will have to wait a little while to actually get it on if you want the full treatment. My bladder is about peed out right now. If I can get some ice water I guess I could do that in about half an hour or forty five minutes.”

They left the bedroom and went to the living room by way of the kitchen where Jim got Louise a very large glass of ice water. He got himself a beer and they sat and talked while she sipped her water. She told him of her discovering what watersports had done to her sex life and how much it had improved it. Like Jim, she had made this discovery at an early age. She had met a few guys that liked it, and the ones that didn’t, she just didn’t see again. He told her of his desires regarding watersports and how most of the girls he had dated want nothing at all to do with with while idea.

After about forty minutes and a couple of glasses of water later, Louise told Jim that they could go back to the bedroom now and make love. Jim had gotten soft while they sat around talking, but he felt a stirring as they walked hand in hand back to the bedroom.

After a little foreplay, she pulled him over on top of her. “It’s time you had a really good screwing.” she told him, “One that you won’t soon forget.”

He was very hard and she was very wet. He entered her and sank himself all the way into her in one stroke. He admired her body and played with her tits as he moved in and out of her. He knew he wouldn’t last long, and hoped she would be ready soon too. As he looked at her face, she seemed to get a strained look on her face. A few seconds later he felt the hot wet stream of her pee hit the base of his cock. The little stream of her hot pee now soaked his pubic hair and began dripping off his balls as he pumped her madly. This was sheer heaven. A moment later his cock began spewing his hot white come deep inside her.

The bed was getting soaked with her hot pee and he didn’t care. He was having the orgasm of his life, moaning, screaming at times, and all the while filling her with more of his come than he had ever let loose in his life. Just as he thought his orgasm was coming to an end, hers started. Now the pee came out of her in a torrent. Her pussy squeezed his cock tighter than he had ever felt a woman’s pussy squeeze his cock as she had a wild orgasms below him; bucking, scratching his back with her finger nails, and screaming. He was so exited by it all, for the first time in his life he had a second orgasm right after the first! Jim was now hooked on watersports.

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