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(My) collection of spanking short stories and observations of the spanking/BDSM lifestyle has been both a pleasurable experience - and one of great sadness. I am a disciplinarian, first and foremost. I spank
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Golden Girl

I have sometimes read letters in Fiesta about urolagnia, as I believe it is called, and am always turned on by them. I often wanted to watch past girl friends pee, but never dared to ask! With Irene it just happened. I have been sharing her flat, and
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Me, Frank and Mitch

I married Frank because no man had ever done things to me like he did! He's a champion cunt-licker. But then I've had several hot young men who craved the taste of pussy. He's got a fat, long cock with a monstrous knob on it just made for slurpin
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Golden Vice

We were sitting on the couch. making out, while the TV was showing an old re-run of "Miami Vice". Our hands were busy between each other's legs, while our lips and tongues were tenderly exploring each other's mouths. "Rub me some more," she moane
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Toni closed her eyes as she reclined into the soft backed chair. She let the rocking of the train lull her into a dreamy half sleep. She was tired, a little hung over, but feeling very good about the world. As a Brit abroad in the States, she was
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Pee-ping Helen

Helen was walking towards the showers in the dressingroom, she was still wearing her bathingsuit. She had enjoyed the three hours she had spent at the swimmingpool. There weren't many people here today, mostly young girls. She heard some giggling
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Henry and Margot

The third date was set for the following Saturday, in sequence with the other two. Henry wanted to see her before then, but Margot was really too busy with work and her part-time college classes. But he did talk with her about her interest in this ac
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The Pee Pirate

Moving up to the deck, Leigh watches the crew nervously a moment before relaxing enough to move to the railing. A few of the crew members leer, but most respect their captain well enough to ignore the tempting display the slave puts on as she watches
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I told you a couple months ago about the gorgeous 30 year old girl I live with. As you may recall, we have pet names for each other, I call her Kitten and she calls me daddy? We've done so many nasty things over the past few months. But there was alw
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