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Golden Girl

I have sometimes read letters in Fiesta about urolagnia, as I believe it is called, and am always turned on by them. I often wanted to watch past girl friends pee, but never dared to ask! With Irene it just happened. I have been sharing her flat, and bed, with her for six months now. A couple of weeks ago we went to the wedding of a relative of hers. As I drove us back home, Irene dozed off. Just after I got onto a motorway she woke up, “Where are we? I’m dying to pee!” she said. When I told her where we were and that there were no Services she did not turn a hair. “Oh well, holding it makes me randy anyway,” she said, crossing her legs. The knowledge that she was in need of a pee gave me a hard-on. To my amazement Irene promptly dozed off again.

I drove on, and after I left the motorway slowed down through a small town only to see that the toilets were closed. Irene still dozed but I could see her foot swinging and knew she was squeezing her thighs under her dress in her sleep. She woke up with a start when we were quite near her flat. She sat bolt upright in her seat, her dress dragged up, her hand between her thighs. “I thought I was doing it. I dreamed I was pissing!”

In the light of a street lamp we passed I could see her fingers pressed to the gusset of her tights. “Oooh, I’m bursting!” she told me, and I saw her clench her thighs tight together. My prick was hard and throbbing and I also needed to pee. I told Irene this and offered to stop at a pub car park. Irene reached over with her free hand and put it on my thigh. “You can’t piss with that! You’ll have to fuck me first!” I drove on with Irene gently rubbing at her pussy. “I’ll make myself come if you don’t speed up. If I do then I’ll flood the car!”

A few minutes later we were home and I fully expected Irene to pull down her tights and briefs and squat down in the driveway. She held on and was hopping from one foot to the other as we waited for the lift. In the lift she put her arms around me and began to kiss me, her knee between mine, her pussy rubbing hard against my thigh.

“I’m nearly doing it,” she breathed into my lips. “Did you ever fuck a girl when she was bursting?

“You want us to fuck? You’ll soak the bed.” I said. “In the loo. You’ll have to take your things off. You can’t imagine what it’s like to have a stiff prick inside you when you’re bursting!” The lift stopped with a jolt and Irene broke away, grabbed herself between her legs. “Ooh, I’ve done some. I’m so full I can taste it.”

She was nearly frantic as I fumbled with the key to the flat. Urging me to hurry, her hand between her legs, her dress pulled up, she grabbed my hand and dragged me into the loo. “Unzip me,” she muttered, turning her back. I unfastened her dress. “Take your suit off, quick,” she urged, already getting out of her dress. Her waist slip quickly followed and all the time she kept grabbing at her pussy.

She made me sit on the loo, shirt rolled up around my waist, Y fronts halfway down my thighs. Irene straddled me, having ripped the gusset of her tights. Pulling aside the gusset of her briefs she lowered herself slowly onto my prick. “Ooh, can’t wait much longer,” she gasped, bobbing up and down on me, my prick going deeper and deeper into her. She sucked in her breath, riding me faster. “Going to come. Can’t help it. Going to come,” she gasped out. Come she did, and a warm flood bathed my balls as she began to piss. At that moment I erupted inside her, filling her with my spunk as she relax her taught sphincter at the moment of orgasm.

Later Irene told me that once before she had fucked with a full bladder at the insistence of former boyfriend. She had soaked the bed, much to his annoyance. I plucked up courage and told her I had often wanted to watch a girl pee. She laugh and said I could watch her as often as I wanted, on one condition, that I fucked her immediately afterwards. I was only too willing to agree to this request.

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