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Henry and Margot

The third date was set for the following Saturday, in sequence with the other two. Henry wanted to see her before then, but Margot was really too busy with work and her part-time college classes. But he did talk with her about her interest in this activity.

“It started,” she explained, “When I was talking with a girlfriend who mentioned that she had practiced it whenever she had sex with her boyfriend. The genital areas are the most sensuous parts of the body, for either sexes. The degree of sexual enhancement is profoundly affected by both heat and wetness. Furthermore, there is a delicious naughtiness associated with it, although I don’t see it as a way to rebel against society’s standards, as some folks might. But it is a most primeval technique for sexual arousal and fulfillment. It is also a major way of dealing with the stress of the week, built up in both work and in school. There is so much discipline required in nearly all technical fields these days, people need some kind of relief valve.”

“So I tried it out for myself: first as a solo activity. It took some practice in order to do it at will, especially with my clothes on. But after awhile, I could manage to do it in any position, laying down in bed, or standing up, fully dressed. I always connected it psychologically with the sexual act. It provided a level of excitement that I had never known before. Of course, when I tried it with dates, I found that some guys were so straight that it turned them off. But others were very turned on by the activity. Eventually I created many scenarios, all in private, secluded areas, because I felt that this was a very private and personal act, not to be shared in public. My girlfriend told me she had carefully cut out the crotch area of her jeans and had worn them, without panties, in public areas, completely undetected by people around her. That was very exciting sexually for her. So I combined that idea in last week’s scenario with our escapades. But I have many more creative variations for our activities.” Her closing remarks made Henry excited to return every Saturday for years to come.

So this third date was, as always, one of Margot’s creations. Henry, as ever, was charged up and very ready for her new ideas. This time, their date was to be a camping trip with Margot’s powerboat to a nearby lake. They would spend overnight in the camping area and come back Sunday morning. Henry would bring extra jeans and towels, his sleeping bag and his swimming trunks. Margot would bring her cots and tent, lunch and dinner. They would go out for breakfast on Sunday at a local restaurant.

When he came to her door, he was surprised to see her wearing a skirt and blouse: not jeans. But when they hugged, she told him that she wasn’t wearing panties. This little bit of information warmly excited Henry. When they arrived at the lake, they immediatly loaded everything in the boat and went cruising to the far side, where there were many secluded coves. The boat was just 17 feet long, with a forward deck for sunning and a cover over the cockpit area. They anchored in a deserted cove. Margot brought out the lunch and the beer. When they finished lunch, she moved over to Henry and playfully sat in his lap. The beer was taking its effect in two ways and she suddenly relaxed and a flood of hot fluid moved through her skirt and down Henry’s pants, into his crotch area, inflamming Henry’s passions as it paused, collecting in the seat below him. When she finished, she suddenly got up, opened his pants and inserted his excited instrument into her. “Now, she said, it’s your turn. Close your eyes and relax.” For awhile, Henry could not do it. Finally, he pushed and strained with success. He flooded her insides with his fluids. She put pressure on the muscles of her vagina in order to keep the fluids within her. Then, she let them rush out, cascading into Henry’s genital area, providing a high state of excitement. He was able to completely fill her cavity with his fluids. It was a very exciting moment for Henry. And Margot was able to release that marvelous fluid at will, providing more thrills for both. The sexual excitement came quickly for both of them, and they fell asleep for an hour or more. When they awoke, they cleaned up, changed into swimming wear, and took the boat back to the boat ramp. After loading it onto the trailer, they drove over to the campsite where they checked in and set up camp. The work finished, Margot sat down at the beach, looking out at the beauty of the lake. She had taken a familiar stance: sitting with knees up and hands behind her for support. Henry, noticing that position, sat next to her and a little down, with one hand under her crotch. Suddenly, despite the fact that other people were around, and without warning, he felt a surge of warm fluids racing over his hand, exciting him to the point that he ran into the lake for a cool swim. Late that night, in the tent, Margot suddenly climbed on top of Henry’s cot and gave him another warm shower. He responded by repeating his accomplishment in the boat. After cleaning up, they both slept arm-in-arm in Henry’s sleeping bag.

There were many more encounters over the weeks ahead. Henry’s achievement was stunning to him and it occurred many times over the weeks and months to follow. However, over a period of several years, Henry noticed something both strange and very exciting about Margot. Her vaginal cavity became noticeably warm: feverishly warm. Although he was concerned about it and mentioned it to her, still the hot feeling was exceptionally thrilling for Henry. However, after about two years, the relationship ended and Margot moved on to other men and other situations while Henry only had his memories. Years went by, but apparently the feverish cavity problem left no serious health problem. But it did make that hot cave a very exciting place for any man to enter thereafter.

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