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Pee-ping Helen

Helen was walking towards the showers in the dressingroom, she was
still wearing her bathingsuit. She had enjoyed the three hours she had
spent at the swimmingpool. There weren’t many people here today, mostly
young girls. She heard some giggling at the showerstalls, though she
thought nothing of it, this was after all a public swimminghall.

When she entered the showerroom, she could not see the girls
giggling, though she could hear them. Obviously they were the only ones
here. No showers were running, so she could hear them quite well. She
decided to get a closer peek at why they were giggling this much. Helen
found a showerstall close by and went inside. She looked into the
mirror on the opposite wall. She could see the two girls quite well
from there.

The girls, one blond and one brunette, were in the same showerstall,
though the water was not running from the shower. The girls were
running their hands down eachother’s bodies, caressing eachother.

Helen stared into the mirror, mesmerized by this sight. How could
they be doing this in a public place? She studied their young bodies,
their firm shapes, round breasts and long legs. She noticed they were
both shaved, the blond had no pubic hair, while the brunette had a tiny
trail of hair on her mound.

Then the brunette squatted down in front of the blond. Helen was
watching them closely, both intriqued and somewhat offended by their
boldness. Helen watched the girl kissing and licking the other girls
inner thighs, her hands roaming about on her flat stomach. The girl
slowly closed in on the bald pussy, the tongue getting closer inch by
inch. When the tongue finally flickered over the pink lips, Helen
heard the blond moan loudly.

“Are you ready, Marian?” the blond girl said, taking hold of the
brunette’s hair, pressing her face hard against her bald pussy.

“Yes!” the brunette answered.

What happened next made Helen’s eyes open wide and her jaw fall
almost to the ground. The blond girl started peeing. The golden stream
splashing all over the brunette’s face, cascading down her neck,
running over her big, firm breasts. Then she saw the brunette open her
mouth, and the golden stream vanish into the open mouth. Helen saw how
the girl swallowed and swallowed. This was too much, never before had
Helen seen anything like it. This was disgusting, but she couldn’t help
staring at the young girls.

When the blond stopped peeing, the brunette licked her pussy, her
tongue running through the soaked lips, sliding inside her. Helen saw
that the brunette looked up at the other girl. The blond then made the
other girl rise up, by pulling her hair. Then the two girls kissed,
their mouths meeting in a piss-soaked kiss. Their tongues playing with

The brunette positioned herself against the wall, swaying her butt
in small circles at the blond. The blond girl got down on her knees,
placing a hand on each asscheek of the brunette. She gently caressed
the buttocks, her hands exploring every inch of the firm buttom. The
brunette then turned her head and looked into the mirror. Helen was
sure that she knew she was watching them. Her cheeks blushed brightly,
and she had to look away. But her eyes went back to the hot sight,
Helen couldn’t help it, she was getting turned on by this.

Hands gently spreading apart the buttocks, Helen saw the pink lips
of the brunette’s pussy, but more interesting was her rear hole. Helen
could see that it was completely shaved. This was too much, she had to
do something about the increasing burning feeling in her pussy. Slowly
Helen brought her hand to her pussy, pulling the bathingsuit aside,
revelaing her pussy. She had to play with herself.

The blond girl then leaned over, her tongue flickering over the
brunette’s puckered asshole. Helen watched it all as if it was moving
in slow-motion. She watched how the tongue played with the hole,
running around it, gently poking against it. The blond girl then
pressed a finger inside, making the brunette squirm and whimper. Helen
slipped a finger into her soaked pussy, gently playing with herself,
slowly moving the finger back and forth, deeper and deeper.

Gradually the blond girl was fucking her girlfriend’s asshole
faster and harder, the finger joined by another. The brunette was
moaning loudly, rubbing her pussy wildly with one hand. Helen was doing
the same, rubbing her wet pussy, using two fingers now. She had never
thought this could happen, not here anyway.

“OH, GOD. Here it comes!” the brunette whimpered, and no more than
the words had passed her lips, a torrent gush of pee spurted out of her
pussy. Splashing on the breasts of the blond girl behind her. The
brunette squirmed wildly, as her girlfriend fucked her rear and the
pee spurted out of her. She was coming hard, moaning and squealing.

Helen squatted down, inserting another finger into her soaking hole.
She started fucking her own pussy wildly, her eyes closed. The fingers
went faster and faster. The images of the two girls vivid in her mind.
She was so hot, god she needed to cum. The fingers going deeper and
deeper. Then she felt it, the feeling of cumming in her pussy. As the
orgasm washed over her, a wonderful warm feeling spread throughout her
entire body, and she had to give in to the emotions. She could no
longer control herself. Her pee spurting about in the showerstall as
she stroked faster and faster, riding hard on the orgasmic wave.

“Bravo!” she heard someone say. And as she opened her eyes, she
saw the two girls standing in front of her. The girls were clapping
their hands, both smiling widely. “That must have been some orgasm” the
brunette said. Helen blushed deeply, removing her piss-wet fingers from
her pussy.

The girls went out of the showerroom, leaving Helen alone all
soaked, and she hadn’t even showered yet.

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