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My First Watersport Adventure

It was a one night stand. We talked sex over a couple of drinks and couldn’t wait to get to a motel. “Want to watch me pee?” she asked as she pulled off her panties and sat on the toilet. I suggested we begin with a golden shower in the shower and we splashed in each other’s pee.

It was my first time. We watched some XXX video and played with each other and began fucking. She asked me if I had ever pissed in a pussy and I admitted I had not. It was more difficult than I imagined. I came first and my cock was still fairly hard and in her pussy. Finally, I let it go and the warm piss ran out of her pussy on the sheets. She was in heaven. She then sat on my face and pulled her pink cunt lips apart, asking me if I had ever had a drink of piss. I had not. Suddenly a stream of pee run down over my face and I licked it up and kissed her pussy. We checked out about

three hours later and laughed about the wet sheets we left behind. It was a first and we have each other’s phone numbers and agreed to do it again. Nice first time experience.

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