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Wet Welcome

I decided to walk up to the house to welcome you to the neighborhood. You ask if I would like a glass of iced tea and I accept. I almost didn’t come over because of what I was wearing when I first thought about being neighborly and saying “hi” to the new neighbor on the block. It was a very hot and humid day. I had been working around the house and had woken up early. I decided not to pee right way and see how I would feel with a pair of thong panties and tight denim cut-off shorts. It felt very tight and uncomfortable. It also felt very irritating because of the thong up the crack of my ass along with the back seam of my jean shorts helped to spread my ass checks wide apart.

I put on this small tee-shirt which was old and worn, but very comfortable, except for the tightness across the largest part of my chest. I have a nice figure, 38C-26-35. My breasts are beautifully shaped, they are firm and bouncy and point straight out. They are natural not silicon. I’m proud of my natural breasts. No matter what I wear, their shape can easily be seen through any clothes. Especially this skimpy excuse for a tee-shirt. As I knocked on your door I became very aroused. Thinking about how badly I had to pee set my pussy on fire.

When you came to the door, it looked like you were in the middle of some strenuous work. Maybe you were jerking off. All you had on was a tight pair of blue jeans trying to conceal your rock hard cock through the crotch of your pants. I really had to go now. I didn’t know how long I could hold on. I just wanted to say and hi and then leave. We sat on the front porch of your house. I was sitting in a very uncomfortable straight back chair, which made me have to sit very upright.

The air was sweltering, I could feel myself begin to really perspire which made me feel wet all over. I was beginning to worry as to whether my breast were completely exposed by this time. There was an obvious sexual tension in the air. I kept thinking about your jacking off and then hearing the door knock. You asked me if I wanted a tour of your home and I said yes. You took me to every room and took your time explaining the history of many pieces of furniture. I finally ask you if I could use his bathroom. I knew from your answer you wanted more than to be neighbors.

You said your water had not yet been turned on. All the toilets were drained and that I’d have to walk back home to use the potty. I knew I couldn’t make it. I started to perspire more and more. I was so hot and sticky. Out of nowhere came a silk scarf from behind my head and tied around my head and mouth to keep me from making a sound. The mystery man stood in front of me and you introduced him as your buddy Dave. Dave reached over to me and started to pinch my nipples through the thin material, then simply pulled my tee-shirt up and placed it behind my neck, while keeping my sleeves on. It only made my tits protrude farther out.

Now he started to very gently fondle the very tip of each nipple, it was though he knew exactly what to do to get me into a frenzied state of arousal. He started pinching a little harder until I felt his mouth and tongue pressing down on one nipple. You were watching the whole entire scene before you. I could see your cock had grown incredibly in your pants. I could see the entire outline of your swollen dick. I wanted to suck your cock so badly.

You asked Dave to get away and he stepped back. You walked over and put your hand on my breasts. You fondled each one and stimulated each nipple so intensely, that I almost came. But each time I would try to relax and enjoy the sexual feeling, my bladder would relax also and I simply couldn’t piss my pants right there in front of two men. I was really sweating by now and my bladder was about to burst. My lit was swollen and was tight against the seam of my shorts.

Every time I would squirm, my clit would get stroked. I didn’t know what to do. Since I was bound and gagged, it was hard to describe what I was going through. I tried pointing to my crotch, but you just stood there and played with my tits as you rubbed your huge member through your pants. You stepped back and told Dave to stand right before me. He first asked Dave if he had to piss. Dave told him he has had to piss for 12 hours and that he was about to piss himself. Somehow hearing what I was actually hearing turned me on so much I felt as if I could cum. Dave was told to unzip his jeans and pull out his dick.

It was gigantic. It was hard, purple and looked lubricated. Dave had been instructed before he put his pants on the day before, to make sure he thoroughly spread Vaseline all along the crotch and surrounding areas of his jeans and his body. Dave walked up closer to me and reached out to pinch my nipples some more. I was on the brink of wetting my pants and cumming. Dave then pinched hard on both nipples and began to piss right on my clit. He stood there and moaned then grabbed his still pissing cock and began to jerk it wildly. Before long I saw that his piss had turned into huge globs of cum splattering on my tits.

When Dave was finished, you came over and got me. You untied me, but kept my hands behind my back. I told you I was about to wet myself. Tears were forming in my eyes. There I was standing there, no tee shirt, beautiful tits staring him in the face jiggling every time I would squirm or try to cross my legs. His cock was bursting out his pants. He asked me to lie down, but to first take off my shorts and panties. I was so excited that I could relieve some of the pressure on my bladder.

Once I was totally nude, he handed me a bottle of baby oil and told me to rub it EVERYWHERE on my body. I did as instructed. It was now time for me to lie down. He had me lay down on my back and told me to spread my legs open as far as I could. He got down on his knees and shoved his cock as hard as he could into my pussy. I almost wet myself right then. He then flipped me over and had me sitting on his hard cock. He grabbed my hips and slowly slid me up and down the shaft of his cock. The skin over my clit was being pulled each time he would pull me in or pull me out.

I felt my orgasm starting to build. I was drenched with sweat. Each time his huge cock would slam into my pussy I got closer and closer to my own orgasm. Then it happened. I felt myself let go and get lost in the feeling of my orgasm as I started to piss all over his cock and balls. He trust his cock deeper and faster into me until I felt his cock hardened further then pulsate inside my pussy. I felt as if I would never stop pissing. It was the most intense and erotic orgasm I’ve ever had.

The feeling of being tied up, helpless and bound while being sexually stimulated and teased while having to take the biggest piss of your life was all my clit could take. I’ll never forget that.

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