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Pam was a friend of ours from years gone by. We hadn’t seen her since high school, but she had kept in touch with my wife over the years. She had been through a string of relationships and careers, and had decided to just start over again down south. Since we had relocated to South Carolina, we were geographically at the halfway point on her quest for a new life. She sent a note saying that she would like to stop by and see us on her way to Florida. We readily agreed, anxious to see an old friend, and get caught up on the hometown gossip.

At first I was a little anxious, because she and I had dated prior to the time when my wife and I had met. After a rather casual breakup, she and my wife had become close friends while I was out sowing my wild oats. Their friendship had developed into a lasting bond that spans distance and time.

There was a flurry of activity as she called on her cell phone to get the last detailed directions to our house, making sure that everything was in order, and that our children were reminded to be on their best behavior. We ran out to greet her as she pulled in the drive, and got out of her car smiling and bearing gifts for the children. Though they had never met “Aunt Pam” in person, they knew her through pictures and short phone conversations. Hugs were exchanged, bags brought in, and we settled in for our visit.

After a relaxed dinner, we tucked the children in bed and spent the next several hours getting caught up on the major events on our lives. The conversation came easy and reluctantly some time later, we decided that it was time for bed.

My wife and I settled under the covers, re-playing our conversation, and commenting on how good Pam looked. She seemed excited about her move, was happy with who she was, and most importantly, still displayed her air of independence. I tried not to comment too much about how good I actually thought Pam looked, afraid that I might cross that unseen boundary that seems to elude men when talking about other women with their wives. But my wife kept on talking about how beautiful she was…

I have to admit, that I’d never heard my wife go into such detail about another woman’s appearance or her physical beauty, and I was getting kind of excited by it. And taking advantage of the situation, I started to softly nuzzle my wife’s neck.

Her response was familiar and warm. She rolled on her side facing me and softly traced her tongue over my lips. She reached down between us and found that I was already hard inside my boxers.

“Hmmm, what has got you so turned on?” she asked.

“Just the thought and feel of you” I replied in half-truth.

“Are you sure that’s all? You’re not thinking about Pam are you?”

It’s now or never I thought. If it went wrong, I had slept on the couch before.

“Well, yeah” I said. “I’ve never heard you talk about how beautiful another woman is like you have about Pam. And honestly, I found it extremely exciting”.

She remained quiet for a moment. “Did you ever sleep with her?”

“No, we weren’t together that long, and it just never happened”.

“Would you if the opportunity presented itself?” This was definitely a dangerous question for a husband to answer…especially with her hand wrapped around my cock.

“I don’t think I like the thought of sharing”, she said before I could reply.

“But I could go ask her if she’d like to watch us if you promise not to touch her” my wife said much to my amazement.

“OK” was the only thoughtful response that came to my mind.

My wife got up out of bed, and slipped her nightie over her head and whispered, “I’ll be back”, as she closed the door behind her.

My heart was absolutely pounding. We had never discussed anything remotely similar to this before, and I was still in shock that this was happening. My wife had always been fairly reserved about our sex life. Sex was good, but just not “wild”.

After what seemed to be an eternity, my wife came back without a word and went and turned the bathroom light on. The room was lit dimly, but enough so that we could see well. She came back into the bedroom, and moved the armchair right next to the foot of the bed.

She sat down next to me (I swear my heart was going to jump out of my chest) and said, “Pam was extremely flattered and excited. But we had to lay down some ground rules. #1 You are not to touch her. #2 She is not to touch you. She is here as a spectator only. Understood?”

Swallowing hard, all I could say was, “Yes”.

There was a soft knock at the door, and Pam came in quietly. She was wearing a loose fitting short and camisole outfit. My wife pointed to the chair next to the bed, and asked her to sit.

“Are you sure you guys are okay with this?” Pam asked. “I mean, I’ve never even thought of doing anything like this, and I don’t want this to be a problem for you two either.”

“We’re okay” my wife replied.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to start, so I sat up in bed and faced my wife. She was sitting cross legged, and I was in front of her, kneeling. I ran my hands down her neck, over her shoulders and down her arms. I leaned in and kissed her softly, taking her face in my hands. I traced my tongue over her lips as she opened her mouth slightly. I turned her to face Pam at the foot of the bed, and moved around behind her.

I began to massage her neck and shoulders, moving her hair out of the way so I could gently suck on her neck. She was rolling her head softly from side to side, eyes closed, enjoying my touch. I looked up briefly at Pam. She sat smiling, leaning back in her chair with her feet up on the edge of the bed.

I moved my hands around my wife’s sides, and cupped her breasts, lifting them as I sucked on her neck. A soft moan came from her. I could feel her nipples stiffen under my hands, and softly pinch them though the fabric of her nightie. Another soft moan. I looked up at Pam again. She wasn’t smiling anymore. Her eyes were locked on my hands as they alternately massaged the fullness of my wife’s breasts, and pulled at her nipples though the fabric.

I continued kissing and caressing, in no hurry. I wanted this to be something absolutely special. My wife’s hands covered my as they roamed over her chest. I heard a soft whimper from the foot of the bed, and I saw Pam cupping and massaging her breasts, almost in a mirror image of what we were doing.

My wife opened her eyes, looked at Pam, smiled and said softly, “That’s nice”. I wasn’t sure if she was talking about what I was doing to her, or if she was referring to seeing Pam relaxing with herself.

I pushed the thin straps of my wife’s nightie off of her shoulders, and pulled them down, exposing her breasts. I heard Pam inhale quickly and say, “Oh”. My wife opened her eyes again and moved her arms from the straps. She and Pam locked eyes. My wife’s breasts were fully exposed as she faced her friend. My wife cupped a breast in each hand, and held them up, almost as an offering. I moved to her side and leaned in to lick her nipple, allowing Pam full view of my tongue touching my wife’s hardness.

Another soft, “Oh” from the foot of the bed. Pam slowly removed her camisole top, closed her eyes and sat back in the chair facing us. Her breasts were much larger and firmer than my wife’s. She pushed them together, and pinched her nipples between her fingers, twisting and pulling on them. My wife and I sat mesmerized. Pam opened her eyes, put her feet on the edge of the bed and said, “Keep going”.

My wife turned to me and lifted me up on my knees. My boxers were bulging out, and a small wet spot had leaked through the front from my precum. My wife grasped me through the material of my shorts and milked upwards, creating another wet spot. “Look Pam, he’s really excited about this!”

She leaned forward and licked the newly formed wet spot. “Mmmm, sweetness”.

I looked over at Pam, and her mouth was opened slightly, her tongue rolling over her lips, again mimicking my wife’s actions.

My wife pulled my waistband down, and pulled me out of my shorts. I was kneeling on my bed, my wife holding me in her hand. She circled her fingers around the base of my shaft, and milked upwards again. A big fat drop of precum leaked out of me, and my wife put her tongue right under my head to catch it. She pulled back a little, stringing my juice between her tongue and my cock. I looked over at Pam again, and saw her eyes locked on what my wife was doing. She was leaning back in her chair, kind of opening and closing her legs.

“How does he taste?” Pam whispered.

“Salty sweet…and very wet” my wife replied.

I reached over my wife’s back and pushed her nightie off of her hips, exposing her beautiful raised ass as she took my full length in her mouth. I proceeded to hold her head as I thrust into her mouth for a few moments, making those wonderful slurping sucking noises. Though my wife does not like me to cum in her mouth, she gets very excited when I take her head in my hands and pound into her mouth. In all honesty, there is nothing that will get her wetter. And there is nothing I enjoy more than sucking every drop of her juice after she has gotten that excited.

I pulled her off of my cock with a little pop. We looked at Pam. She had her legs spread slightly, and her feet back on the edge of the bed. She had her breast in her hand, pushing it up so she could flick her nipple with her tongue. Her other hand was lightly rubbing over the material of her shorts.

I told her that we were going to give her a close up view of my favorite thing and I laid down on the bed with my head actually between her feet. I pulled my wife over, and had her straddle my face. I spread my wife’s lips open wide and tilted my head back to see Pam’s reaction.

“My God, you’re so wet!” Pam whispered. She leaned forward in her chair, “I can actually see wetness on your thighs! Oh man, I can actually smell your wetness. ”

I pulled my wife’s lips back, and exposed her clit, and lifted my head up, being conscious that I wanted Pam to have a clear view. My tongue ran a circle around my wife’s clit, and then pulled her down on my tongue so I could push it deep into her pussy.

Pam and my wife moaned at the same time. My wife rocked back and forth on my mouth, Pam’s head less than a foot from us.

“Pam, let me see your wetness too” my wife moaned. Pam quickly stood and pushed her shorts down, letting them fall on the floor as she stepped out of them. I opened my eyes and looked up at Pam’s pussy. She was completely shaven with thick full lips. She sat back down, scooted her ass to the edge of the chair, spread her legs wide, and put her feet back on the edge of the bed.

While my wife was grinding her pussy against my mouth, we could both see Pam using both of her hands to spread herself open. Her juice was actually leaking out of her and running down her ass. She used her finger to smear the juice over her opening in small circles, while her other hand reach down behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart. She got serious and started pushing her finger in and out of her pussy, dragging her finger up over her clit and driving back in. With her other hand, she was teasing her asshole with her fingernail.

“God that is so hot!” my wife cried. “I’m going to cum in his mouth while you’re playing with yourself!” I felt the familiar tension in my wife building as she started to tremble and grunt. I could feel her bear down, actually pushing the inside of her pussy down, feeling her wet softness push against my tongue.

“Oh god, oh God, I’m going to cum” Pam groaned. I tilted my head back, with my hands holding onto my wife’s hips to watch.

She had her left hand pulling her lips back as she used the fingers of her right hand to furiously rub her clit. She trust her hips in the air, still spread wide open as she grunted hard. Juice literally squirted out of her pussy as she came in little spurts. It ran down over her ass, and the edge of the cushion on the chair. As her orgasm wore down, my wife climbed off of me and politely informed me that it was my turn.

She turned me around, and had me drape my legs over the edge of the bed, right between Pam’s legs. She turned to face Pam, pointed my dripping cock straight up and guided me right into her pussy. Pam continued rubbing herself and I grabbed my wife’s hips and pounded for all I was worth. It didn’t take me any time to explode. I was ramming my wife as hard as I could, as I felt spurt after spurt shoot into her. I couldn’t move. My wife sat comfortably on me as my cock softened.

“That was absolutely incredible” Pam whispered.

“Yes, it was” replied my wife, “thank you for sharing it with us”. She lifted her leg over me and stood up off of the bed. As she stood in front of Pam, my cum began to run out of my wife’s pussy. Pam quickly reached forward and caught some on her fingers and sucked them clean.

“Thank you for sharing with me”.

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