After Soccer

Her soccer game had just finished. I went up to congratulate her because she had score two goals, including the winning one.

“Aw, thanks!” she said. 

Ou of nowhere, I leaned in and starting making out with her. We weren’t dating or anything, only friends. I just couldn’t resist. She looked so cute with her hair in a pony-tail, in her tiny blue soccer shorts and long soccer socks that went up to the knees of her skinny, sexy legs.

She was at first surprised but quickly got into the mood and began kissing me back, running her fingers through my short hair and swirling her tongue all around my mouth. Her eyes kept changing between rolling backwards and closed to staring at me lustfully. 

We only kissed for around 30 seconds, when we knew what each other wanted. We ran back to her house which was thankfully only a couple blocks from the soccer field.

We raced up the stairs, and she suggested taking a shower together, but I didn’t have time for fooling around, and her fit, sweaty body turned me on anyway.

She pushed me onto her bed and jumped onto me, resuming our make-our session from on the field. I pushed her off onto the bed beside me and pulled her soccer jersey over her head.

Her breasts weren’t huge, probably B’s but still nice. I couldn’t unlatch her bra and it was killing me so I tore it off and divulged into her left breast, licking and sucking he nipple while groping the other, then switching to sucking her right and fondling her left. My tongue swirled her hardening nipple and she moaned slightly.

I pulled off my shirt and she undid and unzipped my jeans with her teeth, and they fell to the ground. She pulled my boxers off and took my hard cock into her hand. She grazed her fingernails over it and my testicles a couple of times, teasing me.

She finally grabbed it with her hand and started stroking. A couple minutes and she lowered her head, and started lapping up at the oozing precum with her tongue, eventually taking my swollen head into her mouth and bobbing up and down my length as I guided her head with my hand.

A few minutes later I realized I still hadn’t seen her pussy so I flipped her off and tugged at her short, blue soccer shorts. They slid down and she wasn’t wearing any panties! She was already very wet.

I got her to sit on the edge of the bed and I started licking at her clit and teasing her lips with my index finger, finally inserting it as my tongue kept swirling around her clit. I added more fingers and she started to come close to orgasm.

I took them out and laid down on my back on the bed and ordered her to squat down and ride my dick, bending her knees as she went up and down. She had left her knee-high, blue soccer socks on and for some reason, they really turned me on.

It took a bit of teasing and then I finally entered her, and I did not expect what happened: I popped her cherry! She was a virgin! Her pussy walls squeezed so tight on my cock and she started moaning and breathing heavily, bouncing as her breasts jiggled and calling out my name in a whiney, desperate voice.

I picked her up a pushed her back against the wall, and put her feet on my shoulders, allowing me to enter her very deep. “Harder! Fuck!” she called. “Oh… Oh… My god! OH MY GOD! I’m gonna cuummmm! FUCK ME!”

To know I would be her first turned me on so much.

She orgasmed, sending juices all down my cock and making it feel 100 times hotter and I couldn’t take it anymore. I came with her, sending stream after stream of hot cum right up into her cunt. It seemed to last forever. She squealed and then we collapsed sideways and held each other for a few minutes as we recovered.

We smiled at each other. “How about that shower, now?” she winked.

If you liked this, let me know and I’ll write the shower part.

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  1. Anonymous

    Very hot thanks excited about the shower part

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  2. Anonymous

    Good story but does it make sense that she was playing soccor with out panties?

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