Caitlin Looses Herself to Halloween 01

The curly crimson locks and piercing green eyes that stared back at Caitlin from behind the mirror were not her own. She knew that. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that. These past few days it seems that her body had developed a mind of its own. The slender fingers that sought out the folds between her legs have also developed their own thoughts it seemed. As they stroked and lined their way around her crimson mound, then twirling around and starting to apply a bit more pressure, she once again let them have their way with her. She no longer bothered to resist as she gleefully let these demonic digits dance around her pleasure center and send her soul once more into throws of ecstasy. She lay back on her bed, spreading her recently lengthened legs and longing for the fingers to work their magic. First, the purring murmurs of pleasure as the fingers coaxed and teased, then the moans of anticipation as the fingers massaged their way into her brain again, and then rising on a wave of pleasure surging through her aching pussy as she aches her back forcing the fingers deeper and lets loose a guttural groan then a cry of ecstasy, complete surrender as those fingers…

It was almost a week ago and Caitlin was looking forward to this year’s Halloween, as her sister Erin was coming to spend some time with her after Cait’s divorce. Not a particularly long marriage to a man who lusted after one too many secretaries, waitresses, ‘working girls’, just about any weak minded young thing with a pair of pouty lips and a predilection for employing them in oral pleasure on his ‘personal staff’.  That was another one of those things that Cait just didn’t do. Not for any real reason except that she could not see how she would feel any pleasure from such a degrading act. She honestly couldn’t recall what he saw in her besides free legal advice. With sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a firm athletic body, she was not lacking in attractiveness, but her awkwardness in social exchanges from her mousy personality and overly protected upbringing were a handicap her marriage could not overcome.

Caitlin busied herself with preparations for Halloween and that meant getting the perfect pumpkin to carve. Just a few blocks from her house the Holy Name church was having its pumpkin sale fund raiser. According to Father Mike, the pumpkins were supplied from a farm outside of Salem Massachusetts. Cait was pleased to hear that as she felt some sort if kinship with that area even though her only foray there had been just a couple of weeks ago. She had been on one of her antiquing trips and while there in Salem acquired an ornate silver carving knife. Antiquing was a favorite pastime as the bookish side of her was drawn to the stories behind the artifacts she acquired. This particular knife which she had bought was older than the country itself being made in Boston in the late sixteen hundreds.

“An historic owner behind that particular piece” Caitlin recalled the sales lady saying. “How it found its way to Salem was a story lost to time. But it was part of the estate of one of our earliest ministers.” The sales lady, Abigale, a statuesque woman in her early forties began telling Cait about the succession of owners of the knife, but it was the lady’s emerald eyes over the gold reading glasses that Cait found compelling for some strange reason.

“It is one of a set of seven, for the deadly sins, each one with its own ornamentation around the handle as you can see here”.  As Abagail stroked the handle of the knife it seemed to glow, as the sunlight through the window glinted off the spine.  “This one is all that is left from the original set.”

Caitlin enjoyed taking in the atmosphere of the shop. Abigale was a wonderful source of local history and enjoyed showing various pieces of silverware to her. Cait simply could not pass up the allure of the carving knife. There was something drawing her to it and she just couldn’t put her finger on it. After a commitment to ‘come again’, she purchased the knife and thanked “Abby” for her time.

Uncorking a bottle of merlot, and pouring herself a glass, Cait went to a drawer in her vanity and unpacked her new ‘old’ knife. She smiled to herself as she was suddenly reminded of Abby’s tight red bun of hair as she removed the knife from its red cloth wrapping. Carving this pumpkin was the first actual use for the knife since she bought it a couple weeks ago. Gripping the oddly crafted handle she noticed that it felt warm to the touch despite it being a chilly day.  Carving off the top of the pumpkin was surprisingly easy as the sharp blade made its way down and up, in and out, easily penetrating the firm flesh.

Once the top had been removed, and the insides scooped, Cait set about sculpting the features that would ‘breathe life into the old Dullichan’ as she used to tell her younger sister when they were kids. Carefully slicing a pair of almond shaped holes with a circle left in for the eye ball, the knife leading the hand more than following. Sharply angled eye brows and a sinister smile gave the jack-o-lantern a much more devilish appearance than she had intended. But, taking a step back to admire her handiwork, she was sure her sister would enjoy their Dullichan.

After pouring herself another glass of wine, she opened a new set of candles and placed one in the jack-o-lantern. She then set it on the ledge of the large bay window so the neighbors could get a good look at the Dullichan. As she lit the candle and dimmed the room lights, its devilish look was magnified against the window as if something sinister was looking in.

With the remains of the pumpkin guts tossed, and the knife properly cleaned, wrapped, and put back in the vanity, she poured another glass and headed for her bedroom, trying to put the sinister image out of her mind. After changing into a warm flannel sleepshirt she picked up her kindle from the night stand and settled into the overstuffed reading chair by the long arched window in the bedroom. Another thought of that sinister reflection outside the picture window down stairs sent a slight chill through her… or maybe it was just a draft as she pushed the thought of the Dullichan down again.

Later, she was awakened from her sleep by another sudden chill. “Damn draft in this old house” she thought to herself when she slowly came to the awareness that this was more than just a draft… she was cold, and could feel the air around her. She realized with startled concern that the warm covers of her bed were not there. She sat up, startled and noticed dark shadows moving along the floor.  Then suddenly a strong gust of shadows forced her flat back against the bed.

As the shadows on the floor gathered they created the form of a powerfully built man. This man made of black shadows solidified and stood tall and commanding over her bed. Stricken with the sudden shock she took in the sight before her, the chiseled torso, the broad chest, strong shoulders, and powerful arms; and there perched on top of this solid shade specter were the glowing almond eyes pointed, brow and sinister smile of the Dullichan she had carved.

She lay there in her bed immobile under some unseen force, and the penetrating gaze of the Dullichan that loomed over her. She felt a brush of cool air move over her, and as her nipples hardened she became aware of her nakedness. Then through this awareness she felt another sensation rising within her. A subtle sense of anticipation. It grew inside her. Welling up from some dark place in her mind. It rose in her as being drawn to the surface by the Dullichan standing now with an arm outstretched over her.

He leaned over her now. Bringing his hand to hover over her. As Caitlin lay there exposed to the specter she could feel herself warming. The hand of solid shadow came down on her taught firm belly and she felt herself quiver in response. The touch went through her like a warm wave of pleasure. The firm hands where moving up her torso and coming to rest on her breasts.  Then she felt the heat again, energy going from those fingers right through her chest and straight into her very being. A wave of warm desire rushed into her mind filling it with a hunger for more. As Caitlin drifted awash in the triggering of her pleasure center, she felt the hands move from caressing her breasts down her belly, reaching her abdomen, and then lingering on the junction of her toned, tensed thighs. More of the magical heat radiated through her from those fingers as they found their prey.  She awoke with a start!

Breathless she struggled to composer herself, her sleepshirt damp with sweat. She never had any vivid erotic dreams before. None that she could recall.  It had been quite a while since she had any sex at all much less dreaming about it. Not since her ex had walked out almost a year ago. Sex, hmmmph, just another chore she tolerated while married. It wasn’t something that she got anything out of. She never really explored that side of herself.

A drink of water, that’ll put things right again she thought to herself. She headed down to the kitchen. On her way back to bed, Caitlin decided to check on the Dullichan. The candle was winding itself down, its flame dimming some. She hadn’t noticed though that the reflection in the window was somewhat brighter than it had been earlier. She was feeling somewhat better now and reaching the bedroom, she discarded the damp flannel and changed into a soft, light blue, silk nightgown. It felt slightly cool against her, but something inside her smiled as she put herself back to bed and drifted off under the warm firm covers.

Sometime later she was again awakened by a cold draft. A tinge of fear came upon her, she stared up at the ceiling, “No, not again” she shuddered at the thought. Then it began, the shadows gathered, taking form, the Dullichan was looming over her again. Her eyes wide in fright, as she stared up into that sinister smile which she herself had carved. His powerful arms came forward, his hands on her shoulders, pinning her to the bed. She could not move. His hands snaked their way down, massaging her welcoming breasts, his fingers toying with her hardening nipples, rolling them in small circles. The strange warmth radiated through her chest again. Caitlin’s fear was torn in two, split between her tangible fear of the Dullichan, and the less pronounced fear of her own responses. Why was she liking this? Where was this pleasure coming from?

The fingers were moving again, snaking their way back to her moistening mound. The fear in her being replace with a hunger in her now. A new found need that the fingers were there to satisfy with abundance. The shadow fingers caressed their way around her longing, fueling a growing ache deep inside her mind. The energy continued to hold her down on the bed and the Dullichan’s fingers snaked their way to the point where Caitlin’s body welcomed the invaders in. Her mind was losing itself to the ecstasy building through her body.

She was joining in now, her hands massaging her aching breasts. As her hands worked their way around her tingling chest she felt a fire consuming her. Tossing her head back and forth pinching her nipples it was as if they were wired straight to that pleasure center growing in her head. Her nipples flooded her mind with pleasure as she pinched and pulled them. Then she let one hand loose to join the shadow fingers already working their magic inside her.

Her fingers intertwined with the Dullichan’s as they joined the assault on her sex. Swollen and aching it was developing a need of its own, a need to be filled, and explored. Rubbing herself, her thoughts lost in lust and need, the fingers driving deeper and deeper her aching felt electric as it shocked her mind with ecstasy, the deeper they went the more the reward. Fingers feeling every inch inside her as she tossed and turned not able to break free, not willing to break free, not caring to break free, as that wave of pleasure lifted her higher that she could even imagine.

Cait woke the next morning with the sheets of her bed bunched between her legs and a feeling of contentment wafting through her mind. Happy to have a bit of draft in her bedroom.

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