Constable Odo and Kira Nerys on DS9

Constable Odo and Kira Nerys on DS9

Everyone who is familiar with DS9 would be familiar with the closeness of constable Odo and Kira Nerys. The true closeness was never explored on the TV series but come on they are stranded in Deep Space and the species enjoyed one another in exciting ways that only a few can fully imagine.

On the real Deep Space station Odo tried in vain to control his sexual feeling around Nerys and many times he changed shape to be closer to Kira. He has used his skills to take the shape of some pretty intimate stuff.

Once when she was asleep he changed into her bed cover and while she was asleep in bed naked he explored her naked body cupping her tits and feeling her pussy and when she was lying on her back he was able to slip between her naked legs and gently caress her clitoris and she oozed beautiful juice from her pulsating pussy which has he was her bed cover he absorbed her pussy juice with pleasure. She awoke breathing heavy and found the bed covers clinging to her body with her tits and nipples hard. She quickly realised that her wet dream had not been a dream but that it was Odo giving her pleasure. She was pleased that he had been innovative and caught her unaware and the sensuality on her G spot had release all her anxiety and she wanted more.

She decided she prefers him as a solid and with that he took the form of a man and fucked her to bring her out of herself. Being a changeling he was able to shape his cock to fill all her pussy with the right amount of tightness and the ridges on his cock pulling in and out of her pussy was stimulating all her senses. She  held on to his butt and thrusting her hip in motion with his  it was for her never to end but her pussy was already contracting tighter on the cock.  He realised that she was now having multiple organism and that pleased him, he distorted his upper body so that he could suck and pleasure her firm nipples which for Kira was unbelievable fucking pleasure.

Being Odo he pumped her with pleasure for over an hour and brought her to climax uncountable times until she had to beg for him to release her. She flopped on the bed exhausted and with her legs wide open her pussy remain slightly agape from the cocking she has had. He then begged her for one pleasure for himself; she thought he wanted to be sucked off but that was for humans, Odo being a changeling he wanted to absorb her. She agreed to the experience if it meant that she can catch a few hours sleep before her early start in the morning and her overworked pussy can catch a break and stop pulsating each time.

Odo became fluid and covered all of Kira’s body from the tip of her hair to her toes and allowed his powers to suspend Kira’s body in mid air. She felt supported so she relaxed and Odo covers every pore of her body, into her mouth it felt like she was being deeply kissed one minute the next it was like she had a beautiful cock in her throat. On her body the Odo’s fluid state cover her tits and her nipples and it felt like her nipples were being kissed one second and sucked at next which sent her senses wild; on her body it was like she was being kissed and teased simultaneously everywhere down her neck, stomach, belly button and her back . In the ass hole she felt it was being kissed and licked and gentle probing into her ass, she never thought she would like her ass fucked but it was not brutal it was so teasing. Odo knew just how much to explore her ass. While in her pussy the ribbed cock had found its way easily into her already gaping pussy and gently plunged deep into her wet cunt fucking her really deeply. This sensation only lasted 10 minutes but Kira thought it had lasted hours because her mouth, her tits, her asshole and pussy were stimulated all at the same times. Her body was flushed all over and her nipples were hard with pleasure and when Odo released her back on her bed and started to take shape again the last part of him to separate from her was his ribbed hard cock pulling out of her grateful pussy in the shape of a sucking kiss. He wanted to continue the fucking as he was sensing her pussy although drained did not want the fucking to stop but he took pity on Kira and pulled the cock out. He teased her by putting it back in and felt her pussy’s welcome envelope but the look in Kira’s eyes begged him to stop.

Her body was exhausted and she slept soundly for the next couple of hours and when she work up to start the day she felt right as rain however as she felt her pussy she noticed that the gape in her pussy had closed but she knew that Odo had left a bit of himself to pleasure her till they were together again. She squeezed her pussy wall and the bit of changeling tantalised her inside and her nipples were also pinched and with that she knew her pleasures were being met. Watch out for other inter-species fucking.

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