Here We Go, Part 1

I have never been the one for just nice, kind sex. I like the scratching, hair-pulling, thrown-up-against-the-wall, clothes being torn off of my body kind. Just the thought of it turns me on! So that is where the story begins.

I got out of the car and walked in my house, only to see my friend Kyle on the couch. I took a seat beside him to nap a bit, but I awoke to him moving around on the sofa. I look up; he grabs my head and kisses me, one of those hardcore kiss. I sit up and his hands start to wonder to my chest–he grabs my boobs and starts to pull on them. He takes off my shirt and bra, taking a good look at my size 38C cup breasts. I remove his shirt and he pushes me down on the floor as his hands start to move to my pants; he rips them off in one pull. Somehow his pants are down and I can see his 9 inch cock in front of me. I gasp for air when he pulls me up and slams me into the wall behind us. He takes a minute to shove in a finger, make sure I am wet enough; then in one push he was in me. All of him. He took didn’t wait, he simply stretched me out as far as I could go. I started to breath hard as he filled me up, it felt like he was inside of my stomach. I wrapped my legs around him and held on.

“Oh fuck me, Kyle,” I moaned as load as I could. ”
You like that, girl, do you? Like being fucked so hard you can’t reach the ground? You like this dick don’t you?”

Kyle moved faster and I could feel him growing even more inside me.

“I love it when you fuck me like this.”
I couldn’t take it, “Oh shit, Kyle, I’m about to cum!”

Between the pain and the pleasure I couldn’t hold it, the build up was too much; I let out the biggest moan of my life. Yet right in the middle of me cumming, he pulled out and looked at me with anger.

“Did I say you could cum yet?!”

He pulls me to the bed room and tied me to the bed…

That’s it for part one.


(Image Source: Belladonna)

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  1. Monicaxx

    Good reading I liked it

    good reading.

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