Night she thought

Kate layed on her bed flipping through the channels one late Friday night. She thought to herself, ” There is never anything on this damn TV, I dont know why I even bother.” She ran downstairs to grab a bite to eat and heard a noise come from the bathroom. She knew she was in the house alone so when she heard the noise it scared her. She slowly crept to the bathroom and flung the door open, and to her surprise was her best friend Kelly sitting on the toilet..legs sread wide..with her fingers deep inside.
“what the hell are you doing here, you scared the shit outta me Kel,”
” Oh. Kate Im sorry. The door was unlocked. I swear I didnt know anyone was here”
” Its ok Kel. You now your welcome here anytime.”
“I really didnt mean for you to catch me with my hands in my crotch Kate, but I’m sure you know all about that kinda stuff”
In the back of her mind Kate was thinkin about all the times she had fantasized about Kelly.
” yeah I know.. its ok. “
Kate went back to the kitchen where she decided to make an ice cream sundae.
” you want one?” Kate yelled.
“yeah sure, but make sure there’s extra whipped cream”
Kelly came out of the bathroom..and sat up on a chair. Kate passed her the sundae. She watched as Kelly licked and sucked on the ice cream, and could help but close her eyes and imagine it was her hot pussy Kelly was mowing on.
” Ya know Kel, seein you in the bathroom just now. Well. It made me kinda hot.” she said.
Just as the words slipped outta her mouth, Kelly stood up out of her chair and walked over to Kate.
Kate started to tremble as Kellys hands moved up the insides of her thigh..and started rubbing her pussy over her pants.
” When i was in the pussy was hot for you. You are all I can think about.”
Kate moved in with her wet hot tounge and kissed Kelly so sweetly…licking her lips..
Kate moved Kelly to the couch, and layed her down. She reached down and undid the zipper on her pants..and pulled them down slowly. Kelly was wearing no panties, so immideatly she saw her shaved soft pussy.She pulled Kelly’s legs up, and threw one over the back of the couch, and held the other one up herself. Gliding her tounge from Kelly’s ankle..down her calf..down her thigh, to her sweet pussy lips..
Kelly let out a soft moan as Kate lick the outside of her pussy..over her pussy lips she could feel Kellys juices starting to seep out. She spread Kelly’s pussy lips with her fingers..and stuck her tounge directly on her clit. Applying pressure to her clit, she slid two fingers inside her throbbing pussy and began to fuck her.
“You like this Kel?.. Ive never ate a pussy before.”
“MMMM yes Kate.. i love this. Dont stop…pleassssse dont stop.”
With that response..Kate drove her fingers deeper inside Kellys already throbbing wet hot cunt. She moved faster.. in and out..until Kelly started screamin..” IMMMMM CUMMMin… KATE…IMM GONNNA CUMMMM..” Kate stayed at her pussy and licked her clit harder knowing this would bring Kelly to climax.. she left her tounge there as Kelly came..her wet juices were all over Kates face..but she licked more trying to get every drop of her sweet cum.
The girls went upstairs to Kates room..and shut the door behind them.
To find out what happened behind the door, look for story 2

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